Besieged by angry midgets who have rewritten all the definitions and are out to ban the dictionary.

March 26, 2012
The Crisis of Jewish Leftist Islamism (by Sultan Knish)(h/t Israel Jews and Judaism) There is a civil war among liberals, particularly Jewish liberals who are being edged out by the radical Anti-Jewish left… Beinart exonerates leftist Zionists and Anti-Zionists, telling the former that they were abandoned by the awful Jewish state and telling the latter that hating Israel is the truest expression of their liberal and Jewish values… Now the left is conducting its long march through Jewish institutions to make supporting Israel seem un-Jewish and transform bashing Israel into a Jewish value (MORE)

(Tablet)(Israel Jews and Judaism) Beinart quotes former Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ami telling Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman that “If I were a Palestinian, I would have rejected Camp David as well.” Yet Ben-Ami said in the same interview that Yasser Arafat “was morally, psychologically, physically incapable of accepting the moral legitimacy of a Jewish state, regardless of its borders or whatever.” This goes unquoted. I suspect that’s because Beinart found it in The Israel Lobby by political scientists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, which also quotes the first part of Ben-Ami’s statement but not the second.(MORE)

(Tablet)(h/t Israel Jews and Judaism) Beinart writes that the Strip “remains a place of brutal suffering.”, but New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof says, in a July 2010 column: “Visiting Gaza persuaded me, to my surprise, that Israel is correct when it denies that there is any full-fledged humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The tunnels have so undermined the Israeli blockade that shops are filled and daily life is considerably easier than when I last visited here two years.”(MORE)

(One State, Two States by Steven Bayme)(h/t Israel Jews Judaism) Beinart complains that AJC and other leading Jewish organizations invest far greater efforts attacking Palestinian one-statism than Christian or Jewish one-statism…. we disagree profoundly with the one-state solution of the Christian Right, we find Palestinian one-statism a greater danger precisely because it is articulated by people with whom Israel is expected to make peace(MORE)

Stupid Liberal problem… they think they need a state for Jew killers. There already are plenty. Hey… these are excerpts… I don’t agree with them. These are liberal ideologies that I am exploring here. I didn’t say they were sustainable. – Noah


Cultural Leftism

November 18, 2011
Theoretical leftism and class warfare was a lot less destructive then cultural leftism and class warfare. The Jews predominantly created Christianity and it was Christian culture that committed genocide on the Jews, likewise the Jews predominantly created leftism and class warfare and the end result is cultural leftism is trying to kill us now. Who were the National Socialists? Why are we not allowed to call them Socialists? …why, because it would offend Stalin. But even though we own the logic, the cultural horde marches on.

How Four Influential Socialist Anti-Semites Shaped the Left

July 16, 2011

“How Four Influential Socialist Anti-Semites Shaped the Left” looks at the impact that the bigotry of Karl Marx, H.G. Wells and the man who coined the word “Socialism” had on the modern left today.  Here are some excerpts from Sultan Knish

Even as the Nazi Holocaust had begun, H.G. Wells wrote in The New World Order (1940);
“The hostile reaction to the cult of the Chosen People is spreading about the entire world to-day… there has never been such a world-wide—I will not use the word anti-Semitism because of the Arab—I will say anti-Judaism… it is becoming world-wide and simultaneous… Until they are prepared to assimilate and abandon the Chosen People idea altogether, their troubles are bound to intensify.”

Hyndman founded England’s first Socialist political party, the Social Democratic Federation. He also went on to found the National Socialist Party, which eventually became part of the Labor Party.
Hyndman and the SDF’s newspaper “Justice” carried on a relentless campaign of attacks against Jews. What is unique about Hyndman is that he employed those attacks only as a cover for a larger anti-war movement.

Leroux is credited with coining the term, ‘Socialism’. He also expressed the idea of commerce as an original Jewish sin in the clearest of terms. To Leroux, banking was the original sin of the Jews. And therefore commerce was the Jewish spirit.

Fourier, the co-creator of French Socialism, would take this premise to its more explicit conclusion, writing; “Every government having regard to good morals ought to repress the Jews”.
Unlike Wells or Marx, Fourier and Leroux were not so much aspiring to a new order, as they were to a scientific application of an old order (this was more like Hitler’s view of a return to a classical ideal past). A return to a pre-commercial civilization based on cooperation, rather than competition. This would be impossible if commerce were a natural human form of resource organization and distribution. So it was necessary to theorize that commerce was something alien. A creation of the Jews.

