Republican Jewish identifications Surge

August 23, 2010

The legacy of anti-Semitism has been a major force that has driven many Jews to become small business owners. They are in for a load of trouble in the days ahead. More onerous regulations, such as having to file many more 1099s so the IRS can make sure they get every nickel possible from Americans and a pro-union agenda that rewards unionized firms, are just the tip of the iceberg. Many small businesses are incorporated as S-corporations; these will now face onerous new taxes. Small business owners are the unsung heroes in America; they generate most of the private-sector jobs. They also lead generally very stressful lives — trying to deal with the challenges of competition, labor relations, customer service, risks of bankruptcy. Barack Obama and the Democrats have just loaded onto their shoulders many more problems.


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A poll based on a small sample suggests that Jewish identification with Republicans has surged.
The Pew Research Center poll breaks down party support by religion. It shows that 33 percent of U.S. Jewish voters identify or lean toward Republicans this year, up from 20 percent in 2008 and 26 percent in 2006. The poll reports that Jews identifying or leaning toward Democrat are at 57 percent this year, down from 64 percent in 2008 and 62 percent in 2006.
The overall poll canvassed over 3,000 American voters; 2 percent of these, or about 60, identified as Jewish. Mainstream pollsters regard numbers below 250 respondents as unreliable.
The principal finding of the poll published this week and conducted in late July and early August showed a sharp decline in the percentage of Americans who regard President Obama, a regular church-goer, as Christian, from a high of 51 percent in October 2008 to 34 percent in the latest poll.

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Jews in America are also among the highest per-capita earners. Why? Again, anti-Semitism may be a factor. This has led American Jews toward entrepreneurship and professional careers that allow them to develop talents that shield them from bosses who don’t like Jews. There is also a cultural reason: Jews revere education. Many become doctors and lawyers. But this dynamic has had a toxic side-effect: it has generated anti-Semitism and slurs in the past. In any case, Jews are being surpassed by Asian-Americans, including Indian-Americans, so maybe that will recede as a problem (it already has, because Americans, despite the bleating of liberals, are among the least prejudiced people in the world).

But what won’t recede is the wave of higher tax rates targeting higher-income Americans. David Drucker writes in the New York Post:
High-income people will lose many of their tax cuts under the Democrats’ plan: they’ll lose a large fraction of their itemized deductions including charitable gifts and mortgage interest. Their tax rate on qualified dividends and long-term capital gains will go from 15% to 20%, and the top two wage tax rates will return to 36% and 39.6% from their current levels of 33% and 35%.
Jews will get hit with multiple whammies on New Year’s Day.

Higher taxes on income will be just one of them (and since many still live in New York, they will face an even worse hangover, since New York taxes are confiscatory). But higher taxes on capital gains will bring its own pain to many Jews because of a demographic fact: Jews are the oldest ethnic group in America.

Older people have often relied on the health of the stock market to cushion their retirement years. That cushion has deflated this year under the multiple blows administered by Barack Obama and the Democrats. (Much of last year’s growth was due to the Federal Reserve running its printing presses overtime — the only government branch that worked overtime last year; also, the market was just vastly oversold in the panic of 2008.) As Democrat policies took hold (the failed stimulus, ObamaCare, financial “reform”), the market started to tank because investors saw a bleak future for free enterprise in the Age of Obama. Obama’s penchant for railing against Wall Street — historically, an anti-Semitic rallying cry — may strike the wrong chord with American Jews. Didn’t the self-declared student of history who absurdly claimed that “nobody has spoken out more fiercely on that issue of anti-Semitism than I have” attend any of his  history classes (or did he play hooky, as he claimed to during all those days that Jeremiah Wright broadcast his jeremiads against whites, America, and Israel?).

Also, American Jews have far fewer children on average than most groups in America. Children are expensive, but they also have historically been seen as a form of insurance by people: the kids will be there to help seniors. But if people have fewer kids, they not only have the ability to save more money (again, kids are expensive), but also must save more money to help themselves during their sunset years.

The stock market stall, combined with vastly increased taxes on capital gains and dividend income, bode ill for America’s oldest “tribe”: Jews.

Since I mentioned ObamaCare, one can ask, how will that impact American Jews? Not well. As noted above, many Jews are doctors. The healing arts are revered among Jews (“my son, the doctor”). ObamaCare will suppress the freedom of doctors, load them up with additional paperwork and patients, and will eventually hit their bottom line.

Furthermore, seniors are very concerned about the future of health care in America, as they should be. How welcome will be the gutting of Medicare and Medicare Advantage to fund health care for legions of younger people who can opt in and out of government-funded medical care whenever it suits them (for example, in the ambulance on the way to the hospital)? Not very — and that includes the oldest demographic sliver in America: Jews.

These are just a few reasons why American Jews might be open to moving to the other side of the aisle. Others include a massive change in the Jewish population from the influx of Russian Jews, who abhor statist control of the economy and of their daily lives, and who revere liberty as only those who never had it before would. There has also been a surge in the Orthodox community — and they have far more children than Reform Jews, so the Jewish population as a whole is moving inexorably more towards conservatism. They also tend — as is true of religious Christians — toward the redder end of the political spectrum. Simplistically and myopically blaming Obama’s approach toward Israel for the “defection” of American Jews from the Democratic Party short-changes Jews and is wrong. The single-minded obsession  that Jews focus only on Israel runs the risk of encouraging charges of dual loyalty, and that has led to a great deal of suffering for Jews throughout history.