Prince Charles talks about Jewish history without once mentioning Israel

July 17, 2011

Over 2000 words about 250 years of history of British Jewry and he didn’t mention the word ‘ISRAEL’ once! “Moses Montefiore”; “Jerusalem”; “Holocaust victims”; “Kindertransport” … but not one mention of Israel and what that represents for Jews in the diaspora and could have represented for those who died in the Holocaust. Not one mention of the key role that was played by British Jews and the British Government in the founding of the State of Israel, for example through the Balfour Declaration. No mention of Chaim Weizmann who spent much of his life in the UK. No mention that one of the Board’s nine objectives is to “take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare, and standing.
By Jonathan Hoffman July 16, 2011

…the U.K. and it’s behavior towards Israel makes my blood boil.

Question from commenter on israellycool:
Did the palace have a free hand in this, or was he constrained by the foreign office?

I’m getting a little tired of hearing the excuse that the British royalty were tied by “the foreign office” and therefor slighted the Jewish Republic. Are the British monarchy mice? Would that argument hold water if it was the United States he was humiliating? I find it amusing the the U.K. can find new reasons to have empathy with blood thirsty terrorists and attempt to force a state in a territory that the British Mandate itself said could not be decided outside of the mandate, but they can not recognize a Jewish state… this done by a Christian state (so don’t start with any Anti Religion jive). from my comment on  israellycool


Only SCUM would watch this. Jews should boycott the wedding

April 29, 2011

U.K. Product Boycott:

Pathetic that the Israelis care about the British Royal family. The British Royal family certainly does not care for Israel and the Queen (Piss Be Upon Her) has never made a visit to Israel, while she has found time to visit just about every third world totalitarian oil based regime in the middle east. It is not a coincidence that Prince Charles really sees Islam as a “Religion of Peace” and not the religion of genocide. image via

Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam?

April 9, 2011

The Islamophile princeling of Wales wants to promote student exchanges between Britain and Morocco.While in Fez,he complains about the‘ridicule’he says he receives for promoting diversity and accepting people of different faiths.Is he speaking coded Islam? He spouts_the same apologetics churned out by the_Muslim Council of Britain and other Islamist bodies. We have quite a dossier on this kook:In a 1997_Middle East Quarterly article titled “Prince Charles of Arabia,” Ronni L. Gordon and David M. Stillman looked at evidence that Britain’s Prince Charles might be a secret convert to Islam. They shifted through his public statements (defending Islamic law, praising the status of Muslim women, seeing in Islam a solution for Britain’s ailments) and actions (setting up a panel of twelve “wise men” to advise him on Islamic religion and culture), then concluded that, “should Charles persist in his admiration of Islam and defamation of his own culture,” his accession to the throne will indeed usher in a “different kind of monarchy.” (source)


He’s also telling enviromentalists to “follow the Islamic way to save the world”

No member of the British royal family has yet visited Israel in an official capacity. Prince Philip was there in 1994 to attend a Yad Vashem ceremony to honour his late mother, and Prince Charles attended the funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. But there has never been an official visit. Why is Prince Charles Supporting Hamas?

Mumbai Charles

October 18, 2010
Prince Charles recently visited a Mumbai shantytown and praised its “sustainability” in which residents recycle their waste and build their own homes out of whatever materials come to hand. There is of course a word for this form of “sustainability”, it’s called grinding poverty.

In 1984, Orwell depicted the rise of the ultimate totalitarian state as being organized by socialists determined to end class warfare by permanently removing all social mobility. The society of Oceania is characterized by a ruthless hostility toward the remnants of the Middle Class or the Outer Party, who exist only to be cogs in the bureaucratic machinery of terror, constantly spied on and at risk of torture and death. The vast majority of the population are Proles, lower class workers who are denied education or any chance at advancement. They exist to serve as worker or soldiers. That is the vision that the repressive left has had for too long. A small elite ruling over a vast impoverished working class. Orwell saw the danger of that vision being translated into an actual system, creating another tyranny with a vast gap between the upper and lower classes.

Environmentalists already helped outsource countless jobs to China, where environmental standards are far worse. Witness the air quality in Beijing. And China has no intention of signing on to any initiatives that will handicap its industry in any way. If environmentalists genuinely cared about the environment, they would be working to reverse the flow of manufacturing jobs back to the United States by compromising on realistic standards and regulations that would protect against pollution that endangers humans and permanently destroys natural environments, without enabling businesses to still be competitive. Instead environmentalists have doubled down on a fraudulent global warming threat, and are treating “carbon” as a pollutant. It’s hard to envision this as anything more than a bullet in the head for the last remains of what was once a great manufacturing sector.

