Russia Does Not Rule Out Preemptive Missile Defense Strike in Europe.

May 3, 2012

Why are we defending Europe when it is essentially on it’s way to becoming a Muslim state? We should applaud Russia’s strength and realize that we are really fighting a common Muslim enemy. Russia is the one place that America should really use diplomacy… but our leaders in America alienated the bear when it stupidly got involved in the Balkens at the request of Jihadists. America should write a letter apologizing for our involvement where we had no business except we were stooges in a German Muslim Axis. After we apologize we should then explain that Georgia’s rights are important to us and the free world… and from there America and Russia should be future allies. Obama promised us his hand reaching out to the world. Obama reached out to Muslims, but he alienated everyone else.
Russia Does Not Rule Out Preemptive Missile Defense Strike in Europe
.(Other/RN).Russia does not exclude preemptive use of weapons against [NATO] missile defense systems in Europe but only as a last resort, the Russian General Staff said on Thursday at a missile defense conference in Moscow. “The placement of new strike weapons in the south and northwest of Russia against [NATO] missile defense components, including the deployment of Iskander missile systems in Kaliningrad region is one possible way of incapacitating the European missile defense infrastructure,” Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov said. Taking into account the “destabilizing nature of the missile defense system… the decision on the pre-emptive use of available weapons will be made during an aggravation of the situation,” he said. The projected European missile defense system could by 2020 have the ability to intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles, Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said on Thursday. The United States and NATO agreed to develop the system at a summit in Lisbon in 2010, but talks between Russia and the alliance have floundered over NATO’s refusal to grant Russia legal guarantees that the system would not be aimed against Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent. “By 2018-2020 – that is the third and fourth phases of the deployment of the Euro-missile defense in Europe – the continent should have enough anti-missile defense to be able to intercept part of Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missiles, and submarine launched ballistic missiles,” Patrushev said at an international conference on Euro-missile defense in Moscow. “The geographical regions and technical characteristics of these missile defense systems create the foundations for additional dangers, especially considering the current and future levels of high-precision armament of the United States,” he said. “Our experts say other targets, which could require serious missile defense against it, do not really exist,” he said. Patrushev said the creation of the Euro-missile defense, which is taking place without Russia’s agreement and will lead to a degradation of Russia’s nuclear deterrent, could lead to a disbalance in strategic stability at the regional and global levels. “The refusal to discuss the conditions for providing legal binding guarantees for the deployment system to be not aimed at Russia strengthens our convictions that the real goal of this missile defense system could differ from what is stated,” he said. Russia’s military and political leadership has already warned its western partners several times that if talks fail, Russia may take a series of measures including deployment of Iskander short-range nuclear-capable tactical ballistic missiles in the Kaliningrad exclave. NATO denies its missile defense proposals are aimed at Russia. “In fact, we have no desire at all to disturb global strategic stability,” NATO’s Deputy General Secretary Alexander Vershbow told the conference. “Quite the contrary: NATO missile defense will be capable of intercepting only a small number of relatively unsophisticated ballistic missiles. It does not have the capability to neutralize Russian deterrence.”Read the full story here.


All hell breaking loose? Iran threatens Dimona Nuclear Reactor

November 26, 2011

On Saturday, Iran threatened to hit Israel’s nuclear plant in Dimona if Israel attacked Iran.

Former head of the Guards’ Political Bureau Brigadier Yadollah Javani said, “If Israel fires [a] rocket at one of our nuclear facilities or vital centers, it should know that any point of Israel, such as its nuclear facilities, would be a target for our rockets and we have [that] capability,” Iranian news agency ISNA reported.
“Today, our enemies have been locked in a quagmire and they see no way out, so they make contradictory comments,” he contended. “They raise military threats against Iran whereas they do not possess such a capability.”

Curiously, Iran also threatened Turkey (Hat Tip: Joshua I).

A senior commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard says the country will target NATO’s missile defense shield in Turkey if the US or Israel attacks the Islamic Republic.
Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of the Guards’ aerospace division, is quoted by the semiofficial Mehr news agency as saying the warning is part of a new defense strategy to counter what it sees as an increase in threats from the US and Israel.

“Should we be threatened, we will target NATO’s missile defense shield in Turkey and then hit the next targets,” the semiofficial Mehr news agency quoted Hajizadeh as saying.
Tehran says NATO’s early warning radar station in Turkey is meant to protect Israel against Iranian missile attacks if a war breaks out with the Jewish state. Ankara agreed to host the radar in September as part of NATO’s missile defense system aimed at countering ballistic missile threats from neighboring Iran.

Is Iran starting to realize that the sky is falling?
By the way, Israel quietly took delivery on a shipment of Patriot missiles in the past few weeks.

Backstabs to Syria and Radar Deal Triggers Benefits in Weaponry for Turkey

October 11, 2011

Turkey is playing us well. The have their chips all in the right place at the right time. Friends with Syria in fair weather and then a backstab… in fact it appears that Ankara is planning a Syrian overthrow of Assad.

Al-Asaad (not Bashar al-Assad) is now staying in a refugee camp in the southern province of Hatay after escaping from his post in the Syrian Air Force in July. Nearly 7,608 refugees are currently sheltering in Turkish camps along the border with Syria. The number of military defections in Syria is increasing, said al-Asaad, who is the leader of a group of similar defectors that are now calling themselves the Free Syrian Army. “Right now there are more than 10,000 defectors in the Free Syrian Army, and the number is increasing day by day,” al-Asaad said. “Defecting soldiers are setting up ambushes against government forces to prevent them from entering the villages.”

(AlArabiya) Formed in Istanbul at the end of August, the Syrian National Council unites all the major known factions opposing Assad’s rule, both inside and outside Syria. It includes the Local Coordination Committees, an activist network spurring protests in Syria, the long-banned Muslim Brotherhood as well as Kurdish and Assyrian groups. The formation of the council has been welcomed by Western countries including the United States and France. However, unlike the transitional council set up by Libyan rebels who overthrew Muammar Qaddafi, they have not offered it any formal recognition.

Erdogan is cooperating with a NATO missile shield in exchange for weapons that he will use against his Kurds and will use against the Jews in Israel. This appears to be upsetting the Iranians.

Rahim-Safavi said trade ties with Turkey — which is an importer of Iranian gas and exporter of an array of manufactured goods — would be in jeopardy if Ankara does not change its course.
“If Turkish political leaders fail to make their foreign policy and ties with Iran clear, they will run into problems. If, as they claim, they intend to raise the volume of contracts with Iran to the $20 billion mark, they will ultimately have to accommodate Iran.”

…but Turkey isn’t scared of Iran. Iran needs Turkey more then Turkey needs Iran… and Turkey is benefitting by unscrupulous dealings between Iran and NATO. There is no incentive for this behavior to stop

Turkey has already started to see the benefits of its decision to host a special radar for NATO’s planned missile shield as the United States promised to transfer three AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters to Ankara’s control for use against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. U.S. Ambassador to Ankara Frank Ricciardone told reporters Sept. 30 that the U.S. had agreed to transfer three AH-1Ws to the Turkish military to be used in the fight against the PKK.

They had some before, but relations were rocky.

Iran_already has expressed its ire against Turkey,” said an Ankara-based defense analyst familiar with U.S.-Turkish relations. “So something more is expected to come from the United States, probably in terms of equipment and in political support.” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently announced that a number of MQ-1 Predator drones would also be acquired from the U.S.; Turkey had asked for both unarmed and armed versions of the Predator nearly three years ago. The MQ-1 Predator is mainly the surveillance version, and the MQ-9 Reaper is the armed version.