Israeli Model Who Dated Saif Gaddafi Calls on Tony Blair to Save His Life

September 3, 2012

(Israelly Cool / Daily Mail / Algemeiner)Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s house on Winnington Close, Finchley, London. Photo: Grim23.
Israeli model and actress Orly Weinerman has revealed a six year relationship with son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, and issued a plea to Tony Blair to help save his life according to the Daily Mail.
The younger Gaddafi, who is said to be held by rebel forces, now awaits trial in Libya for his brutal role in attempting to suppress the country’s recent uprising, a crime for which he faces the death penalty.
Now Weinerman, who was involved romantically with the tyrant’s son since 2005, when they were introduced in London, has called on the former British Prime Minister, who she says was an old friend of Saif, to intervene on his behalf.
“Saif worked closely with Mr Blair before he was captured. The two are old friends – it is time that Mr Blair returned some loyalty. Mr Blair is a man of God – as a Christian he has a moral duty to help a friend in need,” she said, according to the Mail.
“You should just ask Mr Blair what a serious, honourable person he is. The ICC has let him down, and so has the international community. Killing him will achieve absolutely nothing, beyond punishing him for who his father was. Absolutely everything must be done to save him,” Weinerman added.
The Israeli model claims that they even considered marriage at one point, but that their relationship ended after the violent uprising in Libya last year.
Weinerman says that their relationship was strained from the start because she was Jewish, which would be opposed in an Islamic country like Libya. Her parents and the Israeli press were critical of the relationship.

Her parents – her father is a green energy consultant and her mother a pianist – were also opposed to her converting to Islam, she said, and her relationship with Saif came in for much criticism in the Israeli press.
‘It was something we had to deal with,’ said Miss Weinerman, who is now based in her home city of Tel Aviv.
‘The fact that Saif was prepared to involve himself in a loving relationship with a Jew is a measure of how open and civilised he is.
‘He judged people for what they are – not what people perceive them to be. Saif never made an issue of my religion, or the country I came from.’
She had previously denied having any contact with Saif, after publications including Germany’s Der Spiegel reported their romance in 2006.
Saif’s reputation is as a notorious womaniser, and he has been photographed surrounded by gorgeous women.

Another stupid Jew who is too open minded for her own good. It is sad that Jews like this are holding other Jews accountable for a level of scrutiny that no one can live up to… Where were the Jewish and Israeli girls in my life? Dating my murderers with an open mind. Meanwhile most of my relatives have given me the silent treatment because I didn’t vote for Obama… who gave most of the world over to the Muslim Brotherhood…that defeated Qaddaffi. Bitches and feminists will be screwing the Muslim Brotherhood shortly and giving me the hairy eyeball for any scrutiny.

Red Cross says has already visited Gaddafi’s son in prison

November 22, 2011

WOW. In 5 years, they haven’t visited Gilad Shalit a single time, and yet they’ve visited Gaddafi’s son on the third day after he was captured.

(Reuters) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it had visited Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in detention in Libya on Tuesday.
“The ICRC visited Saif al-Islam Gaddafi this afternoon in Zintan. He appeared to be in good health,” ICRC spokesman Steven Anderson told Reuters.
He declined to name the detention center in Zintan, in the Western Mountains region, or give further details on the visit to Muammar Gaddafi’s son and one-time heir apparent who was captured by Libyan fighters in the southern desert on Saturday.
The visit was in keeping with the ICRC’s standard procedures, which include the right to interview detainees in private and make follow-up visits, Anderson said. [Interesting. How come they didn’t exercise this right in teh case of Shalit? – ed.]
“The visit was one of many being conducted by ICRC delegates (officials) to people detained in Libya for the purpose of monitoring the conditions in which they are being held and the treatment they receive,” he said.

