Israeli killed in Bolivia robbery – Israel News, Ynetnews

January 26, 2010

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Amit Arusi, a 24-year-old Israeli tourist visiting Bolivia, was stabbed to death in the capital La Paz Sunday night, apparently during a robbery. His family was notified of his death, and is in contact with the Foreign Ministry.

According to information received by the ministry, Arusi resisted a robbery, and was stabbed. The Foreign Ministry noted that since there are no diplomatic ties with Bolivia, the matter was being handed via the Israeli embassy in Peru.

Arusi’s family told Ynet that he was stabbed while trying to defend his girlfriend from being assaulted by an unknown assailant.

The tourist’s body is to undergo an autopsy before being flown back to Israel. The family is being updated on the details.

This is not the first time an Israeli tourist falls victim to a violent robbery abroad. Last year, 26-year-old Itai Shechter Elias of Ashkelon was shot to death by robbers in Costa Rica.

Elias was shot dead when he and his brother pleaded with the robbers not to take their passports.

Several weeks later a 23-year-old Israeli backpacker was shot in Bogota, Colombia. He survived the shooting. A friend who was traveling with the victim told Ynet at the time, “My friends were standing outside the club and heard gunshots. They must have been killing some criminal. My friend, who had nothing to do with it, got shot in the back.

“My friends ran to evacuate him to hospital in a taxi, but the driver would take them. They were forced to leave the area when he had a bullet in his back, and searched for a way to make it to the hospital. Eventually they got into a police car.”

Bolivia cut diplomatic ties with Israel during Operation Cast Lead
in Gaza last year. Bolivian President Evo Morales said at the time, “I would like to declare, that in light of the severe violations against human life and humanity, Bolivia is cutting diplomatic ties with Israel.”