#OWS #Occupy Oakland chapter votes to support #BDS #pennBDS

February 4, 2012

(h/t Like4Israel)(JPost) The Oakland, Calif., chapter of the Occupy movement overwhelmingly endorsed a proposal in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.
According to Twitter accounts by pro-Palestinian activists pushing the proposal, the statement won nearly unanimous backing in a vote Wednesday following a brief discussion. A lengthy statement on the Occupy Oakland website attacked US aid to Israel and suggested that Israel had “prodded” the United States into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Oakland branch of the Occupy movement, which focuses on what it sees as economic discrepancies in the United States, has become increasingly visible for its refusal to repudiate violent action and clashes with the police. Last month, members of the movement broke into the Oakland City Hall and set fire to public property, including an American flag. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the branch’s actions have caused a schism within the movement.


Occupy Mom

November 13, 2011


November 13, 2011

Jay-Z set to launch Occupy Wall Street T-shirt line – but profits won’t go to 99%

November 13, 2011
Russell Simmons and Jay-Z backstage on Nov. 8 at a Watch the Throne concert, with Jay-Z wearing his "Occupy All Streets" T-shirt.

(New York Daily News) Jay-Z wears his ‘Occupy All Streets’ T-shirt backstage with Russell Simmons at a Nov. 8 Watch the Throne concert in Madison Square Garden. Millionaire rapper Jay-Z is set to launch an Occupy Wall Street T-shirt line Friday — but he doesn’t plan to share the profits with the 99%. A spokeswoman for the mega entertainer’s Rocawear clothing label said the T-shirts were being produced in support of the movement, but not financially. The T-shirts will read, “Occupy All Streets” and will be similar to one Jay-Z was seen wearing at a recent concert. “At this time, we have not made an official commitment to monetarily support the movement,” the Rocawear spokeswoman said in a statement to the Gawker website. Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street protesters continued their march to Washington, D.C. Thursday, saying their spirits were high after getting some unforeseen change of route, the group still arrived at its first scheduled stop in Elizabeth, N.J., on Wednesday night, and made it to Rahway, N.J. in time for lunch Thursday. A family there fed them peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches, fruit and water. They picked up six new marchers , losing one en route, and expected to make it some 18 miles to New Brunswick, N.J. by nightfall Thursday. “We are all in high spirits and determined,” said Glazer, whose band hopes to pull into the nation’s capital on Nov. 23, and plans to persuade lawmakers not to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich.

Occupy Birthright Israel, Un-Occupy Palestine

November 11, 2011
(h/t Carl) what the leftist Jews are up to. They have to reinforce themselves and say everything twice. should anyone feel animosity towards misogyny I suggest they educate these ladies. Listening to their voice is like hearing a fork on a chalkboard. My immediate reaction is one of having to restrain any violent thoughts I have. I’m not sure if they really believe in the cause they are pushing or if they are interested in bothering people. The smirks on their faces betray them. There has got to be a better outlet for the ladies. I’m fairly certain that is Max Blumenthal in the vidie, but not certain. Corrupting the ladies. Some guys will go to incredible lengths to… well you know. Also mentioned in the video is the Jewish Federation. I wish they were the right wing Jews these ladies are making them out to be, because the fact is that they fund many events that are critical of Israel, but this just shows you how far out in left field these freaks are. They have no sense of balance, proportion or reason. AIPAC itself is not the institution that these ladies are making it out to be. Also… another issue. I think this group of leftists are breaking the law. they are infringing the right of an assembly to free expression. (that was proven at U C Irvine in the courts)


October 29, 2011
Bullshit. Those videos about the Jews controlling Wall street were made by minorities. This is just the NYTimes trying to spin why their movement is a fail. It is a fail because when you glorify terrorists by having kefiyehs… it isn’t Left wing… it isn’t Right wing. You are a bunch of ASSHOLES! and you deserve to fail (h/t astute blogger) CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

oh… and by the way… if you would open your eyes you might realize why there are so many white people at OWS. It is because the white people are BROKE and the government is discriminating against them. But these youth are indoctrinated by their leftist education so they can’t say that the affirmative action culture is killing their opportunity. …and no I’m not saying we should blame minorities or women… we should blame elitists and their bullshit intentions to social engineer.  Our public relations is killing our lives.

Aching for That Kent State Moment

October 28, 2011

(Jammie Wearing Fool) Two weeks ago Donny Deutsch embarrassed himself when he said what was missing from the Occupy Wall Street freakshow was its very own Kent State moment. Well, he just can’t let go of his dreams.

Such concern for his fellow 99%. Now if only some of them could just die, Donny could tell us all he warned us. Such compassion.