Saif al-Islam captured in Libya

November 19, 2011

(Sheik yer Mami) Ouch, that hurts!
Saif al-Islam ‘captured in Libya’
“Muammar Gaddafi’s beating, abuse and ultimate death in the custody of former rebel fighters was an embarrassment to the previous transitional government. Officials in Tripoli said they were determined to handle his son’s case with more order.”
“Gaddafi’s son captured, scared and without fight,” by Marie-Louise Gumuchian for Reuters, November 19:

  • Col Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam is captured in south of Libya, the country’s interim justice minister says
  • Former leader’s son is last key member of the Gaddafi family to be captured
  • All times GMT
  • Saif al-Islam is wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity during uprising against his father
  • Al BeBeeCeera has more

“At the beginning he was very scared. He thought we would kill him,” Ahmed Ammar, one of his captors, told Reuters.

Among other things, probably.
Muslim Brotherhood: The Sharia in Libya will be moderate and we promise it won’t hurt a bit!
“There’s nothing secret. We’re not planning to destroy the country,” said Abdou Majid Saleh Musbah, 56, an engineer from Tripoli who joined the movement in 1979.
The movement’s leader, Abdelkader, emphasized the group’s moderate nature in his speech.

“We don’t want to replace one tyranny with another. All together, we want to build a civil society that uses moderate Islam in its daily life,” he said.  (al Reuters)

In Tunisia they are even more moderate:
Pro-Sharia party’s claims to be moderate ringing hollow
Shocker: Tunisia’s Islamic supremacists, after being dubbed “moderate Islamists” in the mainstream media, are showing themselves to be anything but “moderate.”
And so here we go yet again: I tried to tell you.
Zebiba boy for PM!
Tunisia: Islamic party figure who announced aspirations to caliphate selected as prime minister

When I started warning last winter that Islamic supremacists were in the best position to take advantage of the uprisings in Tunisia (and Egypt), most people were drinking the mainstream media Kool-Aid about a new birth of democracy and freedom. One commenter here at Jihad Watch asserted that ”these revolts are spontaneous outbursts against the ruling elite. There is not one shred of evidence of any Islamist involvement.”Another’s scorn was intense: “You are taking advantage of the ignorance of your readers to spoon feed them this nonsense about jihad in tunisia [sic] while the Tunisian people are clamoring for democracy and freedom.”
These comments are indicative of a tendency: Islamic supremacists generally charge their opponents with “ignorance” and treat them with arrogance and contempt, even when those upon whom they are heaping contempt are correct, and even when the Islamic supremacists know that they are correct.
Another aspect of this scenario that never, ever changes is the childlike credulity of Western officials and the mainstream media in buying Islamic supremacist claims to be “moderate.”
“Tunisia’s Islamist party showing signs of radical shift,” from Agence France Presse, November 17:
 Libyan envoy says Qatar is arming “Islamist” groups

Qatar was part of the coalition to support the NTC in ousting Gaddafi, sending six fighter jets. They seem to have to missed the memo that this is all about “democracy.” “Libya UN envoy says Qatar arming Islamists,” from Reuters, November 18 (thanks to JW):

