What they promised is equality through order. But now all that remains is the order.

July 17, 2011

They have declared war against every code and standard, while replacing them with themselves as the arbitrators. The absolute judges of right and wrong. This is tyranny. Cultural tyranny swiftly leads to political tyranny and we have both of those today in the form of a political priesthood of organizers, activists and leaders who are determined to control every aspect of our lives. Without any accountability of their own, says the Sultan.

when everything becomes a reference… (a reference to what? power), there is no longer a principle. It’s like a brand name without a product.

How the New York Times became the worst standard in News: Pinch Happened

June 28, 2011

Sulzberger’s dogged misrule of the Times was first characterized by his ejection of established newsmen who had built the Times brand since World War II in favor of more ideological writers. In 1999, he took former Times executive editor Abe Rosenthal’s column away, forcing him to retire. Rosenthal was a real newsman who had built a corps of reporters with a fierce desire to seek out stories. That creed conflicted with Pinch’s vision of the paper’s future.
In 2003, Sulzberger was embarrassed into firing executive editor Howell Raines when fabulist Jayson Blair’s contrived stories were exposed. By then, as Raines later wrote in the Atlantic, the Times newsroom was so union-dominated (the Newspaper Guild’s members are so work-resistant and hard to fire) that the reporters didn’t want to travel to get stories: they sit at their desks and “report” by searching the Internet.
Sulzberger replaced Raines with Bill Keller, an established newsman. “Pinch” chose Keller over investigative reporter and Washington editor Jill Abramson, who had been campaigning for the job. But, as sources close to the Times told me then, Keller wasn’t sufficiently liberal so Sulzberger invested Abramson (elevated to managing editor) and her close friend Maureen Dowd with the power to go around Keller’s decisions.
Under Keller — really, under Pinch — the Times published several stories that damaged national security. The biggest was James Risen’s 2006 stories on the top-secret National Security Agency terrorist surveillance program. The Times held the NSA story for almost a year while Risen wrote a book about it, then published the same day the book was offered for sale. The story and the book were published despite personal appeals from President Bush. Another, about the secret cooperation of the Belgian “SWIFT” consortium in tracing terrorist financing, was equally damaging.
This was pure Pinch: eagerly publishing top-secret information not out of traitorous intent, but in willful blindness to the effects on national security just to damage George W. Bush.
Risen, who should be rotting in jail until he discloses his sources for the NSA story, is now being subpoenaed to testify in the trial of alleged leaker James Sterling. In a sworn affidavit filed last week in support of a motion to quash the subpoena, Risen testifies that his reporting of the NSA stories drew personal praise from Sulzberger.
Paragraph 8 of the affidavit says that in 2007 Risen received a personal letter from Sulzberger. It said, “Your investigative reporting has been an extraordinary asset to the paper since the day you joined us…But it has now become a central reason that our Washington report is admired by our readers — not to mention leaders around the nation and the world.” High praise for reporting that damaged national security and falsely accused the Bush administration of acting illegally.
Sulzberger wanted to take no chances in 2012. He has pushed Keller aside in favor of the even more liberal Abramson.
Abramson is as committed to liberal dogma as is Sulzberger. In 1999, she co-wrote a front page story buying into Hillary Clinton’s “vast right wing conspiracy” theory with “proofs” of a “small secret clique of lawyers in their 30s who share a deep antipathy toward the President.” She and her long-time friend Jane Mayer wrote the book Strange Justice about Clarence Thomas. That book became famous twice: once for its assault on Thomas, and later for the sheer number of factual errors and apparent fabrications in it. (Her record of faith to the liberal media culture is too long to recount here, but the Media Research Center’s Clay Waters reported a few of her “greatest hits” here.)
Abramson is a fan of the über-liberal Huffington Post. According to the Nation, feminism “has always been an explicit part of Abramson’s career.” That accounts for both the book about Thomas and the recent failed ethics attack on the sitting justice. Feminism is part of Abramson’s persona as well as that of her close friend and Times columnist Maureen Dowd (who, as she proved redundantly in her Sunday column, is evidently the leader of the Times‘ anti-Catholic binge).
Before Dowd, the Times’ anti-Catholic crusader was Anna Quindlen. And there will be others. Pinch finds Catholic women who are anti-Catholic and promotes them. more via Spectator

Late Night Entertainment

April 27, 2011

UN Women’s Rights Commission Singles Out Israel for Condemnation, Ignores Iran

April 17, 2011

This is reaching the level of self-caricature. No sooner does Iran get a seat on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women than it uses it with tragicomic predictability:

[The] U.N. policy-making body dedicated to “gender equality and the advancement of women” adopted a resolution accusing Israel of holding back the advancement of Palestinian women, but it took no action on the emergency in Libya or the legally enshrined discrimination faced by women in Iran. The only country-specific resolution passed by the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at its recent session in New York was one condemning Israel over the Palestinian issue.

