Rupert Murdoch Apologizes for Sunday Times Anti-Semitic Cartoon

January 29, 2013

Keep in mind that FOX NEWS and News Corp are partially owned by Saudis ( Corp chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, who has owned the Sunday Times since 1981 and is a personal supporter of Israel, apologized publicly on Twitter for the publication of Gerald Scarfe’s cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu constructing a wall using Palestinians’ bodies and dripping with blood. Murdoch tweeted:

Gerald Scarfe has never reflected the opinions of the Sunday Times. Nevertheless, we owe major apology for grotesque, offensive cartoon.

The blowback from the cartoon was fierce; Daniel Taub, the Israeli Ambassador to London, said, “The newspaper should apologize for this. We’re not going to let this stand as it is. We genuinely think that a red line has been crossed and the obligation on the newspaper is to correct that.”

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League emailed;

There was nothing subtle about the caricatured image of Prime Minister Netanyahu using the blood of Palestinians to build a wall. While Mr. Murdoch’s apology is welcome, we nevertheless found it disturbing that the newspaper’s senior editors have vigorously defended the cartoon as a form of legitimate criticism. The cartoon, which is so shocking and reminiscent of the virulently anti-Semitic cartoons we see routinely in the Arab press, is clearly indefensible.

There is no word yet about any disciplinary action taken against Scarfe.


Is Saudi Prince Steering News Corp. Coverage?

January 12, 2013

Diana West

Ever since Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera, the network founded and funded by the oil-rich emirate of Qatar, the former vice president has drawn continuous fire in conservative media. Fox News, the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal, for example, have all castigated Gore, a man of the Left and leading avatar of “global warming,” for such hypocrisies as timing the deal to avoid Lefty tax hikes and bagging $100 million in greenhouse-gas money.
These same news outlets share something else in common: They all belong to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. That means they also belong to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Alwaleed owns the largest chunk of News Corp. stock outside the Murdoch family. Shortly after his purchase of 5.5 percent of News Corp. voting shares in 2005, Alwaleed gave a speech that made it clear just what he had bought. As noted in The (U.K.) Guardian, Alwaleed told an audience in Dubai that it took just one phone call to Rupert Murdoch — “speaking not as a shareholder but as a viewer,” Alwaleed said — to get the Fox News crawl reporting “Muslim riots” in France changed to “civil riots.”
This didn’t make the “Muslim” riots go away, but Alwaleed managed to fog our perception of them. With a phone call, the Saudi prince eliminated the peculiarly Islamic character of the unprecedented French street violence for both the viewers at home and, more significantly, for the journalists behind the scenes. When little owner doesn’t want “Muslim” rioting identified and big owner agrees, it sets a marker for employees. Alwaleed’s stake, by the way, is now 7 percent.
We can only speculate on what other acts of influence this nephew of the Saudi dictator might have since imposed on Fox News and other News Corp. properties. (I have long argued that News Corp. should register as a foreign agent, due to the stock owned by a senior member of the Saudi ruling dynasty.) Alwaleed hasn’t shared any other editorial exploits with the public. But that opening act of eliminating key information from News Corp.’s coverage of Islamic news might well have set a pattern of omission.
Recently, such a pattern of omission in News Corp.’s coverage of the Gore-Al Jazeera deal seems evident. I say “seems,” because I can’t be entirely certain that I haven’t missed something in my research. But judging from online searches of news stories and audio transcripts, two salient points are missing from at least the main body of News Corp.’s coverage.
One is reference to the noticeable alignment of Al Jazeera with the Muslim Brotherhood, the global Islamic movement whose motto is, “The Koran is our law; jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” The second (with an exception noted below) is reference to Al Jazeera’s superstar host and ideological lodestar, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure. The influence of al-Qaradawi at the network and in Qatar — where, according to Freedom House’s 2012 press report, it is against the law for journalists to criticize the Qatari government, the ruling family or Islam — can hardly be overestimated.
Strange omission? This relationship between the Qatari-controlled network and the Muslim Brotherhood organization has been observed for years. Back in 2007, for example, Steven Stalinsky reported in The New York Sun that various Arab commentators referred to Al Jazeera as “the Muslim Brotherhood channel” and the like. What’s more, reference to the relationship appears at least in passing in coverage of the Gore deal at mainstream media sites such as USA Today and the Seattle Times. More discussion is available at some conservative outlets, including Rush Limbaugh and The Blaze. (Searches at Breitbart and the Washington Examiner, like News Corp. sites, yielded nothing on these same points. Call it, perhaps, “the Fox effect.”)
Given the rise of Muslim Brotherhood parties in the revolutions of the so-called Arab Spring — undeviatingly cheered on by Al Jazeera — the network’s Muslim Brotherhood connection, which extends to Al Jazeera’s sponsors inside the Qatari ruling family, is a crucial point to miss. Especially when it seems to be missed across the board.
The same goes for failing to mention Al Jazeera’s leading personality, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, in the Gore deal coverage. This longtime “spiritual guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood hosts one of Al Jazeera’s most popular shows, “Sharia and Life.” Among other poisonous pronouncements, al-Qaradawi has called for Americans in Iraq and Israelis everywhere to be targeted by terrorists (“martyrs”) who would then find a place in Islamic paradise. Given Al Gore’s refusal to sell his network to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV due to political differences, Muslim Brother Al-Qaradawi and his Shariah ideology become highly relevant. Then again, maybe one man’s news story is just another man’s clipping on the cutting-room floor.
Meanwhile, the one story I found in News Corp. coverage of the Gore deal that mentions al-Qaradawi — a column by Gordon Crovitz — neglected to note al-Qaradawi’s place in the Muslim Brotherhood. Particularly given current events, this is a little like forgetting to mention that Hermann Goring was in the Nazi Party.
Could normal editorial discretion or plain ignorance be at work here? I suppose so. Still, there is that tie-in between News Corp. and the House of Saud to consider, a partnership I find more troubling than Gore’s deal with the Qatari emirate. Not only does Alwaleed own a stake in News Corp., Murdoch owns an even more substantial stake (18.97 percent) in Alwaleed’s Arabic media company Rotana.
Within the Alwaleed-Murdoch-Rotana galaxy is a 24-hour-Islamic outlet called Al Risala, which Alwaleed founded in 2006. The channel’s director and popular “tele-Islamist” is Tareq Al-Suwaidan, widely reported to be a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait. The station’s “Supreme Advisory Committee” includes Abdullah Omar Naseef, who, according to former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, is “a major Muslim Brotherhood figure” involved in the financing of al-Qaida.
Al Risala, then, would seem to fit right into the Al Jazeera-Qaradawi-Muslim-Brotherhood lineup.
We know Alwaleed has influenced Fox editorial matters before. Could that Alwaleed influence — even his very presence – account for why News Corp. hasn’t hit harder on the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaradawi angles of the Gore-Jazeera deal?
I don’t know, but I wonder. Don’t you?

