O’Reilly: Pinhead steps on free expression for his Saudi backers.

April 26, 2010

http://xrl.us/FOXNEWS is Sharia compliant.  Is this what Rupert means by Conservative?

…Meanwhile, none other than Bill O’Reilly has jumped on board with our society’s dhimmis. In a recent episode of his show, he stated South Park was wrong to do the Mohammed shows and he surrendered to the forces who killed filmmaker Theo van Gogh, joining those who would rather sacrifice the right to free speech than confront Sharia. His comments included the theme of what bad judgment the creators of South Park showed by engaging in behavior that could get them killed. Imagine during the time of Nazi Germany someone arguing, “Yeh those Nazis are really crazy, don’t piss them off.”
Rather than praise Parker’s and Stone’s courage, stand up for their right to make a script that they wish to make, and denounce those who threatened their lives and the tenets of the Islamic religion that sanction such threats, O’Reilly publicly promoted submitting to Sharia Law.
Is O’Reilly too personally scared to take the right stance? Does he not understand the key issues at stake? Does his career mean more to him than the vital principle of freedom of speech or does he want to please Fox News’ Saudi masters? Perhaps time will tell.
In behaving like a dhimmi, O’Reilly is complicit in the tragic process occurring right before our eyes: the capitulation of the West to Sharia Law. For this, O’Reilly is the ultimate Pinhead.

What did you expect from sharia compliant Fox News? Murdoch’s http://xrl.us/NewsCorp is partially owned by the Saudis

$audi FOX NEWS

March 1, 2010


foxA recent column of mine alluded to a deal that Rupert Murdoch had concluded with one of the Princes in the Saudi Arabian Muslim leadership. At that time there were no details available, but since that time we have seen Fox News and its affiliates swarming with actions favorable to our worst enemy, Muslim law.
Old favorites on Fox that once preached good old fashioned American values and candidates such as O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity and others are now, according to a fresh blog from Neil Turner, Citizens for the Constitution on February 15, 2010, “in the enemy camp, and will be promoting ISLAM, a political system that is abhorrent to our Constitution, as it advocates the overthrow of our Government and our Sovereignty BY FORCE!”

Turner furnishes an article written by John Charlton, February 15, 2010, on Socialism is not the Answer in which Charlton states that “…the former conservative news agency” has entered into a campaign against candidates in Georgia and Texas who have announced their candidacy for governor who “also question the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of U. S. President.” Namely, Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal and Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Debra Medina.
Charlton went on to say that Fox “showed its true colors” by giving credence to a statement by an opponent of Nathan Deal who criticized Deal for pressing Obama to release his birth certificate. The opponent, Georgia state legislator Austin Scott, claimed Deal hindered working with the president by calling for “childish things like the president to show his birth certificate.”
I agree with Charlton that there is nothing “childish” about challenging Obama about his secrecy in not revealing a Constitutional requirement to confirm his qualification to hold that office. With all the uncertainty as to his legal right to run for the office and the mysterious actions taken by Obama to prevent public display of the original birth document along with just about every other document covering his life from child to adult, asking for verification is a tout showing of mature thinking as opposed to the charge of “childishness.”
Charlton finishes saying, “By this statement, FOX has made it absolutely clear to America that they will not tolerate anyone who will not work with Obama and be respectful to him”; as well as “American patriots need to start asking themselves what other so-called “conservative” sources of information have been bought out by the same forces, which want to keep Obama in power, for the sake of Islam.”
Another true patriot who offers opinions on NewsWithViews. om and other true conservative outlets including Canada Free Press, Dr. Laurie Roth on February 12, 2010 in the former, asked the question: “Who Is Influencing and Controlling Fox?”
In her ‘get-right-to- the-heart- of-it’ style, Roth inquires of the reader, “did you know that the second largest owner of Fox, parent corporation Rupert Murdoch’s http://xrl.us/NewsCorp is Prince Ahwaleed binTalal of Saudi Arabia?” She claims that the Prince has been buying his anti-Semitic and Muslim way right into American life with $20 million gifts such as given to Georgetown and Harvard Universities for Islamic study departments.
Dr. Roth also states that the generous Prince gave $500,000 to CAIR the Council on American Islamic Relations but he also gave $27 million “to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers”, calling them “martyrs.”
She explains that the Prince is a rather close friend of Murdoch’s son James “who is known for his anti-Israel views and left wing radical environmental and global warming nonsense.”
These revelations may seem shocking to many of us, myself included, and a feeling of being betrayed somehow penetrates all of my senses and feelings. The entire Mainstream Media has abandoned all American patriots looking for assistance to prevent a socialist takeover of our country, but at least we thought we had Fox News Corp. on our side. Now sadly we find that they have deserted us.
All the more reason why we have got to start recruiting born and bred American patriots; cull the ranks of patriotic organizations and look for leaders to fight for our American ideals and get them elected to Congress. It’s our only hope to save our country from Islam rule and total socialism.
OK. We can’t trust Fox anymore so we have to look for online conservative voices that can be trusted to carry our message of freedom and right. When you do find a worthy candidate make it known to as many like-minded persons you can contact. This battle against evil and evil people is just beginning. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. We’re all we have left. And above all, tell them to be wary of sheiks in sheep’s clothing.
O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Van Susteren, Judas is thy name. I’ll leave Rupert Murdoch for you, my readers, to name.