April 13, 2008

Social Networking is for Cyborgs. SIT ON MY facebook! did I invade YourSpace? ha I kill me…

why I might of been thrown off MySpace

believe it or not I am very surprised by this.
I worked very hard on my code as you know.
I was enjoying and looking forward to doing some more graffiti.
I do not know what happened… and I still do not know what happened months ago here.

I can make guesses though…

a friend Kendra Kay (the porn star) began posting nude pictures on her profile including her avatar. I don’t know why they would throw me off for simply being friends with somone… but they might of. Her nude avatar depicting a photo of anal sex was on my profile because I am a friend of hers. This is punishment by mere association. I had 1400 friends. Certainly sooner or later they would of found reason to throw me off if this is the reason. I can see why MySpace would not to give any reasons if this were so.

The girl Kate was spreading nasty information on me possibly. People related to her name began un-friending me before I was thrown off. She’s a nasty person. A year ago she put nude pictures of little children on my profile as a way to entrap me. I didn’t delete it because it was evidence that she was harassing me. She claimed it was nude pictures of her childhood. She’s a sick fuck, has some NYC friends that you do not want to fuck with.

I made a joke about the MySpace Latino logo in my Status Update. I said the logo looked like the Unibomber with an Afro.
Check out the logo. I was right, but Fox Interactive spent too much money to let a joke like that one fly.

I altered the MySpace code to allow my BLOG in BLOGGER to outshine the MySpace Blog. This irked the higher ups because of the high traffic my profile received. I estimate that over a two year period my profile received around 300 solid visits a day. That is worth some solid advertising when you realize that my viewers have considerably more money then other places. It must of driven them insane to see they’re banner add lowered like it was. It wasn’t against they’re rules, but this is rarely about rules.

maybe they didn’t like the Lego robot drawing with a pole suggestive of something phallic. It wasn’t nudity, but it is hard to garner what goes on in the minds of Gloria Steinem endused Corporations.
Also I noticed MySpace bought Photobucket and I think they might of gotten more conservative with content after they did.

my Jew Eat video might of been a bit controversial for most viewers. After looking it over a week later I can see that it appears that I am critical of both sides. For the record I am a Zionist supporter of Israel and I was using Cannibalism as a metaphor… (admitedly it could be viewed that I was saying we should eat Jewish people). I was poking fun of the fact that people get so self righteous over the argument of if Jewish people are a racial group or not, I was joking that Jewish people were a food group. No doubt Jews are genetically related, but much of the Left is critical of Israel because they claim we are not true blood inheritors. I was laughing at that presumption, but I can see how not understanding the context would confuse people into thinking I was supporting Palestine.

Possibly MySpace just decided that if facebook could do it, MySpace could. Maybe they figured that facebook made a lot of money during the time they threw me off. Maybe this Zero Tolerance Hysteria is what people want. Perhaps on a strategic level, throwing artists out of social forums attracts more squares. (7) is probably exactly what they were thinking more then any of the above concepts.

you need to communicate to me. How do I know someone didn’t hack my account. You are putting the safety of my family at stake by not communicating. What if there is a stalker out there and you didn’t act?

You have made a grave error. I am considering litigation for libel.
you do realize that your actions will effect how people perceive your company if you do not elaborate on your issue. Your concept of ownership of other people’s profiles are not absolute. You need to justify your reasoning. Don’t let this be the Robert Scoble and facebook altercation for Myspace. People only use your service because they think you will respect a code of etiquette and arbitrarily pulling people off your site when they contribute huge creative input is wrongful.

I don’t see how I could of broken any of the community standard of the pages I have visited for two years.
banner advertising has been in the same place for the last year
no one informed me of any abuse issues. there never was a warning, neither was there any history of problems.
I do not use photographs… except of my face…
there are no photographs… everything is drawn… I’m an artist
I am very frustrated here…
I do not feel that my artwork has offended the community standards of pages that I frequented for the last two years.
if you had any issues with my coding??? I only used codes that other people use.
I have seen other people’s profiles… I don’t think my profile is any more conflicting.
could you please elaborate…

I worked very hard on my profile
I don’t even know what your problem is here.

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