Oprah: Racism Will End When All the Old White People Die

November 18, 2013
(“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it — in that prejudice and racism — and they just have to die!”)


April 9, 2011

Oprah Enigma via themadjewess.wordpress.com

Remember the love fest between presidential candidate Obama and the talk show queen Oprah, well it isn’t going to happen in the 2012 climate. Ms. O isn’t going to support Bam Bam like she did in the election of 2008. Her reported change of status symbol now Ms. Winfrey? Why not endorse the worst President Hussein Obama once again for re-election? No more extreme rallies? Did your ratings plummet after your limitless amount of affection for the mulatto?…Is it because you have launched your OWN cable network? It is a rough world out there in the cable land, all those channels. How is your ratings these days? Why are you besieged or worried on locating your new audience Oprah?

I assume if she recants her efforts,  her support will be more secretive. Too good to check: Oprah not supporting Obama publicly in 2012? 

If sources are to believed, then TV mogul Oprah Winfrey will not publicly endorse Barack Obama during his 2012 re-election campaign. The decision comes after the influential talk show host feared that the step might alienate viewers from tuning into her recently-launched Oprah Winfrey Network. “Unlike in 2008, when a drop in ratings didn’t matter as much for the queen of TV, Oprah is now fighting every day to get people to tune into OWN,” the New York Daily News quoted a source as telling PopEater. The source said that although Winfrey is a big fan of the US. President, she won’t make it public in his second run for the Oval Office. “Helping a friend keep the most important job in the world is great, but making sure her OWN network thrives is now her priority.” “Oprah’s support of President Obama has been and remains unwavering since she initially endorsed his candidacy in 2007. Any reports that suggest otherwise are untrue,” the source added.

Oprah Enigma

April 12, 2010
Debbie Schlussel has some info on the new book by Kitty Kelley. It has some juicy gossip apparently, but what disturbs me is less the social life and more the slant that she pushes which enables Islam and encourages a culture of victimization.

“Oprah’s made up, phony baloney, down-with-the-struggle, “I was raped as a child” story.”  via debbieschlussel.com

here is my big beef with the big ‘O’ …I left it as a comment on Debbie’s blog:

Oprah makes me break out in hives. she orchestrates prejudice and then covers her opinions with disclaimers. the one show that is on the internet comes to mind. the one where they bring a woman on who is a Satan worshipper from a Jewish home… and Oprah breaks in with her escape… “of course not all Jews are Satan worshippers”… um… yeah so Oprah has no intentions? doubtful. I’m surprised by the level of respect the show gets.

here is the video I was talking about:

here is something I wrote stream of conscious a few years ago.
still makes me laugh…

Damn it Sweet cheeks… I’m an artist not a doctor. I leave the diagnoses to precocious public relations workers that think they know everything because they grant sexual favors. I guess that’s Disassociation, but I have no idea what the psychoanalysis experts at Starbucks define it as this week. Last I checked I was a victim of incest because I had sex with my babysitter. I tried telling the doctor I enjoyed every second of it and since she was an Irish Catholic the genetic similarity just wasn’t there. (but you know these public health workers aren’t much different from P.R whores.) They. redefine everything as it becomes convenient. I sure as hell would love to perform some incest with you… if incest is what it was last week. Last I checked I was called OCD by a real estate / actress in my fathers studio…. I had to look it up on google. Dr. Freud warned against an Oprah Winfrey culture… but then again the Oprah culture wouldn’t take the Doc these days very seriously about anything unless he admitted openly he was gay and very against psychoanalysis. Ah the lovely benefits of being psychoanalyzed by adolescent girls… pop psychiatry at it’s best. What do you think Michel Foucault would say about all this lovely objectivity coming out of pop culture? Probably would be having too good a time sucking dick to give a flying fuck. You are bad news. I like that. Come to New York… you can play Ava Braun for me. I have an outfit ready with a Leftist Chavista flavour so you can subvert your racism.