#Giant, #mutant #rats plague #Tehran

March 5, 2013

(h/t Motti)(EOZ)No joke:

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is battling an invasion of “genetically mutated” giant rats.
Iran has sent in sniper teams to clear Tehran’s streets from the massive rodents weighting up to five kilos plaguing 26 district of the Iranian capital, the city’s environmental agency said.
“They seem to have had a genetic mutation, probably as a result of radiations and the chemical used on them,” Ismail Kahram, Teheran city council environment adviser and university professor Ismail Kahram told Qudsonline.ir.
“They are now bigger and look different. These are changes that normally take millions of years of evolution. They have jumped from 60 grams to five kilos, and cats are now smaller than them.”
The “mutated rats” have been running rampant in the capital, as cats are scared off by their giant size and traditional poison appear to have no effect on them.
To stop them storming of restaurants’ backyards and scavenging public waste containers, the council has deployed ten snipers teams armed with infra-red sighted rifles.
“We use chemical poisons to kill the rats during the day and the snipers at night, so it has become a 24/7 war,” the head of the environment agency, Mohammad Hadi Heydarzadeh, said.
Rats’ carcasses are burnt or buried in lime.
So far 2,205 rats have been shot dead, but the war is far to be won and the council is planning to bring the snipers team up to 40.

Between the Tehran rats and the Cairo locusts, we Zionists have had a busy week getting our zoological friends to do our nefarious bidding! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Cause was radiation? This sounds like the Marvel Man/Shazam storyline from the Golden Age comics which was exactly like the story of Planet of the Apes except it was rats that mutated.


how the Anti-Israel machine propagandizes to Artists

October 2, 2011
…Rich Siegel:
Propagandist and lousy musician…
…Juden Rats think Israel
…does not have the right to exist

Rich Siegel thanks for connect- plz watch my video, 12 minutes, song followed by 2 short talks http://www.vimeo.com/6630724
Sarah Levine Simon Rich we will have to agree to disagree. Too many Israelis including my friends and relatives have lost their lives at the hands of Palestinian extremist. Wish there was a simple solution but when people want to kill jews and hide behind innocent children, the result is what you sing about.
Rich Siegel
That’s pure propaganda. The one’s who use children as human shields are the IDF.
Sarah Levine Simon
I disagree!
Rich Siegel
That’s fine, but the documented facts are not on your side.
Sarah Levine Simon
I also disagree there. I know the history of the situation. The British are in large part responsible for the creation of situation. and Ha ha! Now their erudite academic institutions would like to prevent Israeli Scholars from lecturing. This is just recycled antisemitism.
Rich Siegel
You can say you know whatever you want, but clearly you don’t know. I’ve been studying the situation for a long time- own a pretty impressive library on the subject- lived there and worked there. So your claim that you know anything is frankly meaningless. You could tell me you know that water is not wet. OK fine- you can think what you want.
Sarah Levine Simon Don’t trust every book you collect. Learn to argue without the ad hominem attack. You’ll do more to further your agenda right or wrong. Are you a Jew?
Rich Siegel Did you watch the video? It clearly states that I’m a Jew. Circumcised, Hebrew School, bar mitzvah, president of Zionist youth group as a teenager, lived and worked in “Israel” in my 20’s- yes I’m a Jew. re: books- I have read BOTH SIDES extensively. And I recommend anyone do this- including you. When one examines both points of view it becomes clear who is obfuscating and who is telling the truth.
Sarah Levine Simon
Frankly, your attempt at sampling put me off. You could be a propagandist plant. Right now you exist in cyberspace for me. I have read both sides and I did make up my mind, so thanks
Rich Siegel
To be fair I’m re-reading what I wrote looking for an ad hominem attack and I’m not finding any. Could you be specific as to what you object to? I believe I’m simply not letting you get away with stating falsehoods. As for your last comment, you can believe what you want. I assure you I am exactly as I represent myself. That’s me in the video, I have a new CD coming out soon which will contain relevant material. Also a new book, a sort of political auto-biography, and an essay in a friends book- that book is a collection of essays by Jews who were raised as Zionists and who have become pro-Palestine activists as adults.
Sarah Levine Simon
I’m very troubled by the statement to the effect that when one examines both sides it becomes clear who is obfuscating. You make statements that you never back with facts. If you were in my class I’d flunk you. Moreover, let me tell you something about music. I love Wagner and Wolf, two of the most virulent anti semites that ever existed. Why? Because really good music supercedes dialectic and propaganda. Your are limiting your musical expression to a political idea and you are missing out on a lot of possibility.
Rich Siegel
posted on your wall- my response was too long- was not allowed to post here
Sarah Levine Simon
You can send that to sarah@sarahlevinesimon.com . For me FB is about the music and recipe sharing. I want to address what you are saying but not on FB.
Rich Siegel
OK- but it’s on your wall already- won’t do it again- you can respond to me at rich@richsiegel.com
Sarah Levine Simon
Good. I removed it from my wall and not because I disagree with you but because I am not using my wall to hold town hall meetings.
Rich Siegel
That’s fine, but I can’t re-send it as I didn’t save it anywhere, so if you read it and care to respond, you can respond to rich@richsiegel.com If not, I’m not going to write it again- I did what you asked, but I’m not going to take the time to write up the same argument twice. Also- your point about limiting musical expression is completely ridiculous. Music has been used to promote human rights causes throughout history. Why should YOU be the one to stop it?! There is power in music- you will see when my CD comes out.
Sarah Levine Simon
I’m not saying stop it, just saying it limits the music to the cause. You could argue that Tosca promotes a human rights agenda and you’d be right, just saying music that’s great is timeless and supercedes the issues of the day. And frankly that’s why great music endures. Also, If you were so facile in your facts, it would be no bother for you to rewrite your post.
Rich Siegel
“Also, If you were so facile in your facts, it would be no bother for you to rewrite your post.” The first really obnoxious thing you wrote was that I exist only in cyber-space. Now this is the 2nd. I’m not sure how you found me. I assume through mutual friends who are involved in music. You are probably re-thinking the advisability of having “friended” me. However, I would say, that if you do want to continue to be “friends” in this format, be respectful and polite. I have no patience for anything else. Thank you.
Sarah Levine Simon Actually you requested my friendship. I don’t defriend because I disagree with someone. At the outset, I said, “let’s agree to disagree.” I also don’t dislike my close friends who disagree with me. There’s more to life than that. I believe I have been polite and respectful. It is logical to ask if someone exists beyond the cyber persona. Remember the Amanda Chapel debacle on FB. or Ni Personne.
Rich Siegel OK- Honestly I do not remember sending that request. I normally would not send a request to someone I don’t know. Your message which asked “let’s agree to disagree” also included propaganda nonsense. If you really wanted to let it go at “let’s agree to disagree” you would not have included this

