Redford’s Weather Underground Whitewash

August 7, 2011
I had a run in with the Weather Underground when I was a child. My mother (a leftist) and I were a witness to the police beating the crap out of their women in broad daylight. This happened on 96th street and Broadway. My mother went to court believing she had witnessed abuse. When the W.U. realized my mother was a Jew they didn’t want the help of a “Zionist”. That is the truth about the Weather Underground and no one should glorify them. My mother is hardly part of the military industrial complex. To this day my parent’s friends are Gays and Lesbians or empathetic to their cause and I assure you she doesn’t approve of my blog… though she did come to my help when I was incarcerated wrongly in Seattle. The W.U. were horrible horrible people… and just because they are “LEFTISTS” they are getting a public relations band-aid from Hollywood. This is pathetic. I understand revolutions. The W.U. were not revolutionaries. The W.U. were haters.

In addition to producing, Redford will be doing double duty on The Company You Keep, directing the screenplay adapted from a 2004 novel by Neil Gordon, and also starring as the novel’s protagonist, an ex-Weatherman whose former identity is in danger of being exposed. Still wanted for a deadly bank robbery in his militant past, he goes on the run and reaches out to old comrades. Along the way we are treated, at least in the book version, to the political pontifications and nostalgia of a ’60s radical-turned-academic. Redford’s co-producer on the project, Nicolas Chartier of Voltage Pictures, describes The Company You Keep this way:

This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about real Americans who stood for their beliefs, thinking they were patriots and defending their country’s ideals against their government.

…to give you an idea of my mother’s opinions… she loves Robert Redford’s movies. Both of my parents do. It isn’t going to be shocking for me to see another Hollywood asshole try to further his fascist cronies… but for my parents I suppose it might be shocking.