The Palestinian Authority is planning to reconsider its security, political and economic agreements with Israel in the coming days, a PLO official said on Sunday

February 27, 2012

Code Control(EOZ) From Ma’an:

After exploratory talks with Israel ended without agreement, the PLO Executive Committee has agreed to take a number of measures to jolt the current stalemate. In an interview with Egyptian channel CBC on Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas said the PA was planning a “major decision” in no more than 10 days, in response to the talks’ failure.

Saeb Erekat hinted telling Palestine Radio “Either there is power to the movement of Palestinians from occupation to independence, or Netanyahu has to assume [Israel’s] responsibilities seriously from the river to the sea.”


Was this satirical video produced by Palestinian Arabs – or Israelis?

June 23, 2011

On YouTube there is a satirical cartoon video representing the leader of the Al Qassam Brigades as a baby, playing with a doll that represents Gilad Shalit and refusing to give him up, even for all the prisoners.  While it appears that it was created by a disgruntled Arab, the Arabic media is claiming that this video is part of Israel’s psychological warfare against Hamas. No evidence is given. The YouTube user who uploaded it, “FreedomForPrisoners,” just joined the day he uploaded it. via

Israeli weapons in Libya? Stupid rumor debunked

April 6, 2011

The Arab and far left press has been abuzz the past few days with allegations that Israel has been supplying weapons to Libyan forces to fight the rebels.
The original source for this version of the rumor came from this photo that was posted on the Al Manara Facebook page, showing weapons that Libyan rebels captured:

The weapon has a six pointed star imprinted on it, hence, it was assumed to be from Israel.

Al Jazeera also showed video of these weapons and highlighted the six-pointed star as proof that they came from Israel (go to 0:22)

Iran’s Press TV jumped on the bandwagon:

The opposition forces in the Libyan city of Misratah displayed weapons that they have seized from the forces supporting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Al Jazeera reported Thursday.
They said that some of the confiscated rockets and bombs had signs imprinted on them, clearly indicating that they are manufactured in Israel.

Based on this, a Libyan rebel leader has accused Israel of sending weapons to Libya via former Fatah leader Muhammed Dahlan, a much reviled figure. And idiot moonbats are happily spreading this rumor. Fatah has called for an investigation.
However, in a fascinating Twitter thread, the entire basis for this rumor was demolished in minutes.
The upshot is that this is a universal symbol for an illuminating flare (star) that uses a parachute (umbrella symbol). From a NATO manual:

The six-pointed star has been used for identifying illumination rounds since at least World War I.
The rumor is completely and provably false. And not one of those who spread the rumor will ever recant, because truth is not their objective.
(What has not been proven false is whether Dahlan had been involved in weapons smuggling for Libya in general. I have no information either way on that.) 

Palestinian Propaganda Map Deconstructed

April 5, 2011
Anti-Israel (and now other*)organizations
are fond of showing this above graphic on their websites
This map is a lie.
The first panel has the biggest lie:

While one can presume that the white sections are indeed the land that was privately owned by Jews,
the land in green wasn’t privately owned by Arabs. Only a tiny percentage of land in Palestine was privately owned. The government owned most of the land.That was why the land was not developed.
The government did not want it developed. Only a tiny percentage of land in Palestine was privately owned. The various categories of land ownership included:

  • Mulk: privately owned in the Western sense.
  • Miri: Land owned by the government (originally the Ottoman crown) and suitable for agricultural use. Individuals could purchase a deed to cultivate this land and pay a tithe to the government. Ownership could be transferred only with the approval of the state. Miri rights could be transferred to heirs, and the land could be sub-let to tenants. If the owner died without an heir or the land was not cultivated for three years, the land would revert to the state.
  • Mahlul: Uncultivated Miri lands that would revert to the state, in theory after three years.
  • Mawat (or Mewat): So-called “dead”, unreclaimed land. It constituted about 50 to 60% of the land in Palestine. It belonged to the government. …If the land had been cultivated with permission, it would be registered, at least under the Mandate, free of charge.

