Our partner, Fatah, also fought Israel in Pillar of Defense

November 26, 2012

Gaza-based armed groups tied to Abbas’s Fatah party claim they fired 516 rockets at Israel during recent conflict.


Khaled Abu Toameh..
24 November ’12..
Several armed groups belonging to Fatah in the Gaza Strip claimed Saturday that they had also fired various types of rockets and missiles at Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense.
A spokesman for the groups, which are affiliated with Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade, told reporters that his men fired 516 rockets and missiles at Israel during the conflict.
The spokesman warned that the Fatah groups would “continue to defend the heroic Palestinian people against Israeli crimes and massacres.”
According to the spokesman, Fatah gunmen fought alongside members of other groups in the Gaza Strip during the recent escalation.
He urged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to “head immediately to the Gaza Strip to put an end to the state of despicable state of division [between Hamas and Fatah].”

The Fatah groups also “welcomed” last week’s terror attack against a civilian bus in Tel Aviv, in which 28 people were hospitalized.
The masked Fatah spokesman revealed that a member of his group, Mohamed al-Zaini, who was responsible for launching rockets and missiles at Israel, was killed in an IDF air strike.
Abbas Zaki, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, was quoted over the weekend as praising Hamas and Islamic Jihad for “deciding to die for the sake of the Gaza Strip.”
Zaki said in an interview with a Palestinian TV station in the West Bank that Abbas was not against the “resistance” in the Gaza Strip.
“We gave legitimacy to the rockets and provided them with a political cover,” he added. “I have tremendous sympathy for Hamas. God bless them. They told Israel that the war was not a picnic. God bless Hamas and Islamic Jihad and all the other resistance groups which decided to die for the sake of the Gaza Strip.”
Link: http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=293297

PA arrests two members of Islamic Jihad

February 27, 2012

(RT @elderofziyon: PA arrests two members of Islamic Jihad. Not charged with any specific crime. No one cares, because it wasn’t Israel…. — Bat-Zion Susskind (@susskindbatzi) February 27, 2012 via twitter.com) The sources said that the movement was arrested by the Preventive Security Service (a group of young people because of his participation in the protest tent Sheikh Khader Adnan captive to the Israeli occupation, which was locked in an open hunger strike for 66 days.

Who is Khader Adnan? Skilled propagandist stages 2nd hunger strike

February 22, 2012

(Why does Youtube keep on deleting the proof that Khader Adnan is a terrorist?)(Who is Khader Adnan? Skilled Propagandist Stages 2nd Hunger Strike | Israel Defense Forces) Khader Adnan is a ranking 6-year plus member of the internationally recognized terrorist organization, Islamic Jihad, which has encouraged and overseen the murder of Israelis. Adnan, a seasoned propagandist, is now trying for the second time to use a hunger strike as a means of garnering international sympathy.
Adnan’s hunger ‘plight’ is well-documented in mainstream media, but the hundreds of news articles provide little information into his past- the reasons for his incarceration are unimportant to those who oppose Israel. The fact that Adnan has a long list of crimes is a minor detail that need only be glossed over; besides the half-dozen times he has been detained by Israeli authorities for terror-related offenses, Adnan has also been arrested by the Palestinian Authority (as reported by Ma’an news agency and the BBC on September 30, 2010).
He has taken the initiative in calling for terror attacks against Israel. On June 8, 2005, the Boston Globe identified Adnan as an “Islamic Jihad spokesman,” and quoted him repudiating any sort of cease fire with Israel, and urging all Palestinian terror groups to resume fighting with Israel.

…Why does YouTube keep on censoring this?

(This Ongoing War) Khader Adnan, aka Sheikh Adnan Khodr aka Khader Adnan. Mohammad Musa is not a simple baker. He’s not a “peace” “activist”. What in fact he is, is

  • “one of Islamic Jihad leaders” [the WAFA Palestinian news agency]
  • “one of the main leaders of the Palestinian militant movement Islamic Jihad” [Al Arabiya]
  • “Sheikh Adnan Khodr, the political leader of Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine” [Uruknet]
In short, he is a well-known leader of one of the world’s nastiest terror organizations, and death and pain is what he not only wishes on us and our children and neighbours, but it’s what he lives for and – according to what his promoters want us to believe – it’s what he’s ready to die for.
Behold the unambiguous cry from the heart of this lifelong terrorist:

The fact that Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign affairs chief, said at the weekend that Adnan’s case was of “great concern” suggests to us that she and her staff have too much free time on their hands or they lack a basic understanding of how to tell the difference between the terrorists and their targets.

Why does Youtube keep on deleting the proof that Khader Adnan is a terrorist?

February 22, 2012
On the left is a video where CNN tries to sell the public that Khader Adnan is denied due process and that he supposedly is being held without evidence that he is a threat to the public. Notice how unfriendly the woman is to Regev who is quite professional. On the right is a video of Khader Adnan that Youtube keeps on censoring.
Seems like there is a conspiracy to hide the truth here… doesn’t it? Can anyone explain how the media gets away with this? should this video get censored… I just uploaded another copy of it here.

Islamic Jihad more powerful than Hamas?

January 5, 2012

Media_httpuploadwikim_lhixf(EOZ) Islamic Jihad may have the edge on Hamas in weaponry in Gaza, according to Israeli military intelligence sources quoted by Israel’s Channel 10.
According to the article, Islamic Jihad rocket have a range of 74 km.
Sources say that Iran is supplying the group with sophisticated weapons and with training through Hezbollah, who have a presence in Gaza. They add that Islamic Jihad is surpassing Hamas’ weaponry both in quality and quantity.
If Hamas loses control of Islamic Jihad, it could inflame the entire area and lead to another war.
It is a sad state of affairs when the anti-semitic, relentlessly terrorist and philosophically genocidal Hamas is considered the most reliable and peaceful group in an area.
A rocket with a 74 km range which would easily reach Tel Aviv – and even Jerusalem. In fact, if the targeting is accurate, they could conceivably attack Jewish communities in parts of Judea, such as Efrat.
(h/t Yoel)

Iron Dome’s record

July 13, 2011

The opening day statistic for Iron Dome is three for four when Iron Dome intercepted rocket fired from Gaza for first time. (give it a shot).  Until now, Israelis believed that Iron Dome would stop any rocket that was going to hit anything. On Tuesday night, it was reported that two Kassam rockets had been shot into Israel and that one of them hit a house. But Israel Radio reported on its 2:00 am newscast that two Kassams and a mortar shell were shot into Israel on Tuesday night, but “no one was injured and there was no damage reported.” Gaza terrorists who spoke to Weinberger said they plan to continue with rocket attacks despite the deployment of the Iron Dome system, which shoots short-range rockets out of the air. “The Israelis are using a lot of money for this defense, but during the last rocket attacks, our rockets made it through,” explained Abu Hamza, a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist

Islamic Jihad leader re-affirms commitment to utterly destroy Israel

June 23, 2011

Islamic Jihad leader Ahmed Mudallal has reiterated that Palestinian Arabs will not rest from their jihad until every grain of sand of Palestine is under their control.
He said that “Zionist terrorism will not deter the Palestinian people from trying to establish their state of the river to the sea through the resistance and jihad.”
He added that the Palestinian Arabs cannot rely on the UN to give them what they demand, but it must come from jihad and resistance.
There isn’t much room for interpretation in his words.
None of this is new, but good luck finding the Western media bothering to quote a leader of the second-largest terror group in the territories. via elderofziyon.blogspot.com

he does however have good taste in suits