no dog’s off the leash

June 7, 2008

I got chased by security at Vassar farm tonight for having my dog off my leash. There is no place in this damn town for a dog to run. My mother said Vassar farm allowed it because they run a communal farm,,, I even saw police letting their dogs of the leash. I’m like mom is this going to be like the leftist re-constructionist synagogue with the female rabbi that hates men? (Montclair New Jersey’s B’nai Keshet’s Rabbi “Joy” wasn’t a community leader so now she is often seen doing commentary on PBS. She was horrible and it was always about her career) Mom is always a community believer. She said, “these are nice people and letting Thisbie (my dog) off the leash is fine”. So I took her word for it, but some dude shouted at me… “hey you can’t let your dog off the leash and grabbed my dog”. I’m like let my dog go and he does let my dog go… then he said hey come over here and I’m like,”no sir.., and bye!” (because I thought it was some kind of violent dude… I hate the alpha male types like Rudy Giuliani as much as I hate the feminists). Me and my dog off the leash take off about three quarters of a mile. I’m riding a bike and Thisbie is running as fast as she could. He starts chasing in a car. Thisbie and I duck into a swamp and headlights kept on going by for about an hour till eventually they went away. He tried to get his buddy to wait for us at the gate, but eventually they gave up. While in the swamp behind a residence, a family of raccoons came up to me and my dog and looked at us curiously. I think we were hiding in their hole. Thisbie looked at me startled. I was terrified that Thisbie would start barking. Usually she chases raccoons. I started telling my dog to be quiet. Amazingly my dog is very intelligent and loyal to the end. She kept quiet while the family of raccoons went into their hole. The raccoons were quite friendly, but noisy and I was worried they would blow our cover. Keep in mind the headlights kept on going by. Thisbie and I ran through about fifty yards of mud and swamp before we got to the road and booked. We got away scott free, but unfortunately Thisbie and I will never be able to go back now, or if we do I have to keep her on the leash and she likes to chase the deer. We will have to go to Springside and hope that mean witch doesn’t scream at us… people are such rule fascists. I’m a conservative, but I believe that we should be as liberal as we can with each other. Most people let their dogs off the leash in the woods, that is why people bring their dogs to Vassar farm and not some other park. My poor dog lives to chase the deer, and she never even hurts the deer because she isn’t fast enough. (Sigh)… that guy was such a jerk. He was being arbitrary with the law. How is it the police can come and let their dog off the leash and I can’t? Police have to obey the law too.