Diana West

Diana West is a contributing columnist for and author of the new book, The Death of the Grown-up: How America’s Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization.

Rupert’s Fall is ALL MEDIA’s FALL

July 18, 2011

Will Israel take over the energy market?

June 11, 2011

A nice article about Israel’s energy potential in the Financial Post:

In the first 25 years after Israel’s founding in 1948, it was repeatedly attacked by the large armies of its Arab neighbours. Each time, Israel prevailed on the battlefield, only to have its victories rolled back by Western powers who feared losing access to Arab oilfields.
The fear was and is legitimate – Arab nations have often threatened to use their “oil weapon” against countries that support Israel and twice made good their threat through crippling OPEC oil embargoes.
But that fear, which shackles Israel to this day, may soon end. The old energy order in the Middle East is crumbling with Iran and Syria having left the Western fold and others, including Saudi Arabia, the largest of them all, in danger of doing so. Simultaneously, a new energy order is emerging to give the West some spine. In this new order, Israel is a major player.
The new energy order is founded on rock – the shale that traps vast stores of energy in deposits around the world. One of the largest deposits – 250 billion barrels of oil in Israel’s Shfela basin, comparable to Saudi Arabia’s entire reserves of 260 billion barrels of oil – has until now been unexploited, partly because the technology required has been expensive, mostly because the multinational oil companies that have the technology fear offending Muslims. “None of the major oil companies are willing to do business in Israel because they don’t want to be cut off from the Mideast supply of oil,” explains Howard Jonas, CEO of IDT, the U.S. company that owns the Shfela concession through its subsidiary, Israeli Energy Initiatives. Jonas, an ardent Zionist, considers the Shfela deposit merely a beginning: “We believe that under Israel is more oil than under Saudi Arabia. There may be as much as half a trillion barrels.”
Because the oil multinationals have feared to develop Shfela, one of the world’s largest oil developments is being undertaken by an unlikely troop. Jonas’s IDT is a consumer-oriented telecom and media company that is a relative newcomer to the heavy industry world of energy development. Joining IDT in this latter-day Zionist Project is Lord Jacob Rothschild, a septuagenarian banker and philanthropist whose forefathers helped finance Zionist settlements in Palestine from the mid-1800s; Michael Steinhardt, a septuagenarian hedge fund investor and Zionist philanthropist; and Rupert Murdoch, the octogenarian chairman of News Corporation who uncompromisingly opposes, in his words, the “ongoing war against the Jews” by Muslim terrorists, by the Western left in general, and by Europe’s “most elite politicians” in particular.

