Reuters Photoshops Again

June 8, 2010
There’s more about the pictures herehere and here (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
Why does Reuters insist on embellishing the truth and trying to make these attacks look less violent than they actually were? Recall this article by Melanie Philips in the summer of 2006. All you have to do is change “Hezbullah” to “Turkey” or “Hamas” or the “IHH” and change “Lebanon” to “Gaza”:


Screenshot from Dagbladet

What do we expect of our soldiers when they are attacked by civilians claiming to be peace activists? What do we expect of the soldiers of other countries? Our boys are fighting terrorism in faraway Afghanistan, while Israel is fighting the same foe on her very doorstep. Yet Norway’s answer to the situation depicted above includes: one of our largest think tanks (Fafo) defining Israel’s boarding as virtually a declaration of war on Turkey, a politician of the government party the Socialist Left clamoring for Norway to lead an international campaing of “forcefull measures” against Israel, an Armed Forces seminar cancelled rather because one of the speakers was an Israeli officers, a famous and loved author (Erlend Loe) speaking, with a flag of Hizbollah flapping in his face, at a demonstration arranged by the Palestinakomite and a cinema replacing the Israeli movie Waltz with Bashir with a Palestinian movie.
Norwegian soldiers roam the Hindu Kush, setting up roadblocks and doing their bit to allow the Afghan government to develop a proper nation state. God forbid that anything like the above should ever happen to any of them.
The screenshot above is from an article in Dagbladet.