Libya: Islamic supremacists ransack mosque graves as Sharia chaos engulfs nation

“These are all troubling signs for all those who wanted a secular Libya.” I tried to tell you. “Libya’s Islamists Ransack Mosque Graves in Power Struggle,” by Christopher Stephen for Bloomberg, November 17 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) – Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the son of slain Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, has been captured in a firefight in the Libyan desert after weeks on the run, senior Libyan military commanders said Saturday.
Saif al-Islam Gadhafi was caught by revolutionary fighters after 15 days of pursuit in the area between the southwestern oasis town of Obari and southern town of Sabha, military commanders in Tripoli told CNN.
The International Criminal Court in the Netherlands, which wants Saif al-Islam Gadhafi for alleged crimes against humanity, including murder, committed during the uprising, confirmed the arrest.
“We are in touch and coordinating with the Libyan ministry of justice to ensure that any solution with regards to the arrest of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi will be in accordance with the law,” ICC spokeswoman Florence Olara said.
Outbursts of celebratory gunfire, the honking of horns and cries of joy could be heard in Tripoli as reports of his capture spread.
Othman Mliegta, commander of the Al Qa’aq brigades, said he had been told that Saif al-Islam was slightly injured in the clashes that took place when the fighters attempted to capture him but is in good health.
A picture released by Libya’s National Transitional Council purportedly of Saif al-Islam appeared to show him half-lying on a low bed with bandages wrapped around the fingers of his right hand.
He has arrived in the city of Zintan in the Western mountains, where he will be held, fighter Hassan al-Jwaili in Zintan told CNN.
The capture of one of the most-wanted elements of the former regime took place in the early hours of Saturday, Mliegta said, by fighters from Zintan.
Mliegta said a number of members of Moammar Gadhafi’s military were with Saif al-Islam when he was caught but they did not include his father’s former intelligence chief Abdulla al-Sanussi, also wanted by the ICC.
Said to have played a major role in the bloody crackdown on the uprisings that began in Libya in February, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi was named in an Interpol arrest warrant in September.
His father was killed last month near Sirte after his capture by forces loyal to the National Transitional Council.
Asked about guarantees of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi’s safety, Mliegta said he would be treated in the same way as any other detainee.
Military commanders told CNN they want the National Transitional Council to ensure Saif al-Islam is tried in their country.
There are questions as to whether Libya would be able to give former regime members a fair trial.
However, the deputy minister of justice told CNN Friday the country does have the necessary judicial system in place.
Chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo said that if Saif al-Islam Gadhafi is brought before the ICC in the Netherlands, he will “have all the rights and be protected,” and will be allowed to present a defense.
Once seen as a possible successor to his father and an advocate of reform, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi became a vocal defender of his father’s brutal regime.
His whereabouts had been unknown for months. At the end of August he made a call to Syria’s Rai TV, in which he said he was speaking from a suburb of the capital, Tripoli, and urged Libyans to rise up against the rebels.
Saif al-Islam is the second-oldest son, the oldest of Gadhafi’s second wife Safia. He was educated at the London School of Economics and speaks fluent English.

ICC Warns Libya’s Saif al-Islam Against Fleeing

October 29, 2011
(REUTERS.COM: h/t Libra Bunda) The International Criminal Court said on Saturday Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was in contact through intermediaries about surrendering for trial, but it also had information mercenaries were trying to spirit him to a friendly African nation.
The ICC has warned the 39-year-old, apparently anxious not to be captured by Libyan interim government forces in whose hands his father Muammar Gaddafi was killed last week, that it could order a mid-air interception if he tried to flee by plane from his Sahara desert hideout for a safe haven. » | Aaron Gray-Block | THE HAGUE | Saturday, October 29, 2011
THE GUARDIAN: Gaddafi’s son says he is innocent: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has told the International Criminal Court he is innocent of alleged crimes against humanity » | Reuters | Saturday, October 29, 2011

Part of me is cynical enough to wish he’d get away. He is not worse then the rebels who replaced him. This whole thing is all because the Europeans felt his Dad was bad publicity, had bad fashion taste and Europe wanted the oil. America should of never been involved in this. There are no good guys here. I really could care less if next week this guy would takeover Libya. Anyone have any arguments otherwise?

Insider describes Gaddafi son’s escape from town

October 26, 2011

(Reuters) – Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam called his father frequently on the telephone and increasingly feared being hit by a mortar as he tried to escape from the besieged town of Bani Walid last week, an officer who had been with him told Reuters on Tuesday.

“He was nervous. He had a Thuraya (satellite phone) and he called his father many times,” said al-Senussi Sharif al-Senussi, a lieutenant in Gaddafi’s army who was part of Saif’s security team in Bani Walid until the city fell on October 17.
“He repeated to us: don’t tell anyone where I am. Don’t let them spot me. He was afraid of mortars. He seemed confused.”
Senussi spoke to Reuters at a makeshift jail inside Bani Walid’s airport where he has been kept by forces loyal to Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) since his capture alongside other pro-Gaddafi troops last week.
Al-Senussi’s identity was confirmed by Omar al Mukhtar, commander of anti-Gaddafi forces in northern Bani Walid whose brigade is in charge of the jail and the airport….

