Updated: Walmart Fires Employee for Anti-Muslim Post on Facebook, with the Help of CAIR

September 6, 2013
(VIN) A Facebook rant about Muslims by an employee of a Walmart store in Hamburg has prompted the retail giant to fire the man.
The derogatory posting on Friday morning was brought to the attention of Wal-Mart Stores executives by a member of the local Muslim community and by a national Muslim advocacy organization.
The assistant manager at the Walmart on Southwestern Boulevard in Hamburg posted a photograph from behind of two Muslim women dressed in full cover and the written comments: “Halloween came early this year … do they really have to … dress like that … you’re in my country … get that … off!!!!!.”
The employee was identified as Terry Earsing by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national civil liberties organization that advocates on behalf of Muslims and had urged “appropriate disciplinary action” in the matter.
A Wal-Mart spokeswoman said Wednesday that the employee was fired.
“As soon as we became aware, we began looking into this and as a result, this associate is no longer with the company,” said Kayla Whaling. “We set high expectations for our associates, and this associate clearly failed to meet these expectations at every level.”
Whaling said Wal-Mart learned of the posting Friday.
Earsing apologized for the comments in a telephone interview.
“I’m truly, honestly sorry about the whole thing. I just apologize. I don’t know what else I can say,” he said.
Earsing said the incident started out as a joke that went awry.
The board president of CAIR’s New York chapter praised the retailer for acting swiftly according to its policies.
“We absolutely commend them for doing the right thing,” said Ryan Mahoney. “I wish this person didn’t take this course of action and force this outcome.”
CAIR expressed concern because the organization thought that the photograph was taken while the assistant manager was at his workplace and not on his own personal time.
“Because he did it at his job, it’s not about personal expression, it’s about Wal-Mart’s policy toward hate speech,” said Mahoney.
Earsing said a friend of his sent the picture to him, and he added his comments to the picture in a Facebook posting.
He said he was at home at the time he made the post.
“I didn’t do it from work,” he said.

New York attacks First Amendment

April 14, 2013

(Examiner)The Washington Examiner reports that a town in New York has forced the removal of the historic Gadsden Flag, which has been a symbol of American determination to fight for liberty ever since the American revolution.
Media_httpcdn2bexamin_cawuuAccording to Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit, a group of U.S. veterans is fighting the local city council in New Rochelle, N.Y. for the right to display the flag at the local armory. The Navy and the Marine Corps have been flying the flag since 1775. The Gadsden Flag has long been considered a patriotic symbol.
But the New Rochelle City Council says that the Gadsden Flag is a symbol of the Tea Party and has right wing connotations.
No one in the veteran’s group, however, is a member of the Tea Party.
Some of the members of the council itself appear to be carrying their own unjustified bias concerning the flag. One council member likened the Gadsden flag to a flag used by homosexuals on gay pride day. Another stated that the patriotic flag is like the Nazi flag, or graffiti, or a Mickey Mouse flag.
The display of symbols traditionally has been viewed as an aspect of free speech and is thus protected by the First Amendment. But apparently in New York State, not only is the private ownership of guns considered tantamount to an act of violence but free speech is viewed with disdain.(MORE)

ALMOST DEAD: "The Village Voice"

August 20, 2012

New York City is one quarter Jewish. Its culture reflects it’s Jewish character. One would think a city that is 1/4 Jewish and influential would have an “Alternative” newspaper that reflected the values of it’s readers…. and yet the Village Voice became a conglomerate that dictated internationalist Pro Palestinian values. When a paper fails to appeal to it’s readers and starts dictating the values of an aggressive oppression culture like Leftism and Islamic loyal political slants to free thinking New Yorkers, don’t you think it is hysterical that the management can’t figure out why their paper didn’t make money? It isn’t just intriguing. It’s pathetic that people in the media really thought they would push these values in New York.

(buzzfeed.com) Alt-weeklies are always dying. But the news Friday that four editorial staffers were laid off or had their hours cut to part-time at The Village Voice — two features writers, a news blogger and a listings editor — makes the sad fact of that paper’s eventual demise, evident for years, more immediate. The paper now has one news blogger, two features writers, a music editor, a few people working on listings and one critic, aided by a couple contributors, writing about food.