4 billion barrels of oil offshore?

Where others would have long ago retired, these businessmen-philanthropists have joined the battle on Israel’s side. While they’re in it for the money, they are also determined to free the world of Arab oil dependence by providing Israel with an oil weapon of its own. The company’s oil shale technology “could transform the future prospects of Israel, the Middle East and our allies around the world,” states Lord Rothschild.
To win this war, Israeli Energy Initiatives has enlisted some of the energy industry’s savviest old soldiers – here a former president of Mobil Oil (Eugene Renna), there a former president of Occidental Oil Shale (Allan Sass), over there a former president of Halliburton (Dick Cheney). But the Field Commander for the operation, and the person who in their mind will lead them to ultimate victory, is Harold Vinegar, a veteran pulled out of retirement and sent into the fray. Vinegar, a legend in the field, had been Shell Oil’s chief scientist and, with some 240 patents to his name over his 32 years at Shell, revolutionized the shale oil industry. more via

James Murdoch

April 15, 2011
James Murdoch, Rupert’s heir and heir apparent….
As a longtime News Corp.-watcher, Prince-Talal-watcher, Talal-News-Corp-watcher, I’m not saying, I’m just saying:
Wednesday, March 30, 2011: James Murdoch, youngest son of Rupert Murdoch, “cemented his position as his father’s eventual heir to run the entertainment conglomerate when he was elevated this week to the No. 3 position in the company’s executive ranks.” To help things set better, he’s moving from London to New York.
April 4, 2011: Bill O’Reilly says Pastor Terry Jones “has blood on his hands” after Jones burns a copy of the Koran in Florida and Muslims in Afghanistan murder people.
April 4, 2011: To discuss the mayhem and murder that was the Afghan Muslim response to the burning of a copy of the Koran in Florida, Sean Hannity scheduled Zuhdi Jasser, whose “private” sharia is so irrelevant to classical Islam that his commentary is endlessly confusing at best, and Ahmed Bedier, longtime spokesmodel for a constellation of organization related and linked to such jihad groups as Hamas and Hezbollah,
April 6, 2011: Fox News and Glenn Beck agree to “divorce.”
What connects these disparate incidents? Beside a short time-frame, I don’t know. I do know James Murdoch is known for his trash talk about Israel (sez the Palestinians “were kicked out of their f— homes and had nowhere to f— live”), his green enthusiasms (News Corp. is the first entertainment conglom to be “carbon neutral”) and for being a former hip hop impressario (wow; not my dream date). The 38-year-old is also  very, very close to 56-year-old Prince Talal, and was Talal’s choice to succeed Murdoch (chalk one up for Talal).
Not one to let politics to get in the way of profits, I am sure, it is also the case that as a Talal-pal (not to mention everything else), James is likely to keep certain things out of the way of Fox politics. I would imagine that Hannity’s recent maiden voyages into “sharia” talk (bet that’s all over with) and Beck’s ongoing explorations of sharia and Islam don’t fit his bill. That stuff’s been buttoned up for ten years now on Fox; no reason to spoil a good brand now with free inquiry into the ideology that drives our mortal enemies….
Zhivago’s Strelnikov: Separated at birth?

