R.I.P. Trembles the Wonder Cat that Cuddled Canines

November 17, 2007

I feel like whatever I touch and control will come to doom. Like Trembles the wonder cat; that was friendly and giving and always good for a cuddle with any Canine…. the best friend I ever had… crushed beneath an automobile. I have a huge amount of guilt for this kitty. Sara my girl from Madison county New York was at my house for a Honeymoon… Trembles came into my room for a cuddle…, but Sara and I were smoking something that was given to us upstate. Neither one of us had used any vice for a year and half… and then I was punished like something of biblical proportions. I kicked “Trembles” out of the room because Sara was uncomfortable with sexual activity with the animals… I didn’t think it was an unfair request to be against bestiality so I put the kitty outside my door and that was the last I heard of him. I awoke went downstairs… my brother had a smirk on his face. Probably jealous that I had gotten a little action and was feeling vengeful. I went to make some coffee, and felt quite satisfied… and happy for once in a lifetime…. only to be told that my best friend had met his end. I went upstairs to find that my son’s facebook fake account had been disabled. I tried to be angry about the facebook account to ignore the pain of losing my best friend. I felt empty inside… and it isn’t because of my relationship that was lost with 400 people I don’t really know. I feel empty inside because anything good that happens to me is always short lived.