Dr. Patch Adams and Medea Benjamin: It’s time to Move Over AIPAC!

April 18, 2011

this guy is their spokesman? I never liked the Robin Williams film, but if this is their token spokesman… he didn’t convince me of anything. Now we know who Code Pink hangs out with when they enable Nazis. This Adams fellow doesn’t strike me as a good doctor… at all.    this is what I think these people are pushing: the stereotype of Jews is that they are eccentrics. It isn’t true… but to the Pro Gaza crowd… having a retard like this guy is the equivalent of saying… hey look a Mel Brooks like personality… is on the terrorist side.

This is a sickeningly stupid video promoting the Move Over AIPAC conference (the one that is going to feature President Obama’s favorite journalist).

and image via electricsky.net

we are not impressed with your clown

what is it with leftist baby boomers and the tacky loud shirts?