Deadly Fictions – The classified diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks are the Pentagon Papers of the pro-Israel right – by Lee Smith

December 1, 2010
When Hillary Clinton and Obama plaid Poker with Israel, along came the WikiLeak. the hypocrisy is glaring. America was spying on it’s ally and I doubt we will see Roger Cohen owe up that the Arab states are terrified of Iran. Free Jonathan Pollard now! America should do the right thing. 

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has positioned himself as a left-wing whistleblower whose life mission is to call the United States to task for the evil it has wreaked throughout the world. But after poring through the diplomatic cables revealed via the site yesterday, one might easily wonder if Assange isn’t instead a clandestine agent of Dick Cheney and Bibi Netanyahu; whether his muckraking website isn’t part of a Likudnik plot to provoke an attack on Iran; and if PFC Bradley Manning, who allegedly uploaded 250,000 classified documents to Wikileaks, is actually a Lee Harvey Oswald-like neocon patsy.
With all due apologies to Oliver Stone (and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey), what the Wikileaks documents reveal is not a conspiracy of any kind but a scary and growing gap between the private assessments of American diplomats and allies in the Middle East and public statements made by U.S. government officials. The publication of these leaked cables is eerily reminiscent of the Pentagon Papers, which exposed a decade-long attempt by U.S. officials to distort and conceal unpalatable truths about the Vietnam War, and manipulate public opinion. The difference is that while the Pentagon Papers substantially vindicated the American left, the Wikileaks cable dump vindicates the right.

Here are eight of the most obvious examples from the initial trove of documents that has appeared online: the rest of the exposure via

some commentators like at the news hour by Soros funded PBS had it’s regular Israel bashing analysis… (and this had me cackling) had ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI allude that Israel or a hostile party to Turkey was behind the Wikileak.  One can easily see that the Wikileak will evolve in the Arab world into another variation of 911Troof.  Too many of Israel’s enemies were really hurt by these cables… and it is very hard to spin that this didn’t help Israel’s survival away from a Holocaust.
 The news that terrorists were using the ambulances in Israel was revealing… but no more as revealing as the responses by the Israel bashing media


Did You Know That There Is A Mosque Inside The Pentagon?

August 18, 2010

By Geoffrey Grider • August 16, 2010

What the..? In all the furor over the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, there is another mosque that doesn’t seem to bother anyone at all. Want to take a guess where it is? It’s inside the Pentagon where an army of over 100 Muslim clerics dispense the Koran on a daily basis.

Did you know that there is a mosque inside the Pentagon?

“Navy imam Chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam lifted his voice to God as he called to prayer more than 100 Department of Defense employees Monday at a celebration of Ramadan at the Pentagon. God is most great, sang the lieutenant commander and Islamic leader, in Arabic, as iftar – the end of the daily fast began. Uniformed military personnel, civilians and family members faced Mecca and knelt on adorned prayer rugs chanting their prayers in quiet invocation to Allah.” source –

This is what the Muslims did to the Pentagon on 9/11. Now there is a mosque inside the Pentagon.

The “ground zero mosque” story seems to be dying down, but nothing lays bare the absurdity of what we’ve just lived through quite so much as this Washington Times story, quoted above, from 2007. Yes, Muslims have infiltrated the Pentagon for their nefarious, prayerful purposes — daring to practice their religion inside the building where 184 people died on Sept. 11, 2001.

They haven’t even had the sensitivity to move two blocks, let alone a mile, away from that sacred site. The “desecration” began shockingly soon after the attacks. Cox reported in October 2001: Army Chaplain Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad, the first Muslim chaplain to serve in the military, read a verse from the Koran at the memorial service at the Pentagon on Thursday, exactly one month after the attack. Muhammad, who became a chaplain eight years ago and works at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, ministered to rescuers in front of the smoldering Pentagon after the attack. Any guesses as to why no one has ever heard about Muslims praying at the Pentagon — let alone cared? ” source –

“We live in a great nation,” said master of ceremonies Air Force Lt. Col. Timothy Oldenburg, a Muslim. “Yes, it is our First Amendment right do that – to practice our religion the way we feel, to worship God and to come to the Pentagon and celebrate Ramadan.”


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