Saif al-Islam, a London-educated, fluent English speaker who was long seen as a Western-friendly face of Libya, is the only one of Gaddafi’s sons still unaccounted for.
Mukhtar and Senussi, both of whom Reuters interviewed separately in Bani Walid on Tuesday, said Saif al-Islam slipped out of the city around the day it fell to anti-Gaddafi forces.
“When his convoy left Bani Walid it was hit by an air strike but he escaped alive,” said Senussi, who is not related to Gaddafi’s powerful former security chief, Abdullah al-Senussi.
NTC soldiers allowed Reuters to speak to him privately at the jail and did not listen to the conversation.
An NTC official told Reuters on Monday that Gaddafi’s fugitive son was near Libya’s borders with Niger and Algeria and planning to flee the country using a forged passport.
Mukhtar, the commander, said: “I and my unit were chasing him on Oct 19. Then NATO struck his convoy. He was in an armored vehicle and survived and someone helped him to escape. We searched that area but we lost him there.”
His curly, Gaddafi-style hair sticking out from under a baseball cap reading “Tokyo, Japan,” Senussi said he was in charge of communication among various pro-Gaddafi brigades in Bani Walid, and fought until the last day.
He said saw Saif frequently until he escaped from Bani Walid, and attended many meetings with him.
“We were not friends but we knew each other. We had a professional relationship,” said Senussi, who was clad in military fatigues. “We did not really listen carefully to what he said toward the end. We were too busy fighting.”
He added that Moussa Ibrahim — the face of Gaddafi’s regime and his chief spokesman — had also been there until recently but managed to escape separately days before it fell.
Bani Walid residents said Saif had been holed up in a safe house in a neighborhood called al Taboul — a scattering of mudbrick houses cascading into a rocky valley — before his final push out of the besieged city last week.
The neighborhood appeared tense when Reuters visited it on Tuesday.
Unlike central parts of Bani Walid, no NTC flags flew on rooftops and hostile-looking locals made it clear to outsiders appearing on their doorstep that they were not welcome.
“We have not seen him (Saif) around here since the rebels arrived,” said one teenager who refused to give his name. “Before we sometimes saw his vehicles pass by. We have seen him around here.”
At the jail, describing the chaos within pro-Gaddafi forces as Bani Walid’s defenses crumbled, Senussi said:
“I fought on the frontline. I was captured the day Bani Walid fell. They (Gaddafi commanders) kept telling us that reinforcements were on their way to Bani Walid, that they were sending more men. But they never did,” he said.
Like around 70 other former Gaddafi loyalists kept in the airport jail, he said he now fully endorsed the revolution and wished he had realized it earlier. Asked why he did not try to defect, he fidgeted nervously on his mattress and said:
“I wish I could have joined the rebels earlier. I was in hospital for five months, then military police handcuffed me and brought me here. I was forces to fight.”
(Writing By Maria Golovnina; Editing by Michael Roddy)

Gaddafi Bros. Conflicted Messages

August 31, 2011
Gaddafi brothers Mutassim and Al-Saadi

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says on the BBC, he was speaking from Tripoli’s outskirts, and that his father was fine. “The resistance continues and victory is near,” he said in an audio message.
Saadi Gaddafi’s message reported by al Arabiya TV: He got in touch with the National Transitional Council (NTC) commander in Tripoli after being authorised to negotiate by his father.

Gaddafi’s sons ‘held by rebels’: Celebrations in Tripoli

May 19, 2011

Three of Colonel Gaddafi’s sons were last night reported to be in the hands of Libyan rebels as rumours spread that the tyrant himself had fled the capital.
There were reports that Gaddafi had fled to a bunker outside Tripoli, while the British representative of the rebels told Sky News he believed the dictator may even have gone to Algeria.
Independent Libyan television claimed the tyrant had ‘run away like a coward’, while the news channel Al-Jazeera reported the African Union may be offering Gaddafi exile in Angola or Zimbabwe.