EPA will Ban Rat and Mouse Toxic Poisons: For professional use only

June 7, 2011

Trofim Denisovich Lysenko or the great sparrow hunt all over again

Remember when they banned DDT almost 40 year prior because it claimed responsibility for the degeneration of eagles and other birds? Rachel Carson,  made it known through her book called “Silent Spring, a falsification of the effects of DDT.  Thus, the creation of the EPA.   DDT had earlier been hailed as a “miracle” chemical that repelled and killed mosquitoes that carry malaria, a disease that can be fatal to humans. The results from the ban were disastrous: at least 1-2 million people continue to die from malaria each year.  The USA is still plagued by Bed Bugs epidemic because of this ban today.  
Now, present the EPA as of Tuesday creating better and healthier living, for children, pets and wildlife will ban the rat and mouse poisons, as well as most loose bait and pellet products  in residential form. 
Only a licensed pest control professional will be able to use those poisons that are available for use in residential setting.  In other words, not obtainable to the public any longer.
The pest control lobbyists in Washington made a comeback.
But the EPA has issued a media release with other tips how to stop the invasion of rat and mice.

Now, the inner city children can get bit by rats and mice that plague their dwellings. Let us see what diseases will occur from a new infestation of these rodents.

Evil Zionist Poison-Resistant Super-Rats and other Conspiracy Theories

February 21, 2011

In 2008, the official Wafa Palestinian Arab news agency — under the direct control of PA president Mahmoud Abbas — reported that Israel is using rats to drive Arabs out of the Old City of Jerusalem.
“Rats have become an Israeli weapon to displace and expel Arab residents of the occupied Old City of Jerusalem,” Wafa reported.
“Over the past two months, dozens of settlers come to the alleyways and streets of the Old City carrying iron cages full of rats. They release the rats, which find shelter in open sewage systems.”
Wafa went on to quote anonymous Arab residents as saying that they had tried to poison the ratsbut nothing worked.
Hasan Khater, secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian Front in Jerusalem, said that the goal was to “increase the suffering of the [Arabs] in Jerusalem by turning their lives into a real tragedy and forcing them to evict their homes and leave the city.”
Palestine Today added that the rats were damaging Arab shops and homes.
As we speak, evil Zionist scientists are breeding these super-rats. Poison and deadly traps cannot kill them.

