Kadima Attacks Anti-Zionist Hereidi Religious Jews Getting Government Money. Turns Out Kadima Supports this. Two FACES on LIVNI

October 27, 2010
The kollel stipends debate made for strange bedfellows as the stipends were slammed by MK Aryeh Eldad of the largely religious National Union party, while receiving support from MK Ibrahim Sarsur of the virulently anti-Zionist Ra’am Ta’al.

The Knesset’s leading opposition party, Kadima, was embarrassed Wednesday when it was revealed that party leaders had supported stipends for kollel students. Kadima MKs have vociferously opposed the stipends in recent debates.

note: I don’t know many details concerning this or if the supposed Hereidi group is really against the state of Israel. I am keeping myself informed and only wish to know details… which to this point are political at this point