Prious Scam

March 13, 2010

Toyota is not bound by the same unions and is often made in our country. There was a problem, but they are blowing it out of proportion. it makes sense. the unions have power over the media. I sincerely believe the U.S. automobile unions are very threatened by the success of Toyota which is made in our country without the pay that Union U.S. workers get.

The man who became the face of the Toyota gas pedal scandal this week has a troubled financial past that is leading some to question whether he was wholly truthful in his story.On Monday, James Sikes called 911 to report that he was behind the wheel of an out-of-control Toyota Prius going 94 mph on a freeway near San Diego. Twenty-three minutes later, a California Highway Patrol officer helped guide him to a stop, a rescue that was captured on videotape.

Since then, it’s been learned that:

— Sikes filed for bankruptcy in San Diego in 2008. According to documents, he was more than $700,000 in debt and owed roughly $19,000 on his Prius;

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