Putin’s Religious War Against the Female Punk-Rock Band Pussy Riot

July 25, 2012
(NewYorker)Before their arrest, Tolokonnikova was a student of philosophy; Alekhina studied journalism and creative writing and was engaged in religious charities and environmental causes. Samutsevich, the oldest of the three, has a degree in computer programming. They are members of a larger group that also goes by the name Pussy Riot—they use a transliterated version of the English words—that combines radical performance with leftist ideas ranging broadly from anti-authoritarianism to feminism; the group cites figures such as Michel Foucault and Julia Kristeva among their many sources of inspiration, as well as the American punk-rock band Bikini Kill and the riot-grrrl movement of the nineties. Tolokonnikova and Alekhina are mothers of young children whom they have not seen since their arrest.

what are these girls smiling for?


Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul

January 17, 2012

(intermex free market)

…well I’d hope so. They say it like as if it were a bad thing. BTW… shows you how out of touch Blumenthal is. He has no idea why it is of interest to the Pro Israel camp to not have Romney as a front runner. The Mormon church gives money to Hezbollah supposedly. …and Romney said he would not free Pollard. btw… again… don’t get upset.

We already knew that Blumenthal was beyond the pale of sanity… it is just an eye opener to see him given the time of day on Russia’s English TV network.