Britain considered knighthood for Syria’s Assad in 2002

July 2, 2012
In this Tuesday, July 13, 2010 file photo, Syrian President Bashar Assad, left, and his wife Asma Assad, listen to explanations as they visit a technology plant in Tunis. (AP Photo/Hassene Dridi, File)

So the Queen was going to knight Assad, but couldn’t visit Israel once in her lifetime. …ah the Brits. They just have so much more culture then we Americans. In America it was our feminists and progressives that wanted to be close with Assad… you know ambassadors like Pelosi and Kucinich? But in the UK the politicos were ready to bend their Queen over for Assad. Silly American right wingers… always questioning the wisdom of those witty Brits. We just aren’t refined enough to drink PBS/BBC Kool Aid. and no (this isn’t FOX NEWS).

This newspaper is from Lebanon. (The Daily Star) BEIRUT: Official papers have revealed that the U.K. government under Tony Blair considered asking the queen of England to bestow an honorary knighthood on Syrian President Bashar Assad, The Sunday Times reported. According to documents obtained by the U.K. daily under freedom information laws, discussions to honor Assad took place prior to his 2002 visit to Britain where he sought “as much pomp and ceremony as possible.”
On his trip, Assad met Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, had lunch with then Prime Minister Blair at Downing Street and other privileges.
The documents, according to the paper, show the lengths to which the British government went to accommodate Assad, including holding a joint press conference, manipulating media to portray Assad in a favorable light and efforts to boost his “photogenic” wife’s profile.
Assad was invited to visit Britain by Tony Blair in December 2002 after meeting him the previous year in Damascus.
According to the documents, on Nov. 14, 2002, a desk officer covering Syria and Lebanon at the Foreign and Commonwealth office wrote: “You should be aware that President Bashar of Syria will visit the U.K. as a guest of government … This will include an audience with the queen. I have been advised that we need to consider whether the queen should bestow an honor on him.”
The desk officer went on to ask a colleague for other examples of honored heads of state.
The colleague responded on November 22, saying that the Mexican and Portuguese leaders were honored while the heads of state for the Dominican Republic and Venezuela were not.
A third official wrote an email on Nov. 25 stating: “In view of Syria’s human rights record and the fact that our relationship with them is not particularly cozy, we do not believe it would be particularly appropriate for an honor to be bestowed on Bashar.”
Another official wrote: “It is quite clear what the Syrians are looking for: as much pomp and ceremony as possible.”
Former British Ambassador to Damascus, Henry Hogger, told officials in London on Nov. 12: “I know that our main concern is to try and fix in advance the handling of difficult media issues [e.g. why are we cosying up to this nasty dictatorship that locks up its own MPs?].”
Hogger later wrote: “At No. 10, I don’t think the Syrians would mind Bashar having to brief the press alone [in the street?] but is there a chance the prime minister would appear at the door for a photocall/formal farewell?”
The documents also report a press officer from Downing Street writing to a Syrian official: “I have been exploring the ideas we discussed concerning a possible interview with Mrs. Assad … I do not think The Guardian’s women’s pages would conduct the kind of interview you indicated you would want.”
The 2002 visit was reported to be “highly successful” in Damascus while Hogger reported: “Bashar and particularly Asma [Assad] generally a hit in PR terms.”
A spokesperson for Tony Blair defended the actions of the government under the former PM, stating: “Engagement with Syria and Assad in 2002 was absolutely right at the time to encourage change. Mr. Blair has said many times since that the situation has changed and Assad now has to go.”
Hogger, who has since retired from public diplomacy, said: “Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Were to have known then what we know some of the advice and decisions might have been different.”

but of course they would. Israel is the bad guy… remember? When has the Queen made a visit to Israel? um… never you say?


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II formally welcomed Turkish President Abdullah Gül and his wife, Hayrünnisa, to London Monday at a ceremony that took place near Buckingham Palace

November 26, 2011

23 yıl sonra

Elizabeth Windsor says: Starting the day with an epic bacon sandwich of almost biblical proportions. One never reigns on an empty stomach.

( Before Gül and his wife arrived at the ceremony field near the palace, the Kingdom Squadron entered, accompanied by a band. The queen and her husband, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, arrived at the field followed by a car carrying Gül and his wife, who arrived from White Hall Gate.
The two heads of state shook hands warmly as the hosts laid on the traditional ceremony pomp, which included a 41-gun royal salute and Gül’s inspection of the lines of Coldstream Guards in their grey greatcoats.
During the ceremony, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Foreign Secretary William Hague and Home Secretary Theresa May accompanied the queen. The United Kingdom hopes the visit will forge stronger ties with Turkey, a growing economic power and an increasingly important trade partner straddling Europe and the Middle East.
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu are accompanying Gül during his visit. It marks the first official visit by a Turkish president to Britain in 23 years. The UK accepts a maximum of two state visits in one year; the year’s first visit was paid by United States President Barack Obama. Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to Turkey in 2008.
Gül was scheduled to meet Cameron and receive Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on Monday, and was also slated to attend a dinner hosted by the queen at Buckingham Palace later in the day.
On Tuesday, Gül delivered a foreign policy speech expected to broach the topic of Syria. Gül will also attend a state banquet and meet political leaders during his visit. Gül also met former British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jack Straw on Nov. 21.

So Michael Gove has written a forewood to the Bible.  Ironic. As Defender of the Faith, one can assure you that God cannot stand Mr Gove.