By the early 1940s Jews owned about one third of Mulk land in Palestine and Arabs about two-thirds. The vast majority of the total land, however, belonged to the government, meaning that when the state of Israel was established, it became legally Israel’s. (I believe that about 77% of the land was owned by the government, assuming 6 million dunams of private land as shown in this invaluable webpage on the topic from which I got much of this information.)
To say that the green areas were “Palestinian” land is simply a lie.
Now the next one:

While this is an accurate representation of the partition plan, it has nothing to do with land ownership. The entire purpose of this map is to make it appear that Israel has been grabbing Arab land consistently, to serve as a bridge between maps 1 and 3. What is not said, of course, is that Israel accepted the partition and the Arabs did not, so as a result Israel in 1949 looked like it does in map 3.
Map 3 is still a lie, however, because in no way was the green land “Palestinian” at that time. Gaza was administered by Egypt and the West Bank annexed by Jordan. No one at the time spoke about a Palestinian Arab state on the areas controlled by Arab states – only in Israel.
In other words, this progression of maps is a series of lies meant to push a bigger lie, and it is tragic that a lot of people believe them to be the truth.
Here is a small attempt on my side to show a more accurate picture of Israel’s giving land it controlled up for peace since 1967:

This map shows that Israel gave up control of the Sinai, Gaza, Southern Lebanon and much of the West Bank over the years. Rather than falsely accusing Israel as a land-grabbing rogue state, it accurately shows Israel as perhaps the only state in history that has voluntarily given up more than two-thirds of the areas it controls in exchange for nothing more than a paper agreement – or sometimes not even that. All at the risk of serious security concerns for her people, no less.
This is all because Israel wants, desperately, to live in real peace with her neighbors. This desire is not reciprocated by those neighbors, unfortunately.
The real map shows the truth of Israel’s incredible concessions in the often vain hope for peace.
*found at a Colin Firth fan-site, as he is planning to star in a movie about The Stern Gang.

Two Helen Thomas Farces: What She Says and How She’s Ridiculed

April 1, 2011

It’s amazing how bad the public discussion of issues is nowadays. Here’s a tiny example. Helen Thomas was fired for her anti-Jewish statements and was recently interviewed in Playboy where she made more such remarks that are–correctly–being interpreted as antisemitic.

The Twits, author Roald Dahl
(Another Norwegian
who believed this shit)
illustrated by Quentin Blake, 1980.
via fast times

But why does Thomas hate Israel so much, a hatred that spills over into antisemitism? I haven’t seen a single person who’s gotten it right. She’s no neo-Nazi or nut case. Thomas is of Lebanese descent, albeit Christian, and basically views herself on this issue at least as an Arab.  The important factor is not her eccentricity but her typicality.
What Thomas is doing, then, and has done for many years, is to express ideas common in the Arabic-speaking world which are becoming increasingly common in the West.

Patty Herst and the Herst Corporation that fired Helen Thomas….

That’s why she’s significant and that’s where she’s coming from. Her blend of anti-Zionism and antisemitism–using traditional anti-Jewish themes, sometimes applied to Israel and at times to all Jews–is just like what exists in a high percentage of households in the Arabic-speaking and Muslim-majority worlds.

We’re not talking about a funny old lady but about a worldview held by millions of people in a lot of countries, by revolutionary Islamists and terrorists, and by a growing number of people on Western college campuses and in elite circles. This is not some joke but rather a “craziness” that kills and shapes the fate of whole nations and continents.

Thomas has a long history of anti-Israel rhetoric at White House press briefings. In 2006, Thomas posed a question to then-Press Secretary Tony Snow that suggested the United States supports “collective punishment for Lebanon and Palestine.” 

Snow responded, “Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view.” 

