Rock The Vote ….Blech

May 13, 2008

Politics and the Rock or Pop Star. In 2004 “Rock the Vote”, was supposed to bring out the Democrats. Puff Daddy and others in a music video like shoot and promotion were supposed to bring out the young set. Unfortunately the group failed to do segment marketing to figure out who the actual viewers on youth Television were. “Rock the Vote” ended up bringing more conservatives to the polls then otherwise, and while they watched P Diddy they certainly didn’t take his politics as they’re own. In what should of been an easy election for Kerry (between being funded by George Soros and Bush’s stolen election accusations) It ended up being a loss because the entertainment industry forgot they’re own bullshit. Youth voting has actually declined since “Rock the Vote” has been in existence. Only in 1992 did youth voting increase upward from its continuing downward descent, but so did all other age groups that year. Voter turnout among 18-24 year-olds was around 45% in 1990, Rock the Vote’s first year in business, but by 2000, this age group was voting in the range of 38%. There were about 27 million young people aged 18-24 in 1990 and around 29 million in 2000. That means around 11 million young people voted in 2000, and 12.1 million young people voted in 1990, for a net loss of one million young voters. “Rock the Vote” claims that in 1992 it registered 350,000 young people and help lead over two million new young voters to the polls and that these young people reversed a 20-year cycle of declining participation with a 20 percent increase in youth turnout compared to the previous Presidential election. Statistics show that Rock the Vote likely rode a statistical blip, as overall turnout was higher among all age groups that year. In 1996, “Rock the Vote” claimed to register 500,000 new voters, still short of what it was losing over time. Conservatives watch television and are generally more inclined to be (so called) culturally hip then the cultural elite. The media often doesn’t realize what kind of jaded sarcastic people might actually watch a broadcast. It doesn’t seem Obama and Obama girl learned any lessons here. Cooler then thou tactics might work a little in a primary to shock people into knowing your name, but the end result in a general election will be disgust.