In case you’ve ever wondered, the Palestinians have their own passports

January 8, 2013
scrapping the old “Palestinian Authority” logo is as far as Abbas is willing to go in provoking Israel. He is not rushing to change passports and ID cards Palestinians need to pass through Israeli crossings.

Obama’s first presidential handshake Abu Mazen AKA Abbas gives passports to terrorists at sea

June 3, 2010
The violence in the videos must of inspired Obama’s friends.  More Jew Killling for Palestine… after all it is in their Manifesto and their Scriptures.  And America keeps on sending money to out of the closet Nazis.

Bethlehem – Ma’an/Agencies – President Mahmoud Abbas granted Palestinian nationality to all participants of the Freedom Flotilla on Wedesday, saying he hoped the ships would not be the last effort to break the Israeli-lead blockade of the area.
Speaking at the Palestine Investment Conference in Bethlehem, Abbas thanked the activists for working to expose the realities behind Israeli occupation.
“Jerusalem is under siege, Gaza is under siege, Hebron is torn apart, Bethlehem is isolated and our lands are occupied,” Abbas said, asking the world “When will this tyranny and occupation end? When will Israel respect the laws of international legitimacy, so bloodshed ends and true peace prevails?”
The last boats able to breach the Israeli siege were received in Gaza in the fall of 2008, and were similarly honored by Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Each of the activists was honored with a Palestinian passport for their contribution to the struggle or liberation.


the Keys of the city will probably get lost in the gunfire between the factions of Fatah and Hamas who kill more Arabs then Israel ever does in self defense.