Sabra Super Hero and Is Spider Man Jewish?

June 20, 2012


(Times of Israel)Now that there are so many overlapping Marvel films, and more on the way, I’m wondering what are the chances that one of the adventures will take us to the Middle East and we’ll meet the all-too-obscure superhero (Sabra)? You remember Sabra, of course, the raven-haired, beautiful special forces agent Ruth Bat-Seraph?
No, they changed her name, now, it is Refaeli. I’m kidding. Of course, we are now in a time when the name “Sabra” it does not…it is not so good for selling a film in international markets. When you have international, corporate interests…I do not think we could take a film to Dubai with Sabra right now, unfortunately.
Aw, come on! Can’t you just say “screw ‘em!” and make a great, independently-minded character?
Listen, no one would like to say “screw ‘em!” more than me. But the studios, they’d probably make me pair her up with a Palestinian superhero.
Could you meet ‘em halfway? Maybe Jordanian? Or Turkish but, you know, three years ago?
More like five years ago. I don’t know. This will have to take some time.(MORE)

What a pussy… sounds like a liberal. The Thing is Jewish, but he ain’t sexy.