Another Fat jihad

August 24, 2010
QUICK BITE: The growing number of fast food chains in the kingdom is causing waistlines to expand. (Getty Images)

Today Dennis Miller said in regards to the Mosque at the World Trade Center, “I hope that Bloomberg swoops in at the last minute and shuts down the mosque because they found trans fats in the cafeteria’s baba ganoush.”

Dennis might actually have a very good point.  Besides the irony of using the Bill of Rights in it’s absolutist form on only the issue of protecting religion on private property…. when Bloomberg would compromise those property laws to push his own worldview.
Regardless…  The Arabs have a real problem.  They really are fat pigs!

The growing number of fast food restaurants across Saudi Arabia has been blamed for the country’s rising obesity rate, the Saudi Gazette reports on Sunday.
Figures released by the Saudi Diabetes and Endocrinology Society said 70 percent of the kingdom’s local population are classed as obese.
A recent study found that among middle-aged people, 34 percent of men and 45 percent of women were obese.

this data is coming from the Economist… not exactly a Pro Zionist rag

Do you remember that movie, Super Size Me in 2004. It was mostly an attack on American culture. Like most products of the media it squarely put the blame on the people of the United States. The movie did make mention of Cafeterias in schools and many other institutions were a major part of the problem, but what the film failed to mention was that the two largest food service providers Aramark or Sodexho are both European. Weight problems are caused by the greed of those that are willing to take advantage of cultural dysfunction… no doubt. But this is not just an American problem and shame on the media for pushing this view.