Land confiscated in Samaria to build Apartheid road

May 17, 2010

Land is to be confiscated in Samaria to build a new road, but you won’t hear about it anyplace else and no one will protest. That’s because privately owned Jewish land is being confiscated to build an apartheid road for Arabs only.

Jewish land in Judea and Samaria is to be confiscated for the construction of a road that will connect between the Arab city of Ramallah with the new Arab settlement of Rovai, to be built near the Jewish town of Ateret in the Binyamin region.

So when Rovai is finished, will the Arabs who live there be called settlers?
Can you say Double Standard?

Just looking at this from a humane viewpoint one has to ask why the state is being allowed to seize land from private owners in the first place. In the United States the owners of the Atlantic Yards (the future home the Nets basketball franchise was able to force buy land at market prices under the clause that they were improving the quality of life, but in Israel how does an Arab only Apartheid road figure into improving the quality of life for a public that can not use it? Arabs in Israel are allowed everywhere, but that same liberty is not given to Jews where the Arabs have been given power. The two state solution is nothing short of furthering the goals of the “final solution”.