British throne Don’t Ask Don’t Tell [UPDATED]

October 29, 2011
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

(bbc) On scrapping the ban on future monarchs marrying Roman Catholics, Mr Cameron said: “Let me be clear, the monarch must be in communion with the Church of England because he or she is the head of that Church. But it is simply wrong they should be denied the chance to marry a Catholic if they wish to do so. After all, they are already quite free to marry someone of any other faith.”

David Cameron: ”The idea a younger son should become monarch instead of an elder daughter simply because he’s a man… is at odds with the modern countries we have become'” The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, said the elimination of the “unjust discrimination” against Catholics would be widely welcomed.
“At the same time I fully recognise the importance of the position of the established church [the Church of England] in protecting and fostering the role of faith in our society today,” he said.
Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond also welcomed the lifting of the ban but said it was “deeply disappointing” that Roman Catholics were still unable to ascend to the throne.
“It surely would have been possible to find a mechanism which would have protected the status of the Church of England without keeping in place an unjustifiable barrier on the grounds of religion in terms of the monarchy,” he said.
“It is a missed opportunity not to ensure equality of all faiths when it comes to the issue of who can be head of state.”
In her opening speech to the summit, the Queen did not directly mention the royal succession laws, but said women should have a greater role in society.
“It encourages us to find ways to show girls and women to play their full part,” she said.

Retards… <—I like being politically incorrect.
Notice they don’t mention anything other then Catholics.

FIONA: They didn’t mention anyone other than Roman Catholics because the Act of Settlement 1701 only prohibited the monarch, heir apparent or heir presumptive from marrying a Roman Catholic and still remaining in the line of succession. The heirs could still marry an RC, but they would no longer be in the line of succession. Theoretically, any heir could marry a Jew (or any other faith) and still be in the line of succession. However, the monarch must *be in communion” with the Church of England as the monarch of the head of the Church (like the Roman Pope is head of the RCs), so if a male monarch married a Jewish woman, that child would presumably need to convert to Anglicanism and hence become an Jewish apostate. This is no way a certainty however as it had never been tested.

Ok… I guess I just didn’t care before about these people… all I can say is I wonder why the world doesn’t bitch about the British being a Christian state officially and then turn around and make such a stink about Israel.

Colin Firth and Queen Elizabeth play spin the Dhimmi with England

June 11, 2011
Elizabeth is one EVIL BITCH!
Colin Firth has been appointed
a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The actor, who won an Oscar
for playing King George VI
in the King’s Speech, was recognized
for services to drama. via

The Jews gave him away. The British pulled the trigger — they shot him — but the British would have never had found him, never without Jewish collaboration. I listened to him, he gave a talk on the ‘Future State, and How Can We Spread Our Membership without Diluting It.’ That was one of the big things with him — to try and spread, but not dilute. That‚s what he told me. Stern was a great man, you could feel his presence; he radiated a certain confidence, an understanding. It was a great loss to the Jewish people when Stern was murdered.” Stanley Goldfoot’s dedication to the words and memory of Avraham Stern are as strong today as they were in the years prior to, and during, the formation of the Jewish State, when the goal of the LEHI was the liberation of Eretz Israe l and the establishment of the Third Commonwealth. via

Firth has been cast as Avraham Stern, the leader of the Underground organization Lehi, which lead a violent campaign against the British Mandate in Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s. The British authorities also called the Lehi “The Stern Gang. via

the Queen has never made even a single visit to Israel and has enabled every totalitarian third world regime the U.K. made money off with oil profits. Colin Firth is working on a movie about the British Mandate of Palestine that defames Jews that were being murdered and decided to fight back against their abusers. Sigh… if only the QUEEN had her empire back… then she could enable Hitler like her bloodline did.

Stern insisted that the struggle against the British remain independent of any political linkage, even to Jabotinsky’s Revisionist party. He also vehemently opposed tempering the resistance in any way, and thus, in August, 1940, when the Irgun decided to suspend their attacks on the British during World War II, Stern formed a radical splinter opposition group, known as Lehi, an acronym for “Lohamei Herut Yisrael.” He maintained that, even in the face of the Nazi threat, it was the British who posed the major threat to the Jews;
doubting the Allies could win the war, he even advocated an alliance with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, believing these ties would assist the nationalist effort in Eretz Yisrael. via

Stern had no illusions as to who Hitler and the Fascists were and what they were doing. He felt the English were as bad… and he was right.  The policy against the Jews in British Palestine was what failed to protect the Jews from the Holocaust.  Survival could only come by negotiating with the source of the violence and not the people who couldn’t be bothered to allow the Jews in their own land.

Obama’s Toast to Queen Turns Awkward

May 26, 2011

…Queen Elizabeth II… Found here, May 25th via

Only SCUM would watch this. Jews should boycott the wedding

April 29, 2011

U.K. Product Boycott:

Pathetic that the Israelis care about the British Royal family. The British Royal family certainly does not care for Israel and the Queen (Piss Be Upon Her) has never made a visit to Israel, while she has found time to visit just about every third world totalitarian oil based regime in the middle east. It is not a coincidence that Prince Charles really sees Islam as a “Religion of Peace” and not the religion of genocide. image via

Pope Benedict XVI celebrates 84th birthday

April 17, 2011
What else will the Pope
Change His Mind About?

Pope Says:
Condoms OK in Some Cases.

March 2: Pope Benedict XVI delivers his blessing during a general audience in the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican.

Holocaust Enabling in
Catholic Church Continues.
Pope needs to take a que
from Goldstone

Mia Funk
Pope_Benedict_XVI is spending his 84th birthday working, making
appointments and receiving aides while well-wishers including… Britain’s
Queen Elizabeth II have sent their greetings. via and image
via Exhibition Shows the Queen as She’s Never Been Seen