Act of Valor is Protocols of the Elders of Zion with U.S. Navy Seals

February 25, 2012

( There are two chief baddies in the movie: A crazed Islamic Chechen (who is actually Russian convert) and another guy who is introduced to us as Christo, a drug smuggling billionaire, presumably Slavic, who kills a CIA agent, orders the brutal torture of another (female) CIA agent, and uses his money to fund, and his smarts to facilitate, a massive terror attack on the United States. The actor who plays him, Alex Veadov, looks like this in his IMDB photo:

He has sort of a hippie, geek, scholar look, right? You’d see him in Starbucks, sipping a Chai Latte.
Interestingly, Veadov/Christo, despite being the chief bad guy in the movie, is absent from the trailers, something that’s rather peculiar. Usually, part of the trailer’s allure is to show the bad guy, so that you know precisely who the good guys are going after. It’s part of the audience’s anticipation. Maybe the movie-makers thought that Veadov’s character was too ugly to show in a trailer. I can’t find any pictures of him in the role but, with his beard, greasy hair, shiny face, and hook nose, I can help you out by telling you that the character (looks like this:)

Obama’s U.S Navy Seals share the views of our murderers in Islam


Instant Karma: Obama accused of crimes against humanity for bin Laden killing

July 18, 2011
Remember how the left has been pushing for the US to join the ICC?

…A classic case of “be careful what you wish for”. (Telegraph) A Spanish lawyer has formally accused Barack Obama of crimes against humanity for ordering the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Daniel Fiol lodged a written complaint at the International Criminal Court accusing the US president of breaching the Geneva Convention. Navy Seals acting on Mr Obama’s orders shot the al-Qaeda leader dead on May 2 after storming his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. In his written complaint, the Majorca-based lawyer said bin Laden should have been “pursued, arrested, tried and convicted” on behalf of “the victims of some terrible and appalling atrocities”. The killing of bin Laden was even worse as it took place in foreign territory, Pakistan, without the permission of that government, he said.
“I am not being paid by al-Qaeda,” Mr Fiol joked. More… H/t: WZ via eye-on-the-world