@PurpleCar is the real lie

May 4, 2008

@PurpleCar seems to think of herself as an impartial moderator, when she herself is part of the eMOM tyranny. She asked me to turn off @panopticons. She also said she couldn’t contact me on twitter because I unfollowed her when the fact is that she unfollowed me first. Talk about a Jimmy Carter Impartial! When I pointed out that 1 out of three of the troops (according to RAND) have serious mental health issues she pointed out that she was a psychoanalyst (she might be lying). How many of ‘YALL want psychotherapists talking to the troops without military supervision? Haven’t we learned enough about the industry of psychoanalysis to realize that shrinks unsupervised are a very bad thing?
NO ONE SHOULD BE TALKING TO THE TROOPS ON TWITTER… and especially not those who are solicited in the eMOM @MailOurMilitary community. I have been following the crowd for months and they are brash arrogant, reckless and dangerous. (a lot like the member of the psychoanalytic community and they’re drug pushing) The people they solicit to talk to soldiers are generally against the war in Iraq. This is not public health. This is a tyranny.

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If your reading this @PurpleCar!
color wars are one thing… (funny yeah sure. People on TWITTER are lemmings. ha ha self referential joke!), but eMOM @MailOurMilitary takes a “one of us/high school society” too far.

The most frustrating thing for me of course is I treated this whore of a woman as a friend. @PurpleCar is very coy. I don’t know what her intentions are, but her game is caustic. I think she likes to toy with men she doesn’t know. I tried to be nice to her because she went to University of Pittsburgh when I was at Carnegie Mellon. I tried telling her how messed up the academic climate is in that city. She seemed to find that as some kind of fuel to toy with. I tried to be honest with her… but I think I might of opened up to a person that carries a lot of baggage and I should not of consulted with her. She is not fit to be a counselor and I shudder to think that she is attempting to act as such with the troops. I talked to her the night my brother got attacked in our family car by the mysterious White Truck.I believe she unfollowed because she didn’t want to be involved, but to have the pretension of friendship means you care about your friends. I’m on TWITTER to begin with because I was tired of the social networking idea of friends. People with four thousand plus of them… and they say the are impartial and don’t have opinions, but the truth is these people are not friends. I created @panopticons to combat not only @MailOurMilitary, but the other forced social element of social networking. @panopticons is not the monster. It is people like @PurpleCar who are the real monster.

The end result of this whole travesty is it kept me from doing my work, but I think it is a small price to pay considering the amount of damage she could be doing to soldiers.