‘Palestinian’ prisoners’ wives to be artificially inseminated? | #Sperm #SpermJihad

April 25, 2013

The ‘Palestinians’ fatwa council has approved the artificial insemination of the wives of ‘Palestinians’ in Israeli prisons. Yes, of course, only with the terrorist husbands’ sperm.

The Razan Medical Center for Infertility, which has clinics in Ramallah and Nablus, has offered free insemination treatment to the wives of political prisoners who manage to smuggle sperm out of Israeli jails.
In February, the clinic announced that four prisoners’ wives were pregnant as a result of artificial insemination.
The clinic’s director-general, Salim Abu al-Khayzaran, explained the insemination process to the Fatwa council, which issued a decision approving the treatment on Wednesday.
The council set over a dozen conditions to make the process religiously acceptable.
The couple must be married, and the pregnancy must be agreed by both partners and preferably their families, the council ruled. Several of the couple’s next-of-kin relatives must witness the insemination, and the process must be made public.
The council also ruled that artificial insemination must be the only possible option for pregnancy. It said the couple must have consummated their marriage, ruling out marriages entered into in prison, as unconsummated marriages are considered engagements.
It must be the prisoner’s first child to qualify as an emergency, and the detainee must be serving a long sentence which would prohibit childbearing upon his release. 

We’ve heard this claim before. But there’s just one small problem: Sperm cannot live outside the human body for more than an hour  and it must be kept in a sterile container.
Either the ‘Palestinians’ are able to smuggle semen out of Israeli prisons within an hour (where are the Israeli prison authorities?), or the ‘Palestinians’ have discovered the secret of immaculate conception, or this story is a lie in one of two ways.
I leave the intellectual exercise to figure out the two ways in which this story could be a lie to the reader .

give em pig sperm instead. they won’t notice the difference


Apartheid Jordan Accepts Syrian Refugees, Turns Back Syrian Palestinians at Border

January 8, 2013

(Can you say Apartheid State?) As the civil war intensifies in Syria, more refugees are trying to escape the conflict. Some have crossed into Turkey. Others have gone to Lebanon. But the biggest refugee camp for Syrian refugees is in the neighboring Kingdom of Jordan. But not all refugees are allowed in.
80% of PalArab “refugees” have citizenship!

Speaking in an immaculately clean tent over coffee and endless cigarettes, a 23-year-old construction worker who would only give his name as Mohamed said he left the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, where many Palestinians live, about two months ago. The place was getting violent and food was hard to find, he said.The young man said his mother is Syrian, but his father is Palestinian. Mohamed said the Jordanians are turning people back at the border if they have ID cards that say they’re Palestinian. Lucky for him, he has a Syrian ID.
Mohamed’s uncle, he said, is a Palestinian from Damascus who has been turned away at the Jordan border five times.
With his four-year-old son in his lap, Daloul said he’s happy to be in Jordan, away from the fighting in Syria. But he says it’s also frustrating. Daloul is registered as a Palestinian refugee, even though he was born in Syria. So are his kids. But his wife is registered as Syrian. Now, she’s staying with relatives elsewhere in Jordan, while Daloul and the children live in this single room. They are not allowed to leave the camp for any length of time, he said. And his wife cannot move in with them permanently. “It’s a difficult situation,” he said.
Daloul is 55 years old. He was born in Syria. His kids were born in Syria. If he goes back, his grandchildren will be born in Syria. But he’s not considered Syrian by the Syrian government, even though his wife is, and since his children have their father’s status, they’re also considered Palestinian.

The Arabs don’t like Palestinians

The Palestinian Authority is planning to reconsider its security, political and economic agreements with Israel in the coming days, a PLO official said on Sunday

February 27, 2012

Code Control(EOZ) From Ma’an:

After exploratory talks with Israel ended without agreement, the PLO Executive Committee has agreed to take a number of measures to jolt the current stalemate. In an interview with Egyptian channel CBC on Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas said the PA was planning a “major decision” in no more than 10 days, in response to the talks’ failure.

Saeb Erekat hinted telling Palestine Radio “Either there is power to the movement of Palestinians from occupation to independence, or Netanyahu has to assume [Israel’s] responsibilities seriously from the river to the sea.”

Palestinians to Obama: This Is All Your Fault

September 19, 2011

The thing is… it is Obama’s fault for not realizing Abu Mazen AKA Abbas would twist his words. I wonder if Obama will start to realize what he is dealing with? An ego like Obama could very well do an about face with this kind of shenanigan. What is worse is the Palestinians aren’t even taking Obama seriously. I almost feel bad for Obama and I suspect that Obama could surprise all of us and really get rough on the Palestinians. Don’t mess with the OBAMA!

