Saudi Arabia Halts Plan to Ban BlackBerry Instant Messaging

August 7, 2010

A New Dark Age Is Dawning: “THE TELEGRAPH: Saudi Arabia and the makers of the BlackBerry smartphone have reached a deal to prevent a ban on the phone’s messenger service.

The agreement, which involves placing a BlackBerry server inside Saudi Arabia, would allow the government to monitor users’ messages and allay official fears the service could be used for criminal purposes.

The deal could have wide-ranging implications for several other countries, including India and the United Arab Emirates, which have expressed similar concerns over how BlackBerry maker Research in Motion handles its data.

A Saudi regulatory official said tests were now under way to determine how to install a BlackBerry server inside the country.

The kingdom is one of a number of countries expressing concern that the device is a security threat because encrypted information sent on the phones is routed through overseas computers – making it impossible for local governments to monitor.”

…another Western Tech company catering to the whims of a totalitarian state that surveillance it’s citizens. We wonder why social networks are not Israel friendly? Probably because they fear the freedoms that Israelis have.