Sigmond Freud Snort!

October 9, 2011
Sigmund was eager to employ cocaine as an antidote for his best friend’s morphine addiction and continued to snort cocaine after his friend’s death from the mix of two chemicals. (MORE)
(JIDF) Sigmund Freud‘s cocaine problem :

Taking care of an old pacifist hippie and finding out the dude is just a bitter asshole

April 4, 2009
I was struck by interest in a NYTimes article in which it was discussed how a generation of minors have become primary caregivers for the elderly… who more times then not were baby boomers. It was discussed how this effected their ability to go to school and live normal childhoods… as well caused them employment without pay where previous generations did not have these responsibilities and the amount of psychological abuse these young kids are taking. many old timers love bitching about politics. what struck me was that story in NYC where a woman who had been a manager for the Ramones was beaten with a yoga stick by a young caregiver. Perhaps we are not giving these kids enough credit.

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