Israeli researchers develop cancer vaccine, world yawns

April 11, 2012

Notice even the London Telegraph does not mention the word Israel. Does the UK want to die of cancer before they ask for the help of Israeli science? That can be arranged.

(Carl) Here’s hoping that the BDS’ers will at least have the intellectual honesty to boycott this one too. Israeli researchers have come up with a vaccine – it’s still being tested – that fights off certain common kinds of cancers (Hat Tip: Tundra Tabloids).

Scientists have, however, found that a molecule called MUC1, which is found in high amounts on the surface of cancer cells, can be used to help the immune system detect tumours.
The new vaccine, developed by drug company Vaxil Biotheraputics along with researchers at Tel Aviv University, uses a small section of the molecule to prime the immune system so that it can identify and destroy cancer cells.
A statement from Vaxil Biotheraputics said: “ImMucin generated a robust and specific immune response in all patients which was observed after only 2-4 doses of the vaccine out of a maximum of 12 doses.
“In some of the patients, preliminary signs of clinical efficacy were observed.”
The results are still to be formally published but if further trials prove to be successful the vaccine could be available within six years.
As a therapeutic vaccine it is designed to be given to patients who are already suffering from cancer to help their bodies fight off the disease rather than to prevent disease in the first place.
Cancer cells contain high levels of MUC1 as it is thought to be involved helping tumours grow. Healthy human cells also contain MUC1, but have levels that are too low to trigger the immune system after vaccination.
When a vaccinated patient’s immune system encounters cancer cells, however, the far larger concentration of MUC1 causes it to attack and kill the tumour.
As MUC1 is found in 90 per cent of all cancers, the researchers believe it could be used to combat the growth and spread of a wide range of cancers.
In a safety trial at the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem, ten patients suffering from multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, have now received the vaccine.
Seven of the patients have now finished the treatment and Vaxil reported that all of them had greater immunity against cancer cells compared to before they were given the vaccine.
Vaxil added that three patients are now free of detectable cancer following the treatment.

Oh – and lest you think that Vaxil Biotheraputics doesn’t come from Israel….

Vaxil was founded in late 2006 by an experienced management team supported by leading scientists and clinicians. It is headquartered at the Weizmann Science Park, Nes –Ziona, Israel.

So why isn’t this getting more publicity? Hmmm.
I hope the BDS’ers will boycott it. Darwin would call that selection.


Geraldine Ferraro, US Political Pioneer, Dies at 75

March 26, 2011

Geraldine Ferraro, the first American woman to run for national office on a major political party’s ticket, died Saturday at 75.
Ferraro was the Democratic vice-presidential nominee in 1984.  Her family said she died at Massachusetts General Hospital in the eastern city of Boston of complications from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that she had battled for 12 years.
Ferraro was the running mate of presidential nominee Walter Mondale on the Democratic Party’s ticket in 1984, when former president Ronald Reagan was running for a second term in the White House. more>>