So much for #feminist porn studies of Susan Wendell

January 14, 2013

Porn is exciting to females (unless it feels like the females are being the object of humiliation)

Porn addict: Gina the chimpanzee (not pictured) favoured the adult channels on her TV over all others. Stock image

(The chimpanzee who’s addicted to porn: Spanish scientist’s astonishment at female ape who won’t stop watching adult TV) A Spanish scientist says he has discovered a female chimpanzee who is addicted to watching porn.Gina, a resident of Seville Zoo, chose to solely watch adult entertainment channels when a Freeview television and remote control was placed in her enclosure.Primatologist Pablo Herreros, writing in Spanish newspaper El Mundo at the weekend, told how he made the discovery some years ago on a tour of the nation’s chimpanzee enclosures.