Al Jazeera’s shill to U.S. audience by Pres. Bollinger of Columbia U. AKA Washington Post AKA chair Fed Bank

March 29, 2011

Lee Bollinger, Columbia University’s $1,753,984-a-year president who also serves as chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

GazaColumbia Univ. President 
Lee C. Bollinger
(a member of the 
Pulitzer Prize board
awarding Samantha Powers

her trophy Pulitzer
so she can have an excuse
to say Obama should invade Israel

Lee Bollinger, Columbia University’s $1,753,984-a-year president who also serves as chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, has an article in Bloomberg Businessweek arguing that the Federal Communications Commission should force cable companies to carry Al Jazeera. He describes access to the channel as “critically valuable” to “our democracy” and to “America’s understanding of the world.”

This is ridiculous. Anyone who wants to see what Al Jazeera English has on offer can easily visit its Web site. One can find an article by an American responding to the recent murder of Israeli children by writing that “Netanyahu has never condemned or even expressed remorse over the killing of 300 plus Palestinian children by the IDF during the Gaza war. (In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any Israeli government that ever even criticised the killing of Palestinian children by the IDF, although many hundreds have been killed over the last decade).” One can find an article by a Columbia professor asserting that “a ‘manly’ and ‘straight’ heteronormativity was manufactured for ‘Arabs'” and calling for humans to transcend “obscene class divisions.”
There’s no disclosure at all to Bloomberg Businessweek readers that Mr. Bollinger and Columbia have some substantial ties to the al Thani family that owns both the country of Qatar and Al Jazeera. A Columbia art exhibit Web site acknowledges the support of “The Arab Museum of Modern Art, Qatar and the Qatar Foundation, Her Excellency Sheikha al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and His Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani.” ABC News reported “the Qatari princess went to college at Duke University in North Carolina and is now pursuing a masters at Columbia University in New York.” Mr. Bollinger has shown no hesitation in the past when it comes to accepting donations from undemocratic or unfree Arab countries; Columbia took money from the United Arab Emirates that Harvard refused to accept. If Americans are looking for an Al Jazeera-type perspective they don’t even need the American government to force Al Jazeera onto their cable television; they can just go enroll in Columbia’s Middle East studies department, at least one of whose professors Mayor Bloomberg’s own administration has adjudged unworthy of training New York City public school teachers.
The whole column is an embarrassment to both Mr. Bollinger (who is apparently difficult to embarrass) and Businessweek. It’s not clear what is so special about Al Jazeera that it deserves to be forced by the U.S. government onto American televisions. Does Mr. Bollinger want every foreign television channel whose owner is a major Columbia donor or potential one to be forced by the American government onto American television?
Mr. Bollinger is a paid director of the Washington Post Company, which owns a cable television company that serves 720,000 customers in 19 states. If he thinks it’s so vitally important to American democracy for all Americans to watch Al Jazeera, let him speak up at the next Post board meeting and earn his directors fees by forcing Al Jazeera into the cable package of all of his own company’s customers, rather than asking the government to impose the channel on the rest of us.

Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University via

Columbia Journalism School’s Lecture Hall was packed Friday afternoon when a panel of five journalists and digital media experts gathered to discuss the power and potential of social media in a televised discussion with Marwan Bishara, host of Al Jazeera English’s “Empire.”Watch it here  Check the broadcast schedule via journalism.columbia.ed Al Jazeera: Reporting in Gaza Listen via

Cable ONE is a United States cable service provider and subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, functioning as its own self-contained corporation within its parent company. The company’s name and current focus dates back to 1997; prior to that time the company was known as Post-Newsweek Cable. It is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.[1]
Cable ONE is the 10th largest cable provider [2] in the USA with most subscribers residing in small rural communities in nineteen midwestern, southern, and western states. As of January 2009, about 699,000 subscribers receive basic service and about 230,000 receive digital video service from Cable ONE. The company offers broadband Internet to over 370,000 subscribers. [3] In May 2006, Cable ONE began a system-by-system launch of its digital telephone service with currently about 94,000 subscribers. Cable ONE is the only major cable provider that maps subchannel numbers same as digital cable box channel numbers. [4] via

Abbas exposed as a liar on video – It doesn’t get more blatant than this!

March 24, 2011

From Palestinian Media Watch:

Note: Words matter, messages matter.
statement via Doc’s Talk

(h/t Challah Hu Akbar) via image via