Bomb Proof Piggy

November 9, 2011

h/t Regina Berg and Bare Naked Islam

The latest transportation mode for the Swiss. On it they are not harassed by “Asians.”(Islam vs Europe This is the pig tram in Basel – a last resort for Europeans who wish to escape Muslim harassment on public transport. Maybe we should extend the concept further? Pig-shaped planes – guaranteed terror-free! One commenter on a Swiss blog said, “The pig is part of our culture, why should we remove it? In order not to harm the sensibilities of people who have nothing to contribute to our culture?”

Might be a better idea to have live pigs on board. Then it might just be… Muslim proof. Hey…Anyone seen a Mosque?


Court hears how bacon led to Big Mac attack| @brooksbayne how about this bacon story?

September 27, 2011

Mouhamad Khaled and Daphne AustinHow often do you hear of Jews having this problem with bacon? No Equivalences!

Daphne Austin and Walid Khaled (News.Com.AU) Mouhamad Khaled and Daphne Austin leaving Burwood Court after appearing on charges relating to a brawl at a McDonalds restaurant Daphne Austin and Walid Khaled leaving Burwood Court after appearing on charges relating to a brawl at a McDonalds restaurant. It was a bloody brawl allegedly sparked by a hamburger with bacon. Now 32 witnesses will be called to give evidence at a hearing about how an incorrect order allegedly led to a violent assault on two police officers at a McDonald’s in April. Mouhamad Khaled, 23, his 20-year-old girlfriend Daphne Florence Austin and his father Walid Khaled, 53, have been charged over the brawl at the Bankstown fast food outlet. In Burwood Local Court yesterday, Magistrate Christopher Longley set a hearing date in February for Austin and Walid Khaled, who have each pleaded not guilty to charges linked to the brawl. Mr Longley was told the prosecution will call 29 witnesses and the defence will call three people. Mouhamad Khaled is yet to enter a plea to six charges, including inflicting grievous bodily harm on a police officer, and will be dealt with at a separate hearing. Police allege the trouble began when the group began abusing counter staff because their hamburger contained bacon. Police who were on the premises spoke to Walid Khaled about his alleged offensive behaviour. When he allegedly continued to swear, police tried to arrest him. Police allege they were assaulted by Mouhamad Khaled and Austin, prompting them to use capsicum spray and batons. As they attempted to restrain Mouhamad Khaled he allegedly grabbed their handcuffs and assaulted them. He struck probationary Constable Matthew Sutherland on the head before swinging them at Senior Constable Alicia Bridges, hitting her. Austin is charged with assaulting and hindering police, and Walid Khaled with resisting police, behaving in an offensive manner and offensive language.Mouhamad Khaled spent four months in custody before being granted bail in the Supreme Court.Burwood Local Court was told in August that Austin is due to give birth in November.

Evil Zionist Poison-Resistant Super-Rats and other Conspiracy Theories

February 21, 2011

In 2008, the official Wafa Palestinian Arab news agency — under the direct control of PA president Mahmoud Abbas — reported that Israel is using rats to drive Arabs out of the Old City of Jerusalem.
“Rats have become an Israeli weapon to displace and expel Arab residents of the occupied Old City of Jerusalem,” Wafa reported.
“Over the past two months, dozens of settlers come to the alleyways and streets of the Old City carrying iron cages full of rats. They release the rats, which find shelter in open sewage systems.”
Wafa went on to quote anonymous Arab residents as saying that they had tried to poison the ratsbut nothing worked.
Hasan Khater, secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian Front in Jerusalem, said that the goal was to “increase the suffering of the [Arabs] in Jerusalem by turning their lives into a real tragedy and forcing them to evict their homes and leave the city.”
Palestine Today added that the rats were damaging Arab shops and homes.
As we speak, evil Zionist scientists are breeding these super-rats. Poison and deadly traps cannot kill them.

The Zio-Boars: Resistance is Futile

But more impressively, the rats are trained to distinguish between Jewish and Arab homes and shops in Jerusalem, and only attack the Arabs. This is no doubt the result of years of geneticresearch combined with micro-chips implanted in the rats’ brains to ensure that the victims are all 100% Arab.
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From Ma’an:

Settlers attempting to impede Palestinian olive harvests initiated a bizarre new tactic on Thursday, apparently leaving flocks of sheep at olive groves to feed on the small trees.
Residents told Ma’an that Israeli settlers “dumped dozens of sheep” on Palestinian farmland neighboring the illegal settlement of Itamar, where the animals damaged and devoured dozens of olive and fig trees.
57-year-old Jamil Daraqshah claimed that he saw an Israeli shepherd at his farm in the village of Awarta, which is south of Nablus, just days before. Also evidence, he said, is that Palestinians are not permitted to enter the area without first coordinating with the Palestinian-Israeli liaison office in Nablus.

In retrospect, it is so obvious. I mean, why wouldn’t Jews living in the area send their sheep to eat trees that would hurt their digestive systems and possibly ruin them for being sold? After all, they must get rid of the olive (and fig) trees, and how effective sheep are to do the job!

Pig removed from toy farm set to appease Muslims

November 16, 2010

Stying put ... Goosefeather Farm set with a pig in place“If you don’t want your kid playing with a pig toy, simply throw it in the bin. Other kids should not have to suffer.” Netmums’ founder Siobhan Freegard said: “Removing pigs from farm sets is like introducing ‘Baa Baa White Sheep’ and calling Christmas ‘The Winter Holiday.’ Please let common sense prevail.”
Alec Suttenwood, chairman of the Anti-Political Correctness group, said the ban was “ridiculous.” He added: “Pigs are kept on farms – it is a fact of life.”

Stying put … Goosefeather Farm set with a pig in place

ELC said: “The decision to remove the pig was taken in reaction to customer feedback in some parts of the world.”
But after The Sun intervened ELC admitted it made a pig’s ear of the episode and said the porker will return.
A spokeswoman said: “We recognise that pigs are familiar farm animals – especially for our UK customers.
“We have taken the decision to reinstate the pig and to no longer sell the set in international markets where it might create an issue.”

Politician Wife looking like a Pig tells husband to eat Pork

February 2, 2010

Buenos Dias! OINK! OINK! OINK!

Argentina‘s president recommended pork as an alternative to Viagra Wednesday, saying she spent a satisfying weekend with her husband after eating barbecued pork.
“I’ve just been told something I didn’t know; that eating pork improves your sex life … I’d say it’s a lot nicer to eat a bit of grilled pork than take Viagra,” President Cristina Fernandez said to leaders of the pig farming industry.
She said she recently ate pork and “things went very well that weekend, so it could well be true.”

Argentines are the world’s biggest per capita consumers of beef, but the government has sought to promote pork as an alternative in recent years due to rising steak prices and as a way to diversify the meat industry.
“Trying it doesn’t cost anything, so let’s give it a go,” Fernandez said in the televised speech.