December 11, 2013
South African president Jacob Zuma repeatedly booed by the crowd while Obama and Robert Mugabe are cheered

Zimbabwe Government Down to $217, America May Be Next

January 30, 2013
(Sultan Knish) Finance Minister Tendai Biti said Tuesday that that was all that was left in the country’s public accounts after it paid its civil servants last week

But the debt the country built up during those years of nationalist rule by President Robert Mugabe left it with a minimal tax base and few cash reserves (MORE)

Zimbabwe blasts Canada and USA on U.N. – ‘HRC’

June 20, 2012

(Vlad Tepes) what a name… Mugabe

Zimbabwe militants seek restaurant boycott over ad showing leader as “last dictator standing”

November 29, 2011
Media_httpstr8talkchr_ipiiiIt is an offense under Zimbabwe law to insult Mugabe or undermine the authority of his office. HARARE, Zimbabwe (Washington Post) A militant youth group loyal to Zimbabwe’s president is calling for a boycott of a restaurant chain whose latest advertisement depicts the aging, authoritarian president as “the last dictator standing,” state radio reported Tuesday.The radio quoted the head of the group calling for South Africa-based Nando’s to withdraw the ad that depicts President Robert Mugabe or face punitive action. Jimu Kunaka, the head of group known as Chipangano, said the restaurant chain risked action including a boycott. Chipangano is a “brotherhood” of Mugabe loyalists.The commercial that touts chicken shows Mugabe dining alone at Christmas, his empty table set for departed dictators including Moammar Gadhafi.To the soundtrack of Mary Hopkin’s hit song “Those were the days, my friend,” the commercial shows an actor playing Mugabe reminiscing about his times with former dictators. It portrays him and Gadhafi engaging in a water-pistol fight, with Gadhafi wielding a golden AK-47 water pistol.The ersatz Mugabe also makes sand angels with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, sings karaoke with Chairman Mao, and holds overthrown Ugandan dictator Idi Amin astride a tank in a scene parodying Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the hit movie “Titanic.” (Details)

Iran close to finalizing uranium deal with Zimbabwe

May 27, 2011
you can’t buy lunch with a Zimbabwe dollar, the people are starving because they chased the white farmers out of the country… but the government can still sell things that go boom! If you want to see a warning of what happens with the left in power then just look to Mugabe. The people have no work and they can’t afford to buy their children food, but they still have hate… hate of the Jews… hate of the first world that they will use to project the troubles that their own government made with it’s leftist plans. And Iran is the vehicle of their hate. When your people are starving… why try Capitalism that creates jobs for the future when you can bomb Israel.

Iran has had a shortage of a critical component for its nuclear weapons for a long time: Uranium. Now, Iran is on the verge of signing a natural resources agreement with Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe that would give it preferential access to Zimbabwe’s 455,000 tons of uranium over the next five years. Given that Iran currently has access to mostly depleted uranium from South Africa from the 1970’s, that’s a huge deal.
Ilan Berman argues that it’s also a deal that has been largely ignored by western sanctions. It’s time to change that.

Over the past three years, Western chancelleries have marshaled considerable diplomatic efforts to dissuade potential uranium suppliers such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Brazil from providing Tehran the raw material needed for its nuclear program. For all of their concern, however, Washington policy makers have not yet given serious thought to penalizing countries for their uranium sales to Iran, or crafted a legislative framework that makes it possible to do so.
They should. By identifying and then punishing Tehran’s current suppliers of uranium ore, the U.S. and its allies can slow its acquisition of the raw material necessary to realize its nuclear ambitions-and send a clear signal to potential future sources of uranium for Iran’s atomic effort, like Zimbabwe, that their involvement with the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program will come at a steep economic and political cost.
In its ongoing bid to derail Iran’s nuclear drive, Capitol Hill is now said to be contemplating new sanctions aimed at further tightening the international noose around Tehran. Iran’s flirtation with Zimbabwe strongly suggests that lawmakers would do well to focus less on trying to stop Iran’s centrifuges from spinning and more on making sure that Iran’s nuclear machinery is running on empty.


Prominent white Zimbabwean farmer shot dead in robbery; farm leaders say violence increasing

October 27, 2010

Police in Zimbabwe say a prominent white farmer was shot dead in a robbery at his home as a farmers’ organization alleges violence against the few remaining white-owned farms has intensified in the past month.
Police official Andrew Phiri said 67-year-old Kobus Joubert died in the robbery Monday. Two pistols, money and household goods were stolen from his farm west of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.
The Commercial Farmers Union, representing about 300 whites still on their land after a decade-long violent land seizure program that ousted some 4,000 white farmers, said the killing showed “the flagrant disregard for the rule of law” in farming areas ahead of proposed elections.
President Robert Mugabe last month vowed to call elections in the middle of next year.

much like Germany before the Holocaust, Zimbabwe suffers from inflation due to the socialist actions of it’s leader Robert Mugabe

Hugo Chavez jumps the shark

November 23, 2009

The President of Venezuela has just praised Robert Mugabe, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and, wait for it, Idi Amin – even if he was a cannibal.
Oh, and Carlos the Jackal too. Can’t forget him. Selfless fighters against imperialism, all of them.
Lordy, what a lunatic blowhard Chavez has turned out to be. Inflation is soaring in Venezuela (something which is entirely the fault of capitalism, you understand) and they and Columbia are close at war. Sounds like things are going just great there.

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