February 3, 2013

MRE loading(bokertov)(SultanKnish)UPDATE: While it’s true that not all our servicemen in Afghanistan are receiving HOT breakfasts, they are being given MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat). Lori Lowenthal Marcus reports the unimaginable at The Jewish Press: As originally reported on the congressional website of Republican Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa (IA-01), the U.S. Army has stopped serving breakfast to American troops serving on 17 bases in Afghanistan.  The measure, which will be extended further beginning this weekend, is one of the earliest stages in the U.S. military pull-out from Afghanistan.House of husseinOn his website, Braley explained he learned about the military’s cutbacks from Iowa constituents whose family members are serving in Afghanistan. What did you expect, when you put an anti-American community organizer in the White House? STOP OBAMA at the corner of Hagel and Brennan. Call AND write: “for good measure”