Pentagon claims it has no records of Osama bin Laden’s death?

April 2, 2012

look… I’ve never been a huge fan of conspiracy theories. my natural inclination is skepticism… but this is very odd. The Obama administration might be projecting what they think was the normal behavior of a administration based on what they “think” the Bush administration did, but it is obvious that Obama is less transparent then the GOP ever were.

(MFS OTHER) Chutzpah ! Pentagon claims “has no records of Osama bin Laden’s death”.(CPO).Obama touts the Navy SEALS’ raid and killing of Osama bin Laden in his hideaway compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan, as one of, if not the greatest, achievements of his administration. Reportedly, the administration even disclosed details of the raid to Hollywood for an upcoming movie, •Zero Dark Thirty, directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

The movie is scheduled to be released — SURPRISE! — on October 12, 2012, within a month of the presidential election.
Joseph Straw •reports •for the N.Y. Daily News, Aug. 11, 2011, that the CIA defended its collaboration with the maker of Zero Dark Thirty. CIA spokesman Preston Golson said that such collaboration with filmmakers has precedent and is part of the CIA’s “public outreach.” Despite the CIA’s insistence, Congressman Peter King (R-Long Island), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has demanded that the Pentagon and CIA inspectors general investigate whether the agencies breached policy in this case, in particular whether the filmmakers saw classified material or got access to personnel working under cover.
Given that, it is curious, to say the least, that, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Associated Press, •the Pentagon says it has no records — not one photo, not one video, not even an e-mail — of bin Laden’s death?
Richard Lardner •reports •for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 15, 2012:
Government officials have openly discussed details of the mission [to kill Osama bin Laden] in speeches, interviews and television appearances, but the administration won’t disclose records that would confirm their narrative of that fateful night. •The Associated Press asked for files about the raid in more than 20 separate [FOIA] requests, mostly submitted the day after bin Laden’s death.
The Pentagon told the AP this month it could not locate any photographs or video taken during the raid or showing bin Laden’s body. It also said it could not find any images of bin Laden’s body on the Navy aircraft carrier where the al-Qaida leader’s body was taken.
The Pentagon said it could not find any death certificate, autopsy report or results of DNA identification tests for bin Laden, •or any pre-raid materials discussing how the government planned to dispose of bin Laden’s body if he were killed.
It said it searched files at the Pentagon, U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Fla., and the Navy command in San Diego that controls the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier used in the mission.
The Defense Department told the AP in late February it could not find any emails about the bin Laden mission or his “Geronimo” code name that were sent or received in the year before the raid by William McRaven, the three-star admiral at the Joint Special Operations Command who organized and oversaw the mission. •It also could not find any emails from other senior officers who would have been involved in the mission’s planning.

Note: WantToKnow team member Prof. David Ray Griffin, in his book •Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive?, lays out the extensive evidence that bin laden died in December 2001, and that since that time Pentagon psyops had been keeping him “alive” with fake videos and audiotapes to maintain a crucial pretext for the ever-expanding “war on terror.” •Could it be that the Pentagon will produce no records of its purported “death raid” because in fact it will reveal major manipulations involving bin Laden’s death?
On August 6, 2011, •three months after the supposed killing of bin Laden, 22 members of the exact sameNavy SEALS Team 6who had conducted the Abbotabad raidall died in a helicopter crashin Afghanistan.Dead men don’t tell tales.Read the full story •here.

Dan Lungren questions Paul Stockton – Assistant Defense Secretary for Homeland Defense: Are we at war with violent Islamist extremism?

December 20, 2011
Watch the verbal acrobatics. Let’s go to the videotape.

(Carl) On Wednesday, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) opened a hearing to examine the emerging threat to the military from homegrown terrorists within the U.S. and named the armed services as the “most sought-after” target for radical Islamist extremist groups.
Rep. Dan Lungren (R.-Calif.) asked Paul Stockton, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, whether “we are at war with violent Islamist extremism.”

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Rep. Peter King (R) Demands Answers from Holder on Decision Not to Prosecute CAIR, its Co-Founder, and other Unindicted Co-Conspirators in Holy Land Foundation Case

April 18, 2011

Media_httpwwwanticair_gaophIn related news: DOJ Source: Gov’t Muslim ‘Outreach’ Jeopardized Active Terror Investigations.

Washington, D.C. (Monday, April 18, 2011) – ­U.S. Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, has demanded an explanation from Attorney General Eric Holder as to why he decided not to prosecute the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), its co-founder Omar Ahmad, and other named unindicted co-conspirators in the Hamas terror finance case, United States v. Holy Land Foundation. The other unindicted co-conspirators include the Islamic Society of North America and the North American Islamic Trust.
In a letter to Holder, King wrote: “I have been reliably informed that the decision not to seek indictments of the Council on American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) and its co-founder Omar Ahmad, the Islamic Society of North America (“ISNA”), and the North American Islamic Trust (“NAIT”), was usurped by high-ranking officials at Department of Justice headquarters over the vehement and stated objections of special agents and supervisors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Dallas, who had investigated and successfully prosecuted the Holy Land Foundation case.

Chuck Laramie didn’t do his homework

March 15, 2011
I’m not going to do a blog post or waste my time articulating things everytime I get a guy like this blabbering his brainwashed talking points I’ve heard before… but I saw this bouncing around the blogosphere and thought I should spend a few minutes dealing with this:
Muslim Rage Boy…
<Sarcasm> totally RANDOM image…
I swear </Sarcasm>

Chuck Laramie:

Perhaps if the following men, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Tecumseh, Cochise, Red Cloud, were alive they might hold a series of hearings on Christian Radicalism and the danger it presented to their Indian Nation. But they can’t and neither can their descendents due to their complete lack of a real voice in their native country.