Marx depicted Jews as the anti-thesis of Socialism, a theme that he was to repeatedly revisit, and more poisonously in such essays as “The Russian Loan”, where he implicitly suggested that war would continue for as long as the Jews existed.

Garofalo, clinging to hope that Anthony Weiner will still be mayor someday

June 11, 2011
why would anyone believe that giving people like Weiner more power is a good idea? because they believe in a huge nanny state. Don’t let the Cigie full you. Garafalo’s tush is owned by the powers that be. The big money is the state, not the rich. Billionaires like Bloomberg know this. That is why moving up is out of the free market and into government. Bloomberg would never have the power he has if he were just using his own money.
…meanwhile… never mind the Weiner….

in Spain the ruling Socialist party faces prospect of “humiliating”, “crushing” defeat… because taking money from individuals for a government that is in debt about twenty times all the rich people in the U.S. combined is not a good idea.  You take away from the few to kill the engine of development.  It’s proven.

General view of the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid on May 21, 2011 during a protest against Spain’s economic crisis and its sky-high jobless rate. Spanish youths furious over soaring unemployment kept up their week-long protest movement on the eve of local elections expected to deal the ruling Socialists a crushing defeat. (Getty Images)

Real Time, June 10, 2011
( Janeane Garofalo, Joshua Green, Sharon Waxman )

Nazi Porn! and ‘Foreskin Man’

Challenging the Leftist domination of the (American) Jewish community

April 10, 2011
SUPER JEW (Super Jews) - A Jewish/Israeli Superhero (Superheroes).

Politicians are impressed with groups that take pride in and make no apologies for who they are and what they stand for. Hillel’s aphorism “if I am not for myself, who am I?” is a lesson that many Jews need to relearn. Including a spiritual leader(s) or advisor(s) may also strengthen the authoritative nature of such an organization’s positions, especially if they are well respected.

Norwegian Parliament vice president Akhtar Chaudry to participate in Gaza convoy

April 8, 2011
gaza pool opened on May 18, 2010 source:Maan News
Lots of school kids in Oslo would love this kind of luxury

Socialist Left Member of Parliament and Parliament Vice President Akhtar Chaudry confirms his plans to sail to Gaza in May.

Three other MPs from Labour party have previously announced their intention to do so: Anette Trettebergstuen, Hadia Tajik and Stine Renate Håheim.
Tajik writes in a text message to Vårt Land that it is still not clear whether she will participate or not(unauthorized translation):

«Depending on timing and final arrangements of boat. Must know with certainty that everybody on board the boat are serious people, what kind of shipment, and who it will be delivered to (UN, not Hamas)».

Håheim confirms that she has signed up to join the convoy in May, but that it is still not clear whether she will be among the passengers.
Chaudry responds to a question on whether he can understand concerns that free access to Gaza can be used for smuggling weapons:

– Those who worry about this must also respond to concerns that 1,5 million imprisoned persons otherwise can get food and teaching material. My question is why the people of Gaza should be treated any differently than people in Oslo.

Chowdry’s co-vice president, Per Kristian Foss, Høyre, says it is inappropriate that the Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament participates in the convoy:

A member of the presidency ought to find other means to mark his position. Furthermore, Chaudry is a member of a governing party which has every opportunity to influence Israel through political decisions. Such actions can easily be interpreted as a one-sided support for Hamas.

Opposition MPs are very concerned this will be used against Norway in other fora. Hans Olav Syversen, Christian Democrats and member of Friends of Israel in Parliament says

The organization behind the convoy has been condemned, among others in Germany, because what seemingly was humanitarian help, in reality was help for Hamas. Medical supplies were beyond the date of expiry, and there were other things in the shipment that not of a humanitarian character, such as knives, bats, welding machines.

The final words go to Chaudry, when asked if he agrees that inappropriate of the VP of the Norwegian Parliament to participate in the convoy:

For me as an SV representative, the most important matter is that all positions are used to support the Palestinian people. Nobody have been treated more unfairly than the children of Gaza.

So, when these absolutely spineless politicos set sail for the sunny shores of Gaza, they may want to take a few minutes to reflect on the lack of civil liberties, including gay rights in Gaza, plot a plan to release Gilad Shalit who has been illegally kept since 2006, and obviously keep their eyes open for ships like the Victoria, heaven forbid that our MPs get themselves involved in illegal arms smuggling.
Prof. M. McGonagall
Finally,I permit myself to copy from Tom Gross’s political blog to show the falseness of the ludicrous claim that Gaza children suffer more than anybody else:

Unemployed Colonialist

July 3, 2010
the unemployed who complain about not having jobs are now Colonialists