Israel approves legalization of homes – MAZEL TOV!

April 24, 2012

Media_httpwwwaljazeer_ishwi (AJ) If it’s all occupied land to you then there is no one there to make a distinction with. If the official representative of the Palestinian people continue to kill Jews because of their religiously inscribed manifestos then who is there to approve or disprove? Merely saying that Obama recognizes the right for these people to kill Jews because he recognizes their existence isn’t a convincing argument. Land can only be respected to a party that isn’t trying to murder your children… legally, transparently and with international recognition. The fact remains you are still murdering Jewish children and America is recognizing the ethnic cleansing of Jews on their ancestral lands.

(TheNational.AE)The Israeli court system has been called upon to review cases claiming Jewish ownership over properties in East Jerusalem before Israel’s 1967 annexation.

Hagit Ofran of Israeli settlement watchdog, Peace Now:

This is the first time since 1990 that the government of Israel decides on establishing new settlements, and the government’s maneuver, of establishing a committee to establish the settlements, is a trick aimed at hiding the true policy from the public.

Bibi feels a continual state of war puts these lands outside of normal contract law.