European immigrants, Christians, came to this land and looked upon those here as heathens, barbarians, who needed to be exterminated. As one American Colonel said, “Nits make lice, kill them all.” Not very Christian, eh Mr. King.

America in the 1890’s embraced Anglo-Saxionism. This was the idea that English-speaking nations had superior character, ideas, religion, and systems of government and were destined to dominate the planet. This led the United States to adopt a policy of imperialism that would lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Asian people in Hawaii, Philippines and China. Not very Christian, eh Mr. King.

I’m Jewish and I don’t even get his point.  I don’t remember Jesus saying thou shall kill the natives.  

I could take this theme back to the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition but I think Mr. King understands what I mean.

So Chuck remarks at the Spanish Inquisition… an example of where my own ancestors were burned at the stake, but what is left out of the textbooks today is how and why Christian Europe became so hostile.  Before there was a Christian Inquisition there was a Muslim one.  The so called Al Andalus was not the Islamic utopia our media is making it out to be.  Here is an excerpt underlying my point.
The idea that Muslims, Christians, and Jews “lived and shared together” in medieval Cordoba could perhaps be dismissed as a rhetorical flight of fancy, but the idea that Christianity and the Inquisition ended the brilliance of Cordoba is a deliberate lie.

According to The Cambridge Companion to Maimonides, “the fundamentalist Almohad movement,” which “fought to restore the pristine faith of Islam, based on the Quran and the Sunna, and to enforce the precepts of the sacred law” (sound familiar?), conquered Cordoba in 1148 and drove out the ten-year-old Moses Maimonides and his family.  They hid from the Almohads in Andalusia for ten years, then emigrated to Morocco, where Maimonides wrote his Epistle on Forced Conversion to console his Jewish brethren forced to choose between conversion to Islam and death.  Later he moved to Cairo, where he achieved safety by acting as a physician to the Muslim rulers.  Obviously, the great works of Moses Maimonides were not written in Cordoba, and Christian exclusivism and the Inquisition had nothing to do with his departure.

There is the case of a Christian nation that only 69 years ago put its own citizens into concentration camps in California. There is the case of a Christian nation that had to fight a bitter Civil War because it allowed its Christian citizens to own other human beings. Not very Christian like.

well actually… those Christians bought those slaves from Muslims.  not justifying the practice, but slavery was not something that was prevalent to Europe before the greater contact of the two cultures.

as for the Japanese.  I admit America made some mistakes, but… wow,,, I wouldn’t compare us to the cruel sword of Mohammad for it.

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btw… not saying I spent much time on this, but I’m not sure it is worth it.

Keith Ellison vs. Peter King

March 8, 2011

Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison embodies the superficially odd alliance between Islamist forces and the left. He is not useful for much, but he is useful to illustrate the phenomenon. He is also useful to those who seek to minimize the threat posed by radical Islam to Americans.
Americans probably don’t need to be persuaded that the threat is real. The Christian Science Monitor reports that in the years since 9/11, the number of Muslim-American terrorism suspects and perpetrators has averaged about 16 per year. In 2010, the total was 20; in 2009, 47 Muslim-Americans committed or were arrested for terrorist crimes. Recall, just for example, — try hard — recent cases including Nidal Hasan, Abdulhakim Muhammed, Faisal Shahzad, Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, Colleen LaRose (“Jihad Jane”), Muhammad Hussain (formerly Antonio Martinez), and Mohamed Osman Mohamud.
One would think the seriousness of the problem posed to Americans by radical Islam would be self-evident. In Minneapolis, we have been contending with the disappearance of Somali immigrants who have been recruited by an Al Qaeda-linked group in their native country. What happens if and when they return to the United States?
As chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Peter King is holding hearings this week on the threat posed by the radicalization of American Muslims. Their official title is “The extent of radicalization in the American Muslim community and that community’s response.” The hearings might seem to be overdue, but Ellison objects to them. According to Ellison, the focus on the threat posed by radical Islam is unwarranted. Ellison seems to think that terrorism is an equal opportunity employer, or something.
In an appearance on MSNBC that is posted here by RealClearPolitics, Ellison pointed out that King is an old apologist for the IRA. (I should think this would be to King’s credit in Ellison’s eyes.) King’s support of the IRA was misguided, tp say the least, but the IRA wasn’t targeting Americans. Ellison indicts King for hypocrisy; Ellison has a hard time dealing with King on the merits of the issue. Indeed, he hardly tries.
Ellison himself plans to testify at the hearings. If one’s record on related issues is relevant, as Ellison finds it useful to assert, one might want to consider Ellison’s background. There are a few items of interest in it.
Ellison’s background includes his work as a local leader of the Nation of Islam in Minneapolis, an ally of convicted gangster Sharif Willis, an agitator on behalf of cop killers, a supporter of SLA terrorist Sara Jane Olson (the former Kathleen Soliah), and a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood front group and unindicted Holy Land Foundation co-conspirator CAIR. See my Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakha’s first congressman” and the companion Power Line post “Kieth Ellison for dummies.” I should think that these credentials detract somewhat more from Ellison’s credibility than King’s past support for the IRA.

Bloomberg Splits With Peter King Over Muslim ‘Radicalization’ Hearings

December 20, 2010
Ground Zero Mosque Organizers Say They Are

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., center, said he wants to hold hearings on the “radicalization of the American Muslim community.” (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

I am disappointed with Bloomberg.