Will the real LIBYA please stand up?

November 30, 2011

Hillary Clinton stands with
The Muslim Brotherhood
in Libya?

(Libya: New Threat in the Middle East :: Hudson New York) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was… greeted by “revolutionaries” in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, where the head of the LIFG and ex-Guantanamo Bay inmate, Abdul Hakim Belhadj, is presently the commander of the Tripoli Military Council, and another Islamist, Osama al-Juwaili, is the head of the Libyan Defense Ministry. Essentially, the entire military apparatus for Libya is, today, controlled by Islamists. (Hillary Clinton Meets With New Libyan Leaders in Tripoli – NYTimes.com)“I am proud to stand here on the soil of a free Libya,” Mrs. Clinton said at an Islamic conference center in the capital after meeting with the country’s interim leaders, including the chairman of the Transitional National Council, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil.

From an Arab Spring to an Islamist Winter: Demonstrators Dispatched by Mosques

October 30, 2011
Arab Spring
Arab Spring

(Hudson) The “revolutionaries” who sodomized and lynched Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi chanted the famous Islamic battle cry “Allahu Akbar!” [Allah is Greater].
When the leaders of the revolution announced Gaddafi’s death at a press conference, even secular Muslim journalists started chanting “Allahu Akbar!”
A few days later, the leader of Libya’s National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, declared at a rally in Benghazi that his country would now become an Islamic state.
“As a Muslim country, we have adopted the Islamic Sharia as the main source of law. Accordingly, any law that contradicts Islamic principles with the Islamic Sharia is ineffective legally.”
At this stage, it is still not clear what version of Islamic law the new rulers of Libya are planning to enforce.
Will Libya take example from Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia where adulterers are stoned to death and convicted thieves have their hands cut off and beheaded in public squares?
Or will Libya endorse a more “moderate” version of Islam, as is the case in many Arab and Islamic countries?
Either way, what is clear by now is that the post-Gaddafi Libya will be anything but a secular and democratic country, but one where there is no room for liberals and moderates.
Those who thought the Arab Spring would bring moderation and secularism to the Arab world are in for a big disappointment.
The results of the first free elections held under the umbrella of the Arab Spring have now brought the Islamists to power in Tunisia.
But the Islamists who won the election in Tunisia are already being accused by their rivals of being too “moderate” because they do not endorse jihad and terrorism against the “infidels.”
What happened to all those young and charismatic Facebook representatives who told everyone that the uprisings would bring the Western values and democracy to the Arab countries? Some of the secular parties that ran in the Tunisian elections did not even win one seat in parliament.
What many Western observers have failed to notice is that most of the antigovernment demonstrations that have been sweeping the Arab world over the past ten months were often launched from mosques following Friday prayers.
This is especially true regarding Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Jordan.
Thanks to the Arab Spring, the Islamists in these countries are beginning to emerge from their hiding places to become legitimate players in the political scene.
The writing on the wall is very big and clear. In a free and democratic election, those who carry the banner of “Islam is the Solution” will score major victories in most, if not all, the Arab countries.
The Palestinians were the first to experience this new trend back in 2006, when Hamas defeated the secular Fatah faction in a free and fair parliamentary election held at the request of the US and the EU.
The leaders of the Arab Spring have failed to offer themselves to their people as a better alternative to the Islamists. As far as many Arabs are concerned, this is a faceless Facebook revolution that has failed to produce new leaders. The Arab Spring is becoming the Islamist winter.

Ezra Levant: Meet the New Libyan Dictator- Gaddafi Was a ‘Moderate’ Compared to this Guy…. h/t Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

October 25, 2011

Ezra keeps getting better and better. Thanks to Vlad Tepes for making this vid available:

Western Media Surprised That New Libyan Regime Will Be Islamist

October 24, 2011
(Joshua Pundit)A number of western experts and pundits were shocked when Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and now Libya’s de facto president announced that Libya will be governed by laws based on Sharia.
Abdul-Jilal immediately repealed by decree a law banning polygamy, and announced that from now on there would be strict adherence to Islamic financing.
None of this ought to surprise anyone. Look, for instance at the dark mark on Abdul-Jilal’s forehead. You will find similar marks on the forehead of al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri and many other Islamists. It’s generated from long hours spent abasing oneself on a Muslim prayer rug, with the forehead being the point of sometimes forceful contact.
It’s already widely known that the Libyan rebels have a fair amount of Muslim Brotherhood and even al-Qaeda adherents in their ranks. In fact, a shipment of surface to air missiles, part of Khaddaffi’s arsenal was intercepted coming from Libya and en route to Hamas in Gaza Just a little more than a week ago.
What appears to be in the process of happening with western help is the resurrection of an Islamist caliphate under Muslim Brotherhood rule that will stretch from Libya to Gaza, financed by Libyan oil and aid from gullible western donor nations who believe they can co-opt such a regime by financing it and making nice to it.
This is a fallacy, and if such a caliphate comes together it will be a huge a danger to the West and its freedom.
(Docs Talk) Comment: “Surprised” by this trend/result? Either this is the most ill informed group of journalists in the history of journalism or the most inept or, wait, there is a third possiblity-they knew all along and are willing participants in the “new world order”.

Tell me they were kidding about that dark mark on the guy’s forehead.