Prince Charles Is Strange. New Zealand rejects the Queen

August 29, 2010

Prince Charles Is Strange and Prince Philip a Radio Star Claims NZ Politician
THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: A former deputy prime minister of New Zealand has reignited the country’s republican movement by demanding an end to the monarchy on the death of The Queen and castigating The Prince of Wales as “strange”.
In addition to mocking the Prince of Wales views, Michael Cullen, who was deputy Prime Minister in Helen Clark’s Labour government, accused the Duke of Edinburgh of being “insensitive and prejudiced”.
The comments are contained in a speech that Mr Cullen, who stepped down from parliament when Labour lost power in 2008, is expected to deliver to an influential conference reviewing the country’s constitution in Wellington, the capital, later this week.
The London-born politician will tell the Institute of Policy Studies think-thank conference that New Zealand should set in place legislation enabling it to abandon the monarchy when the Queen dies.
The Herald on Sunday newspaper reported that Dr Cullen’s speech notes, in which he says The Prince of Wales and his father the Duke of Edinburgh “evince some strange characteristics”.
He goes on: “But talking to plants and extremely conservative views on architecture are scarcely confined to Prince Charles.
“As for the old Duke, his insensitivity and prejudices would in our nation make him highly suitable material for a breakfast television or talkback radio host.”
The reference is to a breakfast presenter on New Zealand television who is notorious for making controversial comments.
Although the issue of a republic has been raised in the past, with both Ms Clark and John Key, the current Prime Minister, describing it as “inevitable”, Dr Cullen’s speech will be the first to contain such personal remarks about members of the royal family.
Dr Cullen said criteria for appointing a head of state which include preferment of male heirs and Anglicans are inconsistent with modern New Zealand values. >>> Paul Chapman in Wellington | Sunday, August 29, 2010

U.K. Product Boycott

August 22, 2010

do not buy any products from the U.K. until (1) the Queen visits Jerusalem and (2) U.K. recognizes Israel’s borders (3) U.K. quits labeling Israeli products by ethnic origin.

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Prince Charles Muslim Who Believes in the Gharquat Tree and Talking Stones

June 13, 2010

Poor Princess Diana. She would have been better off kissing a frog. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has been croaking again. This time, he hopped up to Oxford University to tell his  audience, some of whom seemed obviously bored, how the world needs to follow the spiritual path of Islam — for the sake of our environment. Prince Charles, who has been greener than Kermit the Frog for several decades now, thinks Islam is better than the rest of us in taking care of the planet.

Well, I suspect he has not sold any stock in BP. But let’s see if that record of Islam on the environment holds water, so to speak. We all remember what a serious Muslim Saddam Hussein was. He declared jihad against the West when we moved in 1991 to kick him out of Kuwait. To show his new-found zeal for Islam, Saddam set fire to all the oil wells in Kuwait. They burned out of control for months, turning the skies black, making the day night for many of the invaders.

The Saudis lay claim to being Custodians of the Holy Places of Islam. Mecca and Medina are off-limits to non-Muslims, so the rest of us can’t actually go there and see if they’re all re-cycling and limiting their carbon footprints. The Saudis also lay claim to vast petroleum reserves.

Anyone visiting these will note that flare-offs — burning unused gases — are very common there.

Hmmm. Burning off these gases yields what? Water vapor, perhaps?

I had a chance personally to witness the tender regard shown for the environment by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Back in the `70s, he came to visit San Francisco. Because IRA radicals at Berkeley had threatened to blow him up, our government decided to bring him in to the Coast Guard Air Station in San Francisco rather than the municipal airport. I was assigned to an Honor Guard that was actually a body guard. The idea was to shield the precious body of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales — with ours.

We were trained for weeks by detectives from Scotland Yard. Very professional, very serious fellows. No joking. No light touches at all. And they never referred to their charge as “Prince Charles” or even “The Prince of Wales.” The invariable usage was His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Poor Charles didn’t even get a pronoun. They never used a “he” or “him” when speaking of, er, you know who.

The great day dawned. We Coast Guardsmen were all spit and polish. We watched, surprised, when the chartered jet of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales landed three minutes early. It taxied out to the end of our runway. Why, we thought? We soon found out. It turned around and now sported the Royal Standard of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales in addition to the Union Jack. The flags were flying outside the jet cockpit. It was all intended to impress the natives. It did.

When he descended the stairway, he moved briskly through our ranks. Every step he took had been choreographed for weeks in advance. I was surprised to see, when he looked me in the eye, that I was somewhat taller than he. His pictures suggest otherwise.

Off he went. Our brief encounter with history flashed before us. The entire exercise was over in less than twenty-three minutes, even as it might have been clocked by the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

Are we to assume the Prince’s chartered jet was powered by water vapor? Can anyone even begin to calculate the carbon footprint of the man who wants us all to submit to Islam’s way of cherishing the earth? Charles is slated to become the Head of the Church of England if he ever ascends the throne. His title would then be “Defender of the Faith.” He doesn’t like that so much.

He says he’d rather be known as Defender of the Faiths. That’s a bit like being faithful to all wives.

Prince Charles may be the leading dhimmicrat in the world. That’s a person, who may not himself be a Muslim, but who uses his power and influence to smooth the path to shariah–the law they have in Saudi Arabia. Large swatches of British cities are even now falling under shariah.

Hearing him, we Americans can thank God once again for our Founding Fathers. What a blessing it is not having to take seriously the hypocritical croakings of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.