(Eye on the World according to the Jerusalem Post)

Zakariya al-Agha, the PLO’s top representative in the Gaza Strip… said that the PA was going to the UN because US President Barack Obama, in his last speech to the UN in 2010, talked about the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state within one year.

The Palestinian Authority laid further blame on Obama by citing a last minute offer from the Obama administration to renew negotiations. Palestinian leader Nabil Shaath claims to have been so insulted by the offer that they made the final decision to go to the U.N. then and there.

what was it that Obama said?

two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security, as part of a comprehensive peace between Israel and all of its neighbors.”

The denied Correlative: Two States in Obama’s mind should be negotiated and should not be forced unilaterally. There should not be a Palestine at all, but to act like as if Obama demanded a state without negotiations is a lie.

Why Aren’t You Boycotting Arab States?

August 7, 2011

Thoughts on Latest Episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

July 29, 2011

……A friend of the JIDF said how hypocritical and interesting that the gang had such a problem with Funkhouser trying to recite the blessings over the wine and bread, but how they were all on the the “Jewish” side when protesting a “palestinian” chicken joint opening across the street from a Jewish deli. If you have not seen the episode you can see it here. You can see the points I am responding to here. In regards to the “palestinian” chicken place probably not being Kosher: the point Curb was exploring was the man “Funk” was merely having a mid life crises. This is why they could not care less about ritual. (I DON’T BLAME THEM. I hate when liberals become control freaks and use religious rituals).

Humor from a Palestinian newspaper. The chicken is holding a sign that says:

What JIDF liked about the latest Curb:

  • explored how/why our enemies cling to Jews who aren’t nice to other Jews.
  • was biased in favor of Jews- rightly portrayed “palestinians” as antisemites wanting to destroy Jews/Israel
  • It explored the idea of Jews who sit on the fence on the conflict
  • Larry Miller was in tonight’s Curb, and he’s strongly pro-Israel in real life
  • After watching tonight’s Curb, I realize that i can be called upon to be a “social assassin” – i’m like Larry in that i don’t hold back.
Quotes JIDF liked:
  • “…What is this, the raid on Entebbe? Let’s just walk in there casually.”- Larry to Funkhouser, who’s wearing a kippah, trying to enter “palestinian” Chicken place.
  • “…if Rabin can break bread with Arafat, i can have chicken at this antisemitic s***hole” –Funkhouser
  • “A date is an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone.” -Larry

  • The “No Terrorist Chicken” sign at the protest
    (1) as far as I can see… A Palestinian is anything,,, and I have indeed met many hot women who associated themselves ethnically as one. The fact that there has never been anyone called Palestinian means that a lot of stupid young pretty women find identity through a lie. I think the rabbi was thought about and was done purposely. They can’t spell it out to the audience that Hollywood assumes itself as Conservative, Reform or Re constructionist. (not true at all by the way, but it would take too much time and kill the plot to explain that. I suppose they could of done a gag, but then they would of offended themselves. Keep in mind that Jerry Seinfeld is a deep leftist and It is safe to assume that his pal is too.) The problem I had was they compared a Mosque to a Chicken. I question Larry David’s understanding of the first Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” …which means you might have a right to believe what you want, but not practice it. To compare serving Chicken to a non peaceful assemblage is faulty logic.
    I think the show was disengenuous by presenting both sides of the conflict as flawed… even though in the context of the actual narrative it was indeed the case. The danger is that the audience might come away thinking the Jewish side and the Palestinian side are indeed always flawed, but that would be the general theme of Larry David… which you have to believe when you watch Larry David that they are only talking about within the world of Larry David and are not setting up any general critiques of greater Jewish culture.

The problem with ‘agreed swaps’

June 24, 2011

The Palestinians argued that when Israel signed a peace agreement with Egypt, it agreed to withdraw from 100 percent of the Sinai Peninsula. So they asked how could PLO chairman Yasser Arafat be given less than what Egyptian president Anwar Sadat received.

Two men facing each other. On the left a man in military uniform with sunglasses and a gun on his right side. On the right a man wearing casual clothes, with a white shirt and gray trousers. In the background another man in casual clothing looking at the camera.
Nasser with Arafat (left)
at the emergency Arab League summit,
1970 via thefullwiki.org

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