Armed to the teeth and baying for Gaddafi's blood: Rebels head towards the gates of Tripoli yesterday. They claimed the dictator had reached 'zero hour' for his reign of terror

Armed to the teeth and baying for Gaddafi’s blood: Rebels head towards the gates of Tripoli yesterday. They claimed the dictator had reached ‘zero hour’ for his reign of terror
Thousands of people gathered in central Benghazi last night following the news from Tripoli

Thousands of people gathered in central Benghazi last night following the news from Tripoli
Celebration: A man on the roof of a building in Benghazi fires a flare into the air as other fireworks go off around him

Celebration: A man on the roof of a building in Benghazi fires a flare into the air as other fireworks go off around him
Riding to victory:A group of Libyan rebels smile and make peace signs as they progress into Tripoli yesterday

Riding to victory: A group of Libyan rebels smile and make peace signs as they progress into Tripoli yesterday
Last stand: Gaddafi's son Saif Al-Islam in a televised address. Last night he was said to have been captured by rebel forces

Last stand: Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam in a televised address. Last night he was said to have been captured by rebel forces

The head of Libya’s National Transitional Council, the rebels’ governing body, said they had arrested Saif al-Islam and Al-Saadi, two of the tyrant’s sons. A third, Muhammad, was reported to have handed  himself in.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil told Al-Jazeera: ‘He (Saif) is being kept in a secure place under close guard until he is handed over to the judiciary.’
And he insisted Saif would not be harmed, telling French newspaper Le Monde: ‘We gave instructions that he is well treated, in order to be judged.’

Jubilant: This group of Libyan civilians were on the streets of Maia celebrating the rebels advancement

Jubilant: This group of Libyan civilians were on the streets of Maia celebrating the rebels advancement
Freedom: A young man carries the flag of the Libyan republic along the streets of Maia

Freedom: A young man carries the flag of the Libyan republic along the streets of Maia

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi once had a very close relationship with the West and was considered by many to represent a more democratic future for Libya. But since the uprising began he has become closely allied to his father. The International Criminal Court has a warrant out for his arrest on war crimes charges.

Crucial moments in the struggle to bring freedom to Libya

Gaddafi’s oldest son, Muhammad, ran the company which operated all mobile phones and satellites in the country, as well as being head of the Libyan Olympic Committee.
Al-Saadi, took a far more hands-on role in his father’s regime, as commander of Libya’s Special Forces. He has been accused of ordering the army to fire on unarmed protesters in Benghazi at the start of the uprising.
As wild celebrations erupted across Libya to mark Gaddafi’s apparent departure, there were reports that the dictator, who has been in power for 42 murderous years, was actually moving around a series of bomb-proof bunkers and tunnels beneath the capital.

The battle for Tripoli

The battle for Tripoli
Compound: Two men survey damage at the Gaddafi residence in Tripoli following an air strike. There are reports the home has secret tunnels the tyrant may use to escape

they said he was boring on T.V., but he went out with a sizzle… Daddy Qaddaffi with Nasser in 1969 Gaddafi looked to Gamal Abdel Nasser as a role model and based his government on Nasser’s Egypt. He was fiercely anti-Western, and told Western officials that he would expel their companies from Libya’s oil fields unless they shared more revenue. In his statement, he threatened to do so only if Nasser told him to, indicating strong ties to Nasser. Because of his demands, oil companies changed their payments from 50-50 to 79-21 percent in favor of the government. In December 1969, Egyptian intelligence stopped a planned coup on Gaddafi from high-ranking members of his leadership. Many of the dissenters were uneasy about his growing relationship to Egypt. After the failed coup Gaddafi made any political dissent illegal and gave power only to his family and closest associates.

