Updated: Ex-CIA officer: Israel likely to attack Iran in September…. and he was full of shit

July 25, 2011

Robert Baer:

What I am now certain of, however, is that my speculative wandering accidentally kicked a hidden hornets’ nest. For all I know, maybe there really is an attack planned for September. Or, more likely, the problem is that it’s July, it’s hot, and everyone’s bored of the Murdoch stuff. via Former CIA Man: Don’t Bet on Israel’s Bombing Iran on My Speculation! – TIME
comment on the update: this shows you how little integrity the writers and editors of Time Magazine have. Essentially this Baer fellow admits this was a prank.
truth be told… I think he might of stumbled onto a truth, but I have no respect for him… and his behavior was irresponsible. people that put Israel in a negative light are generally full of crap to begin with.

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Posted by Noah Simon