Without #Fayyad there would be no one the dhimmis trust to take the money! #Fatah probably will keep him

April 14, 2013

Abu Mazen’s plan: ‘interim government’ headed by… Salam Fayyad… and the American (and European) aid money will continue to flow…

The western countries that donate money to keep the ‘Palestinian Authority’ running are pressuring ‘moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen not to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, the only ‘Palestinian’ whom the West entrusts with money.(DATAILS) Ka-Ching!(It’s official: Fayyad is gone; replacement head of university that mocked Sbarro massacre?) According to the official, Fayyad had submitted his resignation to Abbas in February, but the PA president asked Fayyad to delay his resignation until after the visit of US President Barack Obama to the region. Fayyad’s decision to quit is believed to be linked to a sharp dispute that erupted between him and Abbas over the resignation of PA Finance Minister Nabil Qassis. Qassis, who was handpicked by Abbas, was appointed as Finance Minister last year. While Fayyad accepted Qassis’ resignation, Abbas demanded that the finance minister be reinstated. Fayyad’s decision is also linked to recurring attacks against him and his government by senior Fatah officials. In recent weeks, several Fatah officials have publicly demanded the resignation of Fayyad, holding him responsible for the sharp financial crisis in the Palestinian territories. (MORE ABOUT THE SBARRO MASSACRE MOCKERY GUY)

Palestinian Authority Report: Mohammed Dahlan Poisoned Yasser Arafat

August 7, 2011

A Palestinian commission of inquiry has concluded that ousted Fatah Central Committee member Mohammed Dahlan was involved in the “poisoning” of former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. The commission’s report was published on Sunday by a number of Arab news web sites, including Al-Jazeera. According to the 118-page report, which was prepared by top Fatah officials Azzam al-Ahmed, Tayeb Abdel Rahim, Othman Abu Gharbiyyeh and Nabil Sha’ath, the deposed Fatah official was involved in sending poisoned medicine to Arafat before the latter’s death. If true, this would be the first time that the Palestinian leadership accuses a Palestinian of being behind the “assassination” of Arafat. Khaled Abu Toameh recently wrote about the ongoing feud between Abbas and Dahlan.  Back in June, Dahlan told Abbas “to shove it.” These remarks came after Dahlan was charged with murder and financial corruption, (and his websites were shut down by Abbas) which he was recently expelled from Fatah for. After losing his appeal, Dahlan’s home was raided as he fled to Jordan. Don’t forget that Abbas and Dahlan both hold Jordanian citizenship. Elliot Abram has also recently covered the feud between the PA and Dahlan and calls for an investigation into the corrupt Palestine Investment Fund. Jerusalem Post via Challah hu Akbar

Dahlan is detested by Hamas, but Hamas hated Arafat too. France refused to release Arafat’s medical records to anyone but his family, saying, “The public authorities can in no case violate this law, which touches on fundamental freedoms”….and what medicine was Arafat taking?  Did he have AIDS?  We will never know.