Iranian prison guards rape female dissidents before executing them, lest their victims go to heaven as virgins. Iranian men get to avail themselves of temporary marriages, de facto legalizing the institutionalized slavery and rape of prepubescent girls. Iranian women are consigned to the backs of buses, have to shroud their bodies from head to toe, and can’t wear anything bright or shiny.
That’s just what’s happening in a single CSW member state.
The greater hypocrisy is what was ignored globally so that the Commission could spend time demonizing Israel. It’s not necessary to belabor the second-class status that women are consigned to throughout the Muslim world, except maybe to note two things that diverge from the quotidian misery.
First, it’s worth noting what’s happening to women in ostensibly egalitarian Turkey, and for that Michael Rubin’s recent post is mandatory reading. Second, not calling out what’s happening to women in Egypt right now is simply unconscionable. A body charged with promoting women’s freedom can’t ignore when freedom in general comes at the expense of women’s physical security, even if horrific gender apartheid has been woven into Egyptian society for centuries. Nina Burleigh is instructive on that last part.
Turkey and Egypt have horrific records on women’s rights. Iran, a CSW member state, is worse than both of them. And yet again Israel got singled out for condemnation, because it’s the UN so why not?

image via ondiraiduveau and via X Ray Delta One

The Islamisation of Nigeria comes with a feminist Streak.

March 28, 2011

…so Nigeria supports
Osama Bin Ladin
more then
any other country,
but they also
seem to have an
odd feminist streak
for a country dealing

with a strong
Islamic presence

“More than six-in-ten (63%)
Muslim men in Nigeria
favor the stoning of people
who commit adultery,
while 36% oppose it;
Muslim women in that country
are evenly divided,
with 49% saying they
favor and the same number
saying they oppose
the stoning of adulterers.
When it comes to the death penalty
for those who leave Islam,
Muslim men in Nigeria
are clearly supportive
(58% favor and 39% oppose),
while a majority
of their female counterparts
(54%) are against the death penalty
for those who
leave the Muslim religion;
44% of Muslim women
in Nigeria favor it.
Finally, while majorities
of Muslim men
and women in Nigeria
favor punishments
like whippings and
cutting off of hands for crimes
like theft and robbery,
men are somewhat
more likely than women
to say they favor these strict measures
(69% of men vs. 61% of women).”

With Jihad underway in Nigeria, how long before it becomes a full Sharia state??
In Nigeria:

“…Muslim men are considerably
more likely than Muslim women
to say gender segregation
should be the law;

57% of Muslim men in Nigeria
favor gender segregation,
compared with 41%
of Muslim women
in that country.”

“Nigerian Muslims stand apart as
the only Muslim public surveyed
where views of al Qaeda and
Bin Laden are,
on balance, positive.

About half of Muslims in Nigeria
express favorable views of the extremist group(49%)
and say they have at least some confidence in its leader
(48%), while just 34% offer
negative opinions of al Qaeda
and 40% express little or
no confidence in bin Laden.”

one can assume that countries
that go
(a bullshit word I admit)
go fundamentalist
in more then one way.

it is very
obvious from Nigeria:
that the women there
are just as rhetorical as
their Islamic hardline men.

The real solutions
to these wars
will not be resolved
until the
“Leftist Progressives”
realize that they
are part of the problem.

Feminism and Socialism
can be just as dogmatic
as any other world view…
but I doubt you will
see Gloria Steinem
owe up to that

Explains a few things about feminism:

very odd:

“Among Nigerian Muslims, nearly the same percentage favor making segregation of men and women in the workplace the law in their country (49%) as oppose it (48%)”

via pewglobal.org

sadly the West has proposed the fight vs. Islam to be allied with feminism, but the truth is that feminism is a polarity of a fundamentalist patriarchy

Chicks in Ads….Can You Dig It?

March 26, 2011

Today’s ads show the woman as the sensible strong type; however in these three ads, they’re used as sex objects and are just plain inept. See them in their hysterical glory here, here and lastly & lustily (for you guys) here.

So, when are the naggy girl’s groups going to go gaga over this, and start squawking about it?
Seen at YouTube via themadjewess.wordpress.com
image via BILL RANDALL via Anne T. Boleyn

Staring at BOOBIES increases Heart Health:

March 12, 2011

So what will the feminists say about PORN NOW? Anything that is good is oppressive to women is my guess. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for any sensible response.

There are Rumors circulating…
that this story is fake.
I have not seen any proof of that claim…

I also am fairly certain that
the girl on the left
is showing Natural Boobs,
but the woman in the video clip
might very well have fake ones…

Common sense will always defy those that reject difference or those who think they can stop difference through technology ….Gloria Steinem just did not get it. I understand she had her feelings hurt… and certainly we should not hurt women’s feelings and even lie to them if they can’t take the truth, but we can not let these non human ideas rule us. We aren’t cyborgs! I would be willing to bet that breast visuals help. no public relations from Gloria Steinem and friends can convince me otherwise. it might be interesting to see if boobies can help women too. Though I would be willing to bet that in certain conditions that boobies can raise your blood pressure.

Porn Hating Feminists and their Bully Alpha Males Wrong AGAIN?: Five-hundred men participated in the German study. Half were told to refrain from looking at breasts for five years, the other half were told to ogle them daily.

So the “Women’s voices” at Cosmo are now saying that SHOPPING is healthy. Though the timing is suspect… they are probably right.

In a primate
where there is no monogamy
the burden of raising children
is on the women. 
What does that tell you
about single mothers?
see also USA Cheerleaders Wear Pants for Sharia

Study: Staring at breasts increases heart health: MyFoxBOSTON.com

I guess the leftists that run  snopes.com
got it wrong again.   And I’m willing to bet that this is how the study was attempted.  The irony is the feminists won the last presidential election because of SNOPES… and now we see how influential the site is on public opinion. SNOPES apparently had public opinion contained against common sense.  Of course women’s boobs are good for men.h/t allamericanblogger.com

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