Compound: Two men survey damage at the Gaddafi residence in Tripoli following an air strike. There are reports the home has secret tunnels the tyrant may use to escape

And even as he was supposed to have taken refuge within the complex – which is reputed to be able to withstand a nuclear attack – the dictator broadcast a message as his troops prepared to mount a last stand.
Gaddafi’s official spokesman had previously lashed out against Britain, France and the U.S. – the three countries leading the campaign to oust the dictator – as he warned of a ‘ghastly disaster’ if rebel forces took Tripoli. Earlier in the day, sources inside the embattled city said pro-Gaddafi forces had put snipers on the rooftops of buildings around Bab al-Aziziyah, Gaddafi’s secret compound, and on the top of a nearby water tower.
His bunker complex is the stuff of Libyan folklore. Tunnels are said to connect vast, cavernous rooms capable of housing tanks, aircraft and weapons. He also has sleeping quarters in different parts of the complex. An insight into his desire to seek refuge underground emerged when rebel forces seized control of Benghazi, the country’s second city, in March.
They discovered a series of tunnels and rooms built more than 100 yards below the earth.
But the Tripoli complex is far grander, and some defectors claim there are even tunnels running for hundreds of miles from Gaddafi’s bunker to the south of the country – a possible escape route.
At the start of the uprising, Gaddafi ordered a children’s playground to be built around the secret entrances to the bunker, hoping this would deter targeted Nato airstrikes.
And Nato sources warned the shifting battle lines and the movement of the fighting into built-up areas in Tripoli had made it more difficult to engage airstrikes without endangering civilians.


Colonel Gaddafi suffered a massive personal setback when one of his sons was allegedly killed in a suicide air mission on his barracks.

Khamis, 27, who runs the feared Khamis Brigade that has been prominent in its role of attacking rebel-held areas, is said to have died on Saturday night. A Libyan air force pilot crashed his jet into the Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli in a kamikaze attack, Algerian TV reported following an unsubstantiated claim by an anti-Gaddafi media organisation. Khamis is alleged to have died of burns in hospital. The regime denied the reports. It was claimed he died in the same compound hit by RAF cruise missiles hit by coalition forces last night. More… via and via 

Muamar is married to Sofija Farkas from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who is his second wife.  Gaddafi has eight biological children, seven of them sons. He has also adopted two children, Hanna and Milad.

Muhammad al-Gaddafi, was born to a wife  now in disfavour, but runs the  Libyan Olympic Committee. Muhammed, the only child from Gaddafi’s first marriage, is a computer scientist who has headed the country’s Olympic committee and the state-run General Post and Telecommunications Company.

Al-Saadi opted for forgo politics in favor of his true passion — soccer — and in 2003, even briefly joined Perugia, a team that was then in the top tier of Italy’s soccer league.

The third eldest, Saadi Gaddafi, is married to the daughter of a military commander. Saadi runs the Libyan Football Federation and signed for various professional teams including Italian Serie A team U.C. Sampdoria, although without appearing in first team games.

Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi: London School of Economics Resignation The next eldest son, by his second wife Safia, is Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi, who was born in 1972  and is an architect. He runs a charity (GIFCA) which has been involved in negotiating freedom for hostages taken by Islamic militants, especially in the Philippines. In 2006, after sharply criticizing his father’s regime, Saif Al-Islam briefly left Libya, reportedly to take on a position in banking outside of the country. He returned to Libya soon after, launching an environment-friendly initiative to teach children how they can help clean up parts of Libya. He is involved in compensation negotiations with Italy and the United States.

Mutassim with Hillary Clinton: Gaddafi’s fourth son, Mutassim Gaddafi, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Libyan army. National Security Adviser Mutassim Gaddafi is believed to have actively tried to cultivate relations with Washington. Still, Mutassim seems even more embedded in Libya’s state-security firmament than Saif, and commands their father’s elite presidential guard. He now serves as Libya’s National Security Advisor, in which capacity he oversees the nation’s National Security Council. His name مُعْتَصِمٌ بِٱللهِ muʿtaṣimu-n (bi l-lāhi) can be latinized as Mutassim, Moatessem or Moatessem-Billah. Saif Al-Islam and Moatessem-Billah are both seen as possible successors to their father.

