The Palestinian Authority is planning to reconsider its security, political and economic agreements with Israel in the coming days, a PLO official said on Sunday

February 27, 2012

Code Control(EOZ) From Ma’an:

After exploratory talks with Israel ended without agreement, the PLO Executive Committee has agreed to take a number of measures to jolt the current stalemate. In an interview with Egyptian channel CBC on Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas said the PA was planning a “major decision” in no more than 10 days, in response to the talks’ failure.

Saeb Erekat hinted telling Palestine Radio “Either there is power to the movement of Palestinians from occupation to independence, or Netanyahu has to assume [Israel’s] responsibilities seriously from the river to the sea.”


PA police purposely fired on Joseph’s Tomb worshipers

May 29, 2011

Chief of General Staff accepts findings from IDF probe which says gunfire that killed Ben Yosef Livnat was intentional, aimed at killing group of Jews who infiltrated religious site; no evidence that attack was planned.

The group illegally entered Nablus without firstly coordinating the visit with the IDF as stipulated by law. Nablus is Area A territory, under Palestinian control and therefore off limits to Israeli citizens. The four Palestinian policemen were immediately placed under arrest by the Palestinian Authority which is continuing to investigate the shooting. Last week, the Defense Ministry official recognized Livnat as the victim of a terrorist attack enabling his family to receive compensation from the state. The results of the IDF probe, released on Sunday, did not find evidence that the Palestinian policemen had planned the attack but did conclude that the gunfire was intentional and aimed at killing the group of Jews who had infiltrated into the area near the tomb. The PA policemen opened fire, Gantz said, without justification and when their lives were not in danger. via

planned in advanced? try the Quran