The Zio-Boars: Resistance is Futile

But more impressively, the rats are trained to distinguish between Jewish and Arab homes and shops in Jerusalem, and only attack the Arabs. This is no doubt the result of years of geneticresearch combined with micro-chips implanted in the rats’ brains to ensure that the victims are all 100% Arab.
Read the rest of the post, here.

via newsrealblog.com

From Ma’an:

Settlers attempting to impede Palestinian olive harvests initiated a bizarre new tactic on Thursday, apparently leaving flocks of sheep at olive groves to feed on the small trees.
Residents told Ma’an that Israeli settlers “dumped dozens of sheep” on Palestinian farmland neighboring the illegal settlement of Itamar, where the animals damaged and devoured dozens of olive and fig trees.
57-year-old Jamil Daraqshah claimed that he saw an Israeli shepherd at his farm in the village of Awarta, which is south of Nablus, just days before. Also evidence, he said, is that Palestinians are not permitted to enter the area without first coordinating with the Palestinian-Israeli liaison office in Nablus.

In retrospect, it is so obvious. I mean, why wouldn’t Jews living in the area send their sheep to eat trees that would hurt their digestive systems and possibly ruin them for being sold? After all, they must get rid of the olive (and fig) trees, and how effective sheep are to do the job!

Juden Rats think Israel does not have the right to exist

November 17, 2010

Hitler would have loved these sick, radical, leftist Judenrat bastards.

Self-hating Jewish loons from Jewish Voice for Peace held a protest in Chicago against Israel. The protesters believe that Israel does not have a right to exist and that Israel needs to get the F**k out. But they love the people who want to wipe them off the face of the earth – Palestinians. Obama would approve.

Gateway Pundit H/T Joel M

Diplomat knocks Frankfurt mayor for honoring anti-Zionist

November 7, 2010
as if we didn’t know there are always Juden Rats:

In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post, Nahshon said Grosser’s “extreme opinions are tainted by self-hatred.”

The Israeli Embassy has gone on the offensive to counter the growing efforts in Germany to delegitimize the Jewish state.

German governments – including local and regional ones – frequently give anti-Zionist and anti-Israel Jews prizes and speaking engagements to vent criticism of Israel. Last year, then- German president Horst Köhler issued the Federal Merit Cross, one of the country’s most prestigious awards, to Israeli lawyer Felicia Langer, who has equated Israel with Nazi Germany and the South African apartheid regime.

Speaking from France, Grosser, a sociologist, political scientist and historian born to a German- Jewish family in Frankfurt in 1925, told the Post in a telephone interview that he stands by his statement that “criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism have nothing to do with each other.

It is rather Israel’s policies that promote anti-Semitism globally.”

Grosser has compared his treatment by the Nazis in the early 1930s with Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians. His family fled to France in 1933.

The “Palestinians are despised by Israel” and Israel has “no feeling for [the] suffering in Gaza and in the territories,” He told the Post.

“It’s all about understanding the suffering of others,” he said.

“This understanding generally does not exist on the part of Jews.”

Grosser said he plans to “criticize” Israel during his speech on Tuesday and to reference Theodor Herzl in saying that there should be “no discrimination by sex and religion” in Israel.

The speaking invitation has frayed relations between the city of Frankfurt and Germany’s Jewish community. The Central Council of Jews in Germany called for Grosser to be disinvited.

The Frankfurt Jewish community issued a statement, saying, “In recent years, he has represented escalating positions that are unacceptable for us.”

via jpost.com

Zuckerberg the Juden Rat

May 22, 2010

Recently Shimon Peres suggested that Israelis and Jews worldwide use Facebook to fight anti-semitism in addition to inviting Mark Zuckerberg to Israel. I asked him about his thoughts on Facebook as a tool to fight anti-semitism and if Facebook would take proactive measures to fight against it. Mark believes that Facebook needs to focus on building useful communication tools and that the users can use these tools to connect and generate more worldly perspectives. As such Facebook does not need to be proactive about it. When asked about whether he will visit Israel next year, he said maybe. from: allfacebook.com via thejidf.org

facebook.jpgThe Internet is very shocked and upset that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was kind of weird and also creepy, back in college. Specifically, according to Business Insider, Zuckerberg used Facebook to get the email passwords of two Harvard Crimson reporters who were running a potentially damaging story about how Zuckerberg maybe stole ideas from these other two social network entrepreneurs. Business Insider is reporting that “he examined a log of failed logins to see if any of the Crimson members had ever entered an incorrect password into TheFacebook.com. If the cases in which they had entered failed logins, Mark tried to use them to access the Crimson members’ Harvard email accounts. He successfully accessed two of them.”
What he found was that the reporters thought he was kind of weird and creepy:

From: Elisabeth Susan Theodore To: Timothy John McGinn Subject: Re: Follow-up
OK, he did seem very sleazy. And I thought that some of his answers to the questions were not very direct or open. I also thought that his reaction to the website was very very weird. But, even if it’s true so what? It’s an [redacted] thing not odd but it’s not illegal, right?

So, in other words, some sleazy dude used Facebook to violate the privacy of some people he disliked. Has Facebook ever been used for any other purpose?