Piers Morgan is Scum

March 9, 2011

before Piers Morgan was picked by CNN as Larry King’s replacement, he was working as the editor of the Daily Mirror, and in that capacity he published more fake photos of UK soldiers torturing Iraqis. That got him fired from the Daily Mirror, but made him amply qualified for a high profile hosting gig at CNN, which suffers from even lower standards than the UK’s trashiest tabloid. by Daniel Greenfield via docstalk.blogspot.com


Playboy model panics and tries to open door to NJ-bound plane mid-air

November 14, 2010
thank goodness for Supermodels give us something to talk about…

tiffany livingston

A buxom Playboy centerfold tried to bust out — midair — from a jet yesterday amid a bad case of high anxiety.
Sexy 21-year-old model Tiffany Livingston was aboard JetBlue Flight 522 from Orlando, Fla., to Newark when she bolted from her seat and tried to open the door of the plane, a law-enforcement official said.
“She said she’s gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn’t have . . . her medication,” one source said.
Livingston was detained and placed in federal custody, with charges pending, last night.
Last year, Livingston, a 5-foot-6 brunette from Merrimac, RI, was featured as the centerfold for the debut edition of VIP, the Singapore version of Playboy, in which she was described as “not just another pretty face.
“Tiffany boasts the immaculate poise of a mature model wrapped with a bubbly demeanor,” the profile said.
Her agent did not return a call seeking comment.

the gorgeous ones in my opinion always seem to be crazy. At least she isn’t in Israel freeing Chickens from their cages like Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson attempts to take Chickens out of their cages in Israel. Serious

November 12, 2010

or at least that is what I understood: translate.googleusercontent.com

feel free to sign the Black Book if you want to jump this Shiksa right about now

wow… almost as good as porn

Anderson, the former star of “Baywatch” and a model, arrived Sunday in Israel and will participate as a guest judge on Israel’s “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday and Tuesday. She also will dance each show with Australian partner Damian Whitewood.
Anderson visited the Western Wall on Sunday night, arriving with her head and shoulders covered, where she prayed silently as other worshipers tried to photograph her.

Pamela Anderson Kotel

Pamela ANderson Western Wall

Earlier Sunday, Anderson said she would work to convince haredi Orthodox lawmakers to support an anti-fur bill proposed in the Knesset. The measure has been held up in Israel’s parliament over the lawmakers’ attempt to exclude the shtreiml, a sable-trimmed hat worn by some religious sects. Anderson is an honorary director of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
via jta.org

CTV News reported that Anderson called Israel a “progressive” country because it had no fur farms, and said that it can serve as “an example for the rest of the world.”