mouse stuck in a sticky trap

May 25, 2008

mouse stuck in a sticky trapbiteI found another mouse stuck in a sticky trap. I gave it to your boyfriend and he threw it in the sewer alive, because I was afraid to kill him myself. I regret not being able to kill small animals. I guess I’m just not the alpha male type that intimidates. I’m sensitive and I feel kinship with all of nature… even the little mouse. Yes I know Hitler couldn’t kill a lobster… but I just don’t like my manhood tested by the ladies. I know the mouse needed someone to put him out of his misery because all his little limbs had been broken by the trap, but I just think there is a more humane way to do it. I suppose predators eat them in a much more savage way, but I like to think I am above cruelty. It is why I try to eat kosher or humanely killed animals.