The rest of the article is predictable. They blame management and fail to realize how out of touch with working people the newspaper is. It is the editorial that was the problem, not internet strategy. They might have even made money off prostitution for a while longer had they not backed just about every liberal fascist. it isn’t internet strategy or business decisions that leads to media demise… it’s the fact that the media isn’t in touch with the working people and their needs. The left is dead. It’s been dead for a while. It was on life support with the Palestine crowd, but the lies have been exposed there too… and so went the readers.
You can’t save even a feminist rag with prostitution I guess.

NY Times: Aided by Orthodox, City’s Jewish Population Is Growing Again

June 12, 2012

(NY Times/Matzav)Joseph Berger reports: After decades of decline, the Jewish population of New York City is growing again, increasing to nearly 1.1 million, fueled by the “explosive” growth of the Chasidic and other Orthodox communities, a new study has found. It is a trend that is challenging long-held notions about the group’s cultural identity and revealing widening gaps on politics, education, wealth and religious observance.
Those findings, contained in the first authoritative study of the city’s Jewish population in nearly a decade, challenges the entrenched image of Jews as liberal, affluent and well educated. Over the last decade wealthy, Ivy League graduates like those on the Upper West Side have increasingly lost population share relative to Orthodox groups, like the Chassidic population in Brooklyn, where college degrees are rare and poverty rates have reached 43 percent.
Among non-Orthodox Jews, there has been a weakening in observance of quintessential Jewish practices. Participation in Pesach Seders has declined: 14 percent of households never attend one, almost twice as many as a decade ago. Reform and Conservative movements each lost about 40,000 members between 2002 and 2011; nearly a third of the respondents who identified themselves as Jews said they did not ally themselves with a denomination or claimed no religion.
“There are more deeply engaged Jews and there are more unengaged Jews,” said Jacob B. Ukeles, a social policy analyst and one of the principal authors of the study, which was sponsored by UJA-Federation of New York. “These two wings are growing at the expense of the middle. That’s the reality of our community.”
That shift appears quite likely to grow even more pronounced. Now, 40 percent of Jews in the city identify themselves as Orthodox, an increase from 33 percent in 2002; 74 percent of all Jewish children in the city are Orthodox.
The New York area’s Jewish population is the largest in the world outside of Israel. It composes about one-third of the American Jewish population, which has been estimated at around six million (the census does not ask about religion).
To conduct the study, a team led by Steven M. Cohen, a leading sociologist of the Jewish community, and Dr. Ukeles randomly called tens of thousands of homes in New York City and in three suburban counties – Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester – last year. The surveyors asked if anyone in the household was Jewish; the researchers ultimately interviewed 5,993 adults for an average of 21 minutes each. The poll’s margin of sampling error is plus or minus two percentage points.
Although the researchers accepted as Jewish anyone who identified themselves that way, they also included people who identified themselves as “partially Jewish” – most of whom were adult children of intermarriages.
UJA-Federation, a 90-year-old philanthropic organization, conducts the study roughly once a decade as a way of focusing its assistance in the eight counties (which includes the five in New York City) it serves. The 2002 study found that the Jewish population of the city dipped below one million for the first time in a century, which was less than half the two million peak of the 1950s. Jews who moved out of the city seemed to stay in the region’s suburbs.
But the latest study, which will be released today, showed that the city’s Jewish population was reversing course and expanding. With 316,000 Jews on Long Island and 136,000 in Westchester, the eight counties together were home to 1.54 million Jews, a 10 percent increase since 2002. One factor contributing to the increase, the study found, is that Jews, like other Americans, are living longer. The number of Jews ages 75 and older rose to 198,000 from 153,000.
The report found a number of competing trends. More than ever, Jews are sending their children to Hebrew day schools or yeshivos. Nearly half of adults ages 18 to 34 in the eight-county area had gone to such schools, compared with just 16 percent of those ages 55 to 69. On the other hand, most younger adult Jews who were not affiliated with any denomination had received no Jewish education, a sharp decline from what prevailed a half-century ago, when most Jewish children attended Hebrew classes after school.
The authors of the recent study said they were struck by the population’s diversity.
The rate of intermarriage remains at roughly 22 percent for all couples, but it is growing among the non-Orthodox. Between 2006 and 2011, the study found, one out of two marriages in which one partner was a non-Orthodox Jew was to a person who was not Jewish and did not convert to Judaism.
About 12 percent of all Jewish households in the eight counties included one person who was nonwhite – mixed race, Hispanic, black or Asian – usually as a result of adoption or intermarriage.
Nearly one in four Jews qualifies as poor according to federal guidelines, an increase from one in five in 2002.
The study put the number of Russian-speaking Jews – those who immigrated from the Soviet Union starting in the 1970s and their descendants – at 220,000. And it counted 493,000 Jews in Orthodox households, including so-called modern Orthodox, Chassidim and a third group commonly known as “black hat,” or “yeshivish.” The latter two groups are expected to grow but are “known to be self-segregated and relatively disconnected from the rest of the Jewish community,” the study said.
The study acknowledged that the community’s growing diversity “significantly complicates efforts to build an overall sense of Jewish community and Jewish peoplehood; particularly the largest groups – Orthodox and Russian-speaking Jewish households – function both as part of and separate from the larger Jewish community.”
John S. Ruskay, UJA-Federation’s executive vice president, said, however, that the different subcultures “share both history and destiny – and we will chart Jewish life and contribute to it – enriched by the diversity.”

