#IRAN Rocket Shoots #Monkey into #Space

January 29, 2013

Iran may launch living creatures into orbit in the coming days

January 21, 2013
(Mullahs in Space) Iran is stepping up its cooperation with China: Iran is involved in the Chinese space station project and technology cooperation is also underway on China’s Tolou (Rising Sun) military satellite project, which will partly be used for telecoms interceptions,” the report said. Iran is considering suspending multilateral negotiations over its contested nuclear arms program, according to reports.“Tehran’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security is said to have signed an “agreement with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, (namely with the 12th bureau of the 3rd department) to develop listening posts,” according to the January 16 report.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Koch Endorses Obama in 2012

October 1, 2011

koch“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me TWICE, shame on ME.” said one Jew on an internet facebook group. Yes Ed is ready to be a slave to Socialism once again… he just wanted some attention first… and he wanted to kibbitz with the president about monkeys.

(NYTimes) Former Mayor Edward I. Koch, who recently used the forum of a special Congressional election to broadcast his criticism of President Obama’s Israel policy, announced in an e-mail on Tuesday that Mr. Obama’s United Nations speech opposing the Palestinians’ bid for statehood had satisfied all his concerns, and that he was now prepared to support Mr. Obama’s re-election.

…The shocking thing is the end of the article…

He declined to say what Mr. Obama had said in their interaction, but he did reveal that the president made a remark about one of the Republican presidential candidates, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. “I won’t say what he said,” Mr. Koch said, “but I said to him: ‘Mr. President, that’s the one guy you won’t have to worry about. Jews will never vote for anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution.’ ”
Miral is in the latest Planet of the Apes film that Ed Koch likes so much…

Koch has no problems with Jew cleansing bigots like Obama (Palestine will not allow Jews to live there), but people who don’t believe in the theory that we are monkeys are a problem?As long as Ed gets attention it is all fine.

(OurTownNY) “When I was parks commissioner, I renamed the Fountain of the Planets in Flushing Meadows Corona Park the Fountain of the Planet of the Apes. Later, in an agreement with then-Borough President Claire Shulman, who had reservations about the name change, a smaller fountain was named instead for the Apes film.

The worst thing about Ed the Queen is he makes us look into his little arrogant head all the time.
…I didn’t want to go there.