FOX NEWS Sharia Hillbilly Network

April 26, 2010 and Bill O’Reilly defend the censorship of a depiction of Mohammad. Glenn Beck attacks Wilders. Saudi owned and approved? This isn’t Conservative. is Angry Old Man News. How many more times will Anti-Semites use the right wing media as an excuse?

$audi FOX NEWS

March 1, 2010

foxA recent column of mine alluded to a deal that Rupert Murdoch had concluded with one of the Princes in the Saudi Arabian Muslim leadership. At that time there were no details available, but since that time we have seen Fox News and its affiliates swarming with actions favorable to our worst enemy, Muslim law.
Old favorites on Fox that once preached good old fashioned American values and candidates such as O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity and others are now, according to a fresh blog from Neil Turner, Citizens for the Constitution on February 15, 2010, “in the enemy camp, and will be promoting ISLAM, a political system that is abhorrent to our Constitution, as it advocates the overthrow of our Government and our Sovereignty BY FORCE!”

Turner furnishes an article written by John Charlton, February 15, 2010, on Socialism is not the Answer in which Charlton states that “…the former conservative news agency” has entered into a campaign against candidates in Georgia and Texas who have announced their candidacy for governor who “also question the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of U. S. President.” Namely, Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal and Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Debra Medina.
Charlton went on to say that Fox “showed its true colors” by giving credence to a statement by an opponent of Nathan Deal who criticized Deal for pressing Obama to release his birth certificate. The opponent, Georgia state legislator Austin Scott, claimed Deal hindered working with the president by calling for “childish things like the president to show his birth certificate.”
I agree with Charlton that there is nothing “childish” about challenging Obama about his secrecy in not revealing a Constitutional requirement to confirm his qualification to hold that office. With all the uncertainty as to his legal right to run for the office and the mysterious actions taken by Obama to prevent public display of the original birth document along with just about every other document covering his life from child to adult, asking for verification is a tout showing of mature thinking as opposed to the charge of “childishness.”
Charlton finishes saying, “By this statement, FOX has made it absolutely clear to America that they will not tolerate anyone who will not work with Obama and be respectful to him”; as well as “American patriots need to start asking themselves what other so-called “conservative” sources of information have been bought out by the same forces, which want to keep Obama in power, for the sake of Islam.”
Another true patriot who offers opinions on NewsWithViews. om and other true conservative outlets including Canada Free Press, Dr. Laurie Roth on February 12, 2010 in the former, asked the question: “Who Is Influencing and Controlling Fox?”
In her ‘get-right-to- the-heart- of-it’ style, Roth inquires of the reader, “did you know that the second largest owner of Fox, parent corporation Rupert Murdoch’s is Prince Ahwaleed binTalal of Saudi Arabia?” She claims that the Prince has been buying his anti-Semitic and Muslim way right into American life with $20 million gifts such as given to Georgetown and Harvard Universities for Islamic study departments.
Dr. Roth also states that the generous Prince gave $500,000 to CAIR the Council on American Islamic Relations but he also gave $27 million “to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers”, calling them “martyrs.”
She explains that the Prince is a rather close friend of Murdoch’s son James “who is known for his anti-Israel views and left wing radical environmental and global warming nonsense.”
These revelations may seem shocking to many of us, myself included, and a feeling of being betrayed somehow penetrates all of my senses and feelings. The entire Mainstream Media has abandoned all American patriots looking for assistance to prevent a socialist takeover of our country, but at least we thought we had Fox News Corp. on our side. Now sadly we find that they have deserted us.
All the more reason why we have got to start recruiting born and bred American patriots; cull the ranks of patriotic organizations and look for leaders to fight for our American ideals and get them elected to Congress. It’s our only hope to save our country from Islam rule and total socialism.
OK. We can’t trust Fox anymore so we have to look for online conservative voices that can be trusted to carry our message of freedom and right. When you do find a worthy candidate make it known to as many like-minded persons you can contact. This battle against evil and evil people is just beginning. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. We’re all we have left. And above all, tell them to be wary of sheiks in sheep’s clothing.
O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Van Susteren, Judas is thy name. I’ll leave Rupert Murdoch for you, my readers, to name.