Obama’s Jewish problem: It’s the substance, stupid

September 14, 2011
In the Wall Street Journal, Start-Up Nation co-author Dan Senor explains how Tuesday night’s election results in NY-9 show that Barack Hussein Obama has an uphill battle to win Jewish votes and Jewish funding in 2012

New York’s special congressional election on Tuesday was the first electoral outcome directly affected by President Obama’s Israel policy. Democrats were forced to expend enormous resources in a losing effort to defend this safe Democratic district, covering Queens and Brooklyn, that Anthony Weiner won last year by a comfortable margin.

A Public Policy Poll taken days before the election found a plurality of voters saying that Israel was “very important” in determining their votes. Among those voters, Republican candidate Robert Turner was winning by a 71-22 margin. Only 22% of Jewish voters approved of President Obama’s handling of Israel. Ed Koch, the Democrat and former New York mayor, endorsed Mr. Turner because he said he wanted to send a message to the president about his anti-Israel policies. (MORE)

If you don’t know I’m not orthodox (though I have a deep respect for them and keep a moderate semi Kosher). My family no longer black sheeps me. When I mention objective points about how Obama has failed their retort is slow and full of pauses. They still want Obama to win, but they have a hard time making their own arguments. My family has gone from complete censorship and fear of what I may say to a point where they are listening. I’d say this is a healthy place to be and if I am given reasonable arguments and not GOP choir talking points then I may have a very good chance of getting them to vote for a Republican. They won’t ever be Pro Life, and they won’t amend their stance on abortion… but they listen to me about issues that deal with government being too big. When I mentioned that is is illegal to take pictures of the police in the state of Massachusetts they asked my why I wanted to take pictures of the police and then change the subject. This tells me that they know that the Blue State juxtaposition of righteousness is weak. When I say I would save Social Security by taking money from the schools they were not hostile to the idea like they were four years ago.

5.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes East Coast

August 23, 2011

…Beware My Zionist Earthquakes!


Admit it… how many thought it was a terrorist attack? I could feel it in Poughkeepsie. I thought someone was beating off in my house. I tried to ignore the shaking… but I think it was this earthquake I was ignoring.

…An earthquake sent tremors from the nation’s capital to New York City Tuesday afternoon, the result of what officials said was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake based in Virginia.There were no immediate reports of damage. It is not clear how far the earthquake spread, but tremors were felt throughout New York City office buildings and as far north as Concord, N.H.

NYC Testing New Technology Aimed At Reducing Traffic Congestion

July 19, 2011

It’s called Midtown in Motion, a new traffic management system using microwave sensors, video cameras and EZ pass readers to spot heavy congestion in a test area. Transportation commissioner Janette Sadik Kahn says when traffic is at a standstill, lights can be changed at the press of a button at the city’s Traffic Management Center. “Our traffic engineers actually have the tools they need to identify a problem and to respond in real-time,” said Kahn. Engineers have access to video feeds and high-tech sensors from 2nd to 6th avenues between 42nd and 57th streets.
traffic1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Traffic Jams Cleared At The Touch Of A Button.  While the system is good, Mayor Michael Bloomberg says it’s not perfect. “I don’t want anybody to think that starting tomorrow morning, there will never be another traffic jam,” he said.  The federal government is picking up more than a third of the $1.6 million price tag. If it works, the system could be in place city-wide by 2013. {CBS/Matzav and image via my world shots}
from wilson street: best way to avoid traffic is not to drive. ever.