\Nicknamed North Africa’s “Claudia Schiffer” due to her glamorous image, Aisha is a former Goodwill ambassador and frequent tabloid target and was once rumored to have had an affair with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. She has since slammed NATO airstrikes, and rallied a crowd early Friday from a balcony at her father’s compound that was hit by U.S. warplanes 25 years ago.

The fifth eldest, Hannibal Gaddafi, once worked for General National Maritime Transport Company, a company that specializes in Libyan oil exports. He is most notable for being involved in a series of violent incidents throughout Europe. In 2001, Hannibal attacked three Italian policemen with a fire extinguisher; in September 2004, he was briefly detained in Paris after driving a Porsche at 90 mph in the wrong direction and through red lights down the Champs-Élysées while intoxicated; and in 2005, Hannibal in Paris allegedly beat model and then girlfriend Alin Skaf, who later filed an assault suit against him. He was fined and given a four month suspended prison sentence after this incident. …In_December_2009 police were called to Claridges Hotel in London after staff heard a scream from Hannibal’s room. Aline Skaf, now his wife, was found to have suffered facial injuries including a broken nose, but charges were not pressed after she maintained she had sustained the injuries in a fall. On 15 July 2008, Hannibal and his wife were held for two days and charged with assaulting two of their staff in Geneva, Switzerland and then released on bail on 17 July. The government of Libya subsequently put a boycott on Swiss imports, reduced flights between Libya and Switzerland, stopped issuing visas to Swiss citizens, recalled diplomats from Bern, and forced all Swiss companies such as ABB and Nestlé to close offices. General National Maritime Transport Company, which owns a large refinery in Switzerland, also halted oil shipments to Switzerland. Two Swiss businessmen who were in Libya at the time have, ever since, been denied permission to leave the country, and even held hostage for some time. (see Switzerland-Libya conflict). At the 35th G8 summit in July 2009, Gaddafi called Switzerland a “world mafia” and called for the country to be split between France, Germany and Italy.
Gaddafi’s two youngest sons are Saif Al Arab and Khamis, who is a police officer in Libya. Gaddafi’s only daughter is Ayesha al-Gaddafi, a lawyer who had joined the defense teams of executed former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi. She married a cousin of her father in 2006. His adopted daughter, Hanna, was killed in the April 1986 United States bombing of Libya. At a “concert for peace”, held on 15 April 2006 in Tripoli to mark the 20th anniversary of the bombing raid, U.S. singer Lionel Richie told the audience: “Hanna will be honoured tonight because of the fact that you’ve attached peace to her name.” His adopted son, Milad Abuztaia Al-Gaddafi is also his nephew. Milad is credited with saving Gaddafi’s life during the April 1986 bombing of the Gaddafi compound. Gaddafi’s brother-in-law Abdullah Senussi‎, who is married to his wife’s sister, is believed to be his head of military intelligence.                                                                                                                  The family’s main residence is on the Bab al-Azizia military barracks, located in the southern suburbs of Tripoli. In January 2002, Gaddafi purchased a 7.5% share of Italian football club Juventus for USD 21 million, through Lafico (“Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company”). This followed a long-standing association with the Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli and car manufacturer Fiat.

Gaddafi’s Favorite Ukrainian Nurse:  I GO HOME NOW…

Oh, by the way, Gaddafi tried to rape a female reporter

Gaddafi holds an honorary degree from Megatrend University in Belgrade conferred on him by former Yugoslav President Zoran Lilić. Muammar Gaddafi fears flying over water, prefers staying on the ground floor and almost never travels without his trusted Ukrainian nurse Galyna Kolotnytska, a “voluptuous blonde,” according to a US document released by WikiLeaks late 2010. Galyna’s daughter has denied the suggestion that the relationship is anything but professional. via and Daily Mail and image via

 spelling… Best bet is Qadhafi. His son uses the same arrangement of spelling as the U.